The Aurseize

The Last Part: October 13th

Throughout the next five months, Jade had seen less of Harry and more of wedding plans, colors, fabrics and food; a lot of it.

"Two boys and one girl." Ginny said, confirming their sexes. "The boys are identical and your little girl is fraternal." Ginny said. Jade gasped, looking at Draco who grinned.

"Two boys and one girl? It evens everything out." He said.

"Did you both come up with names yet?" Ginny asked. Jade looked at Draco who held Jade's hand.

"I was thinking of a few names for a boy and a few for a girl." He said.

"I'm having one girl…that means I have to choose between Rosmerta and my mother Robin." Jade said, sitting up.

"Well we can name one of our boys after Robin and we can name our girl Rosmerta." Draco said. Ginny nodded, agreeing with Draco.

"That's a brilliant idea." Ginny said. Jade smiled, looking at the screen.

"And what about my other boy? What are we going to name him?" Jade asked.

"You can choose a name for him." Draco said.

Jade was sent to complete bed rest after her 6th month of pregnancy. She had gotten so big, she would complain to Draco for lying to her on her worst days. Narcissa, Hermione, Ginny, Jonah, Mona, Lola, Rita, Scarlett, Aunt Muriel and Bilius would crowd around her, trying to ask about the wedding plans but when Jade would blow up on them, they'd back down and let Andres handle her.

"Baby, I know you're pregnant but you're getting married! You need to make a decision between red and golden chop, chop!" he said.

"I like golden." Rita said.

"So do I." Hermione and Narcissa said.

"I don't know. Can't you ask Draco? I'm so tired." Jade said, resting her head against the arm of the sofa.

"Tired? You? What's so tiring about keeping three babies in your stomach? You're not working! Now decide! Chop, chop!" Andres said.

"Say 'chop, chop' one more time and I'll chop, chop your wee-wee!" Jade barked.

The door opened and Draco walked in with Blaise and Albert.

"Hello good people!" Blaise said, stumbling in. Draco chuckled and looked around, obviously very drunk.

"Where's my wife to be? The woman bearing my children? I'm going to be a Papa! I'm too happy to get married! Papa Draco!" Draco said, crashing on the floor.

Jade stared at him, wide eyed and he rolled on to his back, rubbing his head.

"Papa Draco hurts." He groaned.

"You got him drunk? Why?" Jade asked.

Albert grinned sheepishly, swooning from side to side.

"Because he's settling down. Settling down! Domesticated! Scary words!" Albert screeched.

"I thought I was the same too." Aunt Muriel said.

When the wedding details were finished and the cards were printed out, the only thing they had to worry about was Jade's due date and making sure that her dress fit.

"You look so beautiful." Bilius sobbed, seeing Jade in her wedding dress, ready to pop.

"It's like she's smuggling an entire person in there! She has enough space for me to move in!" Aunt Muriel said excitedly.

"They're kicking like animals in there." Jade said, feeling as if her stomach was going to rip off. She was carrying around 15 pounds of weight around her stomach and she was only standing for ten minutes.

"The show will start in 15 minutes! Take your places!" Andres said, aligning the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Everyone partnered up with their significant other and gave Jade a thumbs up.

Jade smiled back and sat down as everyone exited the room. The door closed and Jade sighed to herself, opening a bottle of water to quench her dry throat. She sighed and looked at the mirror, seeing Harry sitting on a chair at the corner of the room. Jade was so startled, she dropped her water bottle and turned around to see Harry getting up and walking towards her.

"I've never seen a woman this pregnant in my life." He said, kneeling in front of her.

"Me either." Jade said, seeing him grin. Harry took her hands, threading his fingers with hers.

"Congratulations." He said.

"Thank you." Jade said, unable to smile. Harry picked up her hand, softly touching her knuckles with his thumb.

"There's still time to decide." He said.

Jade wanted to laugh at him but she was unsure if Harry meant it as a joke. She looked at him, wide eyed, hoping that he was joking.

"Would you kill me if I said no?" Jade asked.

Harry flashed her a million watt smile and kissed her forehead. He lingered over her forehead, his lips still brushing against her forehead.

Jade sighed. Life was one hell of a bitch. Was it bad that she wanted both men in her life? Draco and Harry made her life so complicated; it couldn't even be put down into words but she couldn't imagine a life without the other. She was torn between the two, loving completely different things about them. They both made their debut at the same exact time and left for that long 8 year period where she went through a dry spell with men and Alfie. Harry wasn't the type a girl would want to date around or get married to, but he was a lover. Being with Harry was like having dessert. It was the best part of a meal but it was bad for you. Harry trailed his lips down her nose and pecked a small kiss on the corner of her lips.

"I'm going off to a very long trip." He said. Jade smiled at him and touched his cheek.

"How long is this one going to be?" Jade asked.

Harry didn't smile. He stared into her eyes before responding. Usually he'd give her a sly answer and corner her in a room but he did none of these things, which led Jade to a small instance of panic.

"I'm not coming back." He said. Jade's smile fell and she grew worried, starting to panic.

"This isn't funny!" Jade croaked.

"I wasn't trying to be." Harry said shaking his head. "I realized I love you enough to let you be happy with your own family. Sometimes you just can't have everything, but I'm not leaving with nothing." He said, brushing her tears off with his thumb. "You and Malfoy are getting married today and for a woman, this is one of the most important milestones in your life. You're getting married to the right man babe. He's going to give you the life you've always dreamed about and keep you…happy." Harry said. He looked down, trying to swallow his emotions but looked like he was having a very hard time.

"I care about you…I love you. This is the last time you'll see me but I'll let you know that I'm around." He said, leaning close to her and brushed his lips against hers. "And if it doesn't work out between you and Malfoy, you let me know." Harry said.

Jade made a sound of what was between a laugh and a sob and Harry smiled at her.

"I'm going to miss you." he whispered.

"No you won't." Jade sobbed. "You're going to find a woman of substance! You're going to get an Aurseize partner who's going to give you one baby at a time." Jade said.

Harry threw his head back and gave a bark of laughter.

"And you're going to find her to be so much better than me. She's not going to be a screw up and won't stress you out or pose as a threat to your men." Jade said.

Harry nodded, drawing his breath sharply. Jade wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, feeling him kiss her back. Harry placed his hand on her stomach, deepening the kiss. There was a current that tickled around her entire body. Her heart started to tug, already missing Harry when he wasn't even gone yet. She knew that she was going to miss him terribly. She loved him just as much as she loved Draco.

Jade broke off the kiss, feeling like her lungs were going to pop from her very limited lung capacity.

"I can't hold my breath anymore." Jade said.

Harry helped her up to her feet and gave her one last kiss.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be around." He said, putting on his glasses. There was a knock on the door and Harry smiled, taking a step back. "I'll always love you babe." He said.

"Babe." Jade said her voice breaking.

Harry gave her a light smile. He kissed her hands and apparated within a blink of the eye, physically disappearing from her life forever.

"Jade? We're ready for you dear." Bilius said softly.

Jade nodded, wiping her cheeks and took her father's arm to walk down the aisle to marry Draco Malfoy, her chicken fucking prick.

Jade felt the breeze of the fresh ocean lightly swirl around her as she walked towards Draco with her father. Everything correlated perfectly. The orchestra playing nearby as the gentle sounds of the waves rolling by assisted the melody. Jade saw everyone she cared about sitting in their seats, smiling at Jade as she walked past them, winking. Sage stood next to Hermione, Ginny, Rita, Scarlett, Parvati, Lavender, Jonah, Mona and Lola in their chocolate colored bridesmaid dresses with a golden sash wrapped around their waist. Bilius kissed Jade's cheek and handed her over to Draco.

"Marrying you was probably the biggest dream I've ever had in my life. Every time I woke up next to you, I always wondered how you'd look walking down the aisle towards me in your white gown…but it's far better than I had imagined and hoped for." Draco said, squeezing her hands. Jade gave Draco a watery smile, trying to keep her crying silent. Draco wiped her tears off with his hands and kissed her forehead.

"I've been in love with you ever since Hogwarts and never stopped thinking about you. I tried to lead a normal life and I'm so happy I didn't because I love leading an abnormal life with you. I promise I'll be by your side until our bones start to fall apart. I promise to listen and try not to argue with you-"

"I love arguing with you." Draco interrupted. Jade narrowed her eyes.

"I wasn't finished. Why are you interrupting me?" Jade asked.

"I didn't interrupt! I was just saying-" Draco kept talking but Jade spoke over him.

"I didn't interrupt you while you were reciting your vows!" Jade shouted.

"Oh boy…this might take a while." Aunt Muriel said, shifting in her seat.

Bilius, Gary and Narcissa covered their faces and sank in their seats in the midst of their guests.

"I can't stand around here all day you know. I hope this adds into my bill." The minister said, breaking Jade and Draco's argument.

Draco and Jade turned towards the minister, raising their eyebrows at him.

"Were you asked to speak between my wife and I?" Draco asked.

The minister held up his finger and gave a squat smile.

"Technically you are not married, not yet-"

"Who hired him? Andres I'm going to kill you!" Jade said, pointing to Andres who paled and fainted.

"You both are crazy!" the minister said.

"Screw you! We don't need you!" Jade snapped.

"With that said, do you take me, Draco Malfoy as your lawfully wedded husband?" Draco asked.

"I do! And what about you? Do-" Jade said.

"I do!" Draco cut in.

"See, that's what I mean when I say you interrupt with every single thing I-"

"Come off it! We want to get drunk!" Lavender yelled.

Jade sighed, seeing Draco nod.

"Would you Draco Malfoy, take me, Jade Weasley as your lawfully wedded wife?" Jade asked, seeing him grin.

"Do I?." He asked.

"Answer the fucking question you tart!" Jade said, on the brink of turning him into a toad. Draco made a face.

"Of course I do! Jeez, women and their need for specificity." he complained.

"You both have announced to the world of your union and love. I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!" Hermione announced. Draco wrapped an arm around Jade's waist and kissed her fully as she smiled, kissing him back.

The reception had its fair share of laughter and merriment. Jade nearly knocked down the giant wedding cake from a seizure of sugar attacks. When she tried to feed Draco a piece after cutting the cake, Draco lightly smeared the cake he was going to feed her on her cheek.


While Jade was ready to throw her bouquet of flowers, nearly all the women politely asked Jade if she would toss it away from Aunt Muriel who looked ready to prey. When Jade did throw the bouquet it was caught by none other than Aunt Muriel herself on a Firebolt no less. Bilius had gotten very drunk, springing flowers from under his robe and throwing it to anyone who dare stood near him. Fred and George went on a mayhem producing fireworks after Andres Cherry who irritated them by telling them to stop. Sage got to dance with her newly wedded parents and even learn how to produce a tiny daffodil from her grandfather.

"I've got the world on a string
I'm sitting on a rainbow
Got that string around my finger
What a world, what a life - I'm in love."

Draco crooned in Jade's ear as they intimately danced to their jazz bands instrumental. Jade smiled with her eyes closed. She kissed Draco's jaw, feeling him tighten his arms around her.

"This would have been a bit naughtier if our kids weren't in between us." Jade said.

Draco chuckled, whispering something crude in her ear. All of a sudden, Jade felt a small trickle fall between her legs and an immediate rush following it, hitting the floor and Draco's shoes. Draco looked down, seeing Jade's wedding dress sopping wet.

"I'd understand if you told me you didn't want to do it, you didn't have to pee on me!" Draco said, stepping back.

"That's my water! My water!" Jade screamed. Ginny ran towards Jade and pulled her back.

"She's going into labor!" Ginny shouted for everyone to hear. Every one shouted and cheered. They congratulated Jade and Draco briefly before they apparated off to the hospital.

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