The Aurseize

The Last Part: A Triple Threat

"Is Jade all right?" Bilius asked Draco who came out to see his father in law, Narcissa and Gary.

"She's fine. The babies are fine. Ginny's just preparing her for a cesarean section. Natural delivery might cause complications." Draco said seeing their faces grow tense.

"There's always a risk involved with a birth but giving birth to three children? I do hope they all come out healthy and well." Narcissa said, crossing her fingers. Draco went back into the surgery room and sat next to Jade who started to feel absolutely nothing on her lower body. Draco brushed her hair back and hovered over her face, smiling at her.

"Here we were, on our way to consummate our marriage but now we're here on our wedding night delivering our babies." Draco said seeing Jade grin, holding Draco's hand tight to her chest.

"I told you this day was special." Jade said.

After about an hour, the Healers started their incision on Jade. They explained to both Draco and Jade about the procedure and the birth of their children.

"If you start to feel any pain at all, you let us know." An older Healer said to Jade who nodded. Jade held on to Draco's hand, staring at him as she felt a pressure where the incision was being made.

"Are we having any more kids after this?" Jade asked softly. Draco brushed his lips over her knuckles and laughed.

"If you want, sure…but I think it's going to be a while until we're sure we want kids." He said.

"We're ready for our first baby! It's a girl just like our Mum." The Healer said, cradling a bloodied gurgling baby girl onto Ginny's hands who wiped her clean.

"Gods, she's beautiful." Ginny choked. She brought her towards Draco and Jade who marveled over her.

"Hi Mum." Draco said softly, lightly bouncing the newborn in his arms.

"She's so quiet." Jade whispered, touching her little girl's delicate pink hands.

"Have you thought of a name for her?" another Healer asked with a clipboard in her hands.

Jade and Draco looked down at the girl and looked at each other.

"Rosmerta Malfoy." They answered.

The woman nodded as the Healer delivering Jade's babies announced that they were having the second baby.

"Look at this big boy, baby number two." he said as the baby cried. Jade held Rosmerta as her first son was passed from Ginny to Draco.

"There's our Robin." Jade said as Robin made soft cries in Draco's arms. Draco wiped his eyes as he looked down at his firstborn son.

"Fuck…a son." Draco said. Ginny shook her head, also wiping her tears.

"The first words your son hears coming to this world, coming from you." Ginny said.

"Robin Malfoy." The Healer documented along with the date and time.

"You're doing great Mum, just one more and you will be on your way to recovering!" the Healer said.

A loud, earsplitting screech filled the room and everyone stared at the last baby boy.

"Boy, he's pissed." The Healer said over the baby's crying. Ginny held the third baby, trying to calm him down but he kept screaming his head off, setting Robin and Rosmerta off.

"Name?" the Healer asked Draco and Jade who were dumbfounded with shock.

"Did you think of a name?" Jade asked Draco who shook his head, trying to get his second son to calm down.

"I thought you were supposed to think of a name." he said. Jade looked at her son and shook her head.

"I don't know, can we give you a name in a little while?" Jade asked seeing the Healer nod.

"I'll just document him as baby Malfoy for now." The Healer said seeing Draco and Jade nod.

Once Jade was sent to her room, she took her potions, getting her uterus to contract into its original shape. Draco sat next to her as they spoke to the Healers for a while until three nurses came in and wheeled their children in.

"We still have to give him a name." Jade said, looking at her unnamed baby boy who was fidgeting in her arms.

"He's squirmy…and loud…like Alfie." Draco said seeing Jade look up.

"Alfie?" Jade asked. Draco locked eyes with her and looked back at his son.

"Alfie. Alfie Malfoy." He said.

"Mummy? Daddy?" Sage said from the door. Jade and Draco turned their heads to see Sage standing there with Bilius, Aunt Muriel, Narcissa and Gary.

"Come here love. Look at your brothers and sister." Draco said, holding out Rosmerta and Robin. Sage walked over to Draco and gazed at her new brothers and sister.

"I'm a big sister!" she whispered, touching their cheeks. Draco and Jade smiled as Bilius, Aunt Muriel, Narcissa and Gary moved in closer.

"I can already see myself taking them to Paris to shop." Narcissa said.

"I can see one becoming a judicial member of the Wizengamot." Gary said.

"I can see them pulling flowers out of their dandies." Bilius said.

"If you lost one baby, you'd have twins!" Aunt Muriel said.

"Aunt Muriel!" everyone said.

Draco went home with Sage as Jade rested overnight at the hospital with her triplets.

Jade woke up in the middle of the night only to feel someone kissing her forehead.

"Draco?" Jade murmured, not bothering to turn around.

"They're beautiful." He whispered. Jade sighed softly, falling into sleep.

"I know, now shut up and let me sleep." Jade groaned.

The next morning, Jade woke up again to see Draco walking in with Sage.

"Slept well?" Draco asked, seeing Jade sit up on her bed.

"Until you came and told me how beautiful our kids were again." Jade said seeing Draco look confused with a small smile.

"Was this in your dreams?" he asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"You actually came in during the middle of the night, kissed me and said 'they're beautiful.'" Jade said, seeing Draco shake his head.

"I was at home the entire night with Sage. You probably dreamt of it." Draco said as the nurse walked in with the triplets.

Jade stood quiet, knowing for sure that last night wasn't a dream. Her chest dropped as she thought of Harry who could have been the only one to visit her. The thought of Harry visiting her after having her babies made her feel protected and good that he was watching over her from wherever he was.

That night, Jade and Draco tucked Sage in who wanted to stay up the entire night to help her parents feed the triplets. Instead, they talked her into sleeping and went back to their rooms themselves to fall asleep after an exhausting day of visitors cooing and careening at their newborns.

Alfie was the first one to screech first every time for feeding and changing.

"Draco…" Jade slurred, pushing Draco's shoulder.

"But it's been a half an hour!" he said, hiding under the covers. Jade gave a rough sigh and got up, walking towards the triplets.

"An extra breast would have been nice." Jade said.

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