The Aurseize

The Last Part: Robin, Rosemerta and Alfie

A Year Later

Draco pushed the triplet stroller as quickly he could around Hogsmeade as Jade got her shopping done with Sage. Alfie and Robin were entirely identical and if it weren't for their night and day personalities, Draco and Jade wouldn't have been able to tell.

"Alfie stop crying." Draco said, handing Alfie's bottle.

Robin eyed a packet of candy nearby and looked at Draco who was busy wiping Alfie's face with a handkerchief. Robin snatched the candy packet and hid it behind his back so Draco wouldn't see. Rosmerta pried open her sippy cup and hit herself in the face with her hand. She blinked for a couple of moments before dumping her juice all over her head.

"I swear you're just like your mother." Draco said, taking the empty sippy cup from Rosmerta and wiping her down. He spotted the candy packet peeking out from Robin's back and Draco took it away from him, seeing Robin throw a fit over it.

"You can't steal!" Draco scolded.

A group of women passed by and Robin stopped crying, staring at all of them.

"Triplets? Oh they're so adorable." A woman with long blonde hair said, eyeing Draco who didn't look twice at her.

"Thank you." he said, stilling wiping Rosmerta off.

"Look at this charming one." Another woman with short black hair said, pointing to Robin who bared his little teeth at them. The women giggled and Draco shook his head, seeing himself at a year old.

Four Years Later

"Make sure you write okay? Tell us everything before you go to sleep. Oh I don't want you to go." Jade said, holding on to Sage tightly.

"Mummy I'll be fine! Lark's here for me if I need anything." Sage said, kissing Jade's cheek. Draco narrowed his eyes at Lark who reddened and cast his eyes down.

"Lark? You'd make sure my baby's safe okay? Victoire? Rose? Teddy?" Jade asked seeing them nod.

"If any of those boys try to peek up your skirt, you let your Aunt Muriel know and I'm going to make them eat their noodle!" Aunt Muriel snapped.

"Ew!" Sage, Victoire and Rose said. Teddy and Lark squirmed, standing away from Aunt Muriel as Bilius pushed her aside. Draco kissed Sage's head and gently shook her.

"We're going to miss you so much, you have no idea. Whatever you do and I know you'll be able to do it, study hard. I want my girl to be Head Girl and make her House, whatever House it may be, represented as the best. Write to us whenever you can to let us know what's going on okay?" Draco asked seeing Sage nod, starting to cry.

"Don't cry…you'll make Mummy-" Jade squealed, crying to herself. Draco kissed Sage quickly and let Sage say goodbye to her brothers and sister.

"Bye Alfie." Sage said as Alfie sobbed.

"I love you Sage! I'm sorry for everything I ever did for you to get mad! Please don't go!" he said, hugging her tightly and pleaded with his big grey eyes.

"Silly, I'm not leaving because I'm mad at you! I'm going off to study. You know how much you mean to me." Sage said, kissing him. Alfie hiccupped, wiping his eyes as Sage went over to Robin who sighed.

"Who's going to help me set up traps around the house?" Robin asked. Sage grinned ruffling his platinum blonde hair.

"You're on your own soldier!" she said as they both slipped something into the other's pockets without letting each other know. Sage went over to Rosmerta and kissed her cheeks.

"Be careful! Take your time going down the stairs and make sure to walk carefully! Don't go anywhere without Mummy and Daddy all right?" Sage said seeing Rosmerta nod.

"I can't help it if these things happen to me! They just do!" she said.

Sage waved towards her parents and started to leave but there was a small explosion and Sage's back pocket exploded with ink. At the same time, Robin's back pocket exploded with ink too and the two glared at each other.

"Robin! These were my new robes!" Sage yelled. Robin looked at his pants and wiped the ink from his buttocks.

"I have ink all over my arse!" Robin said.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Jade asked, hitting her head against Draco's shoulder.

As the years passed by, the triplets grew older and Jade and Draco's sleep cycle started returning to normal. Jade was still working as a supervisor in the Aurseize Office and sometimes stepped in when Lavender and Elmira were unable to get their fugitives, which happened only half of the time. Jade spent her time running from her fugitives who shot after her or chased her down the street with a knife.

She'd break her broom almost every week and even before she tried to order a new one from the store, a broom would already present itself on her front door with a red bowtie and a card signed 'Babe'.

It took a lot from Draco to accept that Harry was still in their lives. Even though he never showed up again, his presence never left; hence the new brooms and the occasional postcards from different parts of the world. Jade even kept a picture of her and Harry in the living room. She smiled brightly as Harry remained calm, smiling coolly.

Jade and Lavender walked into the Aurseize Office with their fugitive. Parvati wrote them their checks and handed to them, giggling.

"You both look ridiculous. Why are you green?" she asked sticking out her stomach to show her pregnancy. Parvati was married a few years back to the man her dog wanted to shag. Douglas was a fun man to be around and Draco loved having Douglas over for Friday night Poker with the rest of the boys.

"Bitch put an All Green All Week on us! I can't get this shit off! I need to make love with my husband tonight you know! It's our 3 year wedding anniversary and I look like a Troll!" Lavender said.

"I tried asking Fred and George for a reverse spell and they told me what's the use of it being all green all week when you can go back to normal? Pricks I tell you!" Jade said.

She left the Aurseize Office and saw Draco in his office, putting on his cloak. He quickly looked up and a slow smile crossed his face.

"You haven't been more beautiful." He said seeing Jade gesture rudely to him.

"Apprehension. My fugitive threw an All Green All Week at me." Jade said as Draco kissed her neck.

"Fell for the All Green All Week again didn't you?" he asked, closing the door after them. He wrapped an arm around her neck and kissed her cheek, going back home.

"In a strange way, it's a turn on." Draco said after they apparated in front of their home.

"You're so creepy. I'm green." Jade said, hitting Draco's shoulder. He laughed and opened the door to see their baby sitter sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.

"Hey Tobin." Jade said seeing Tobin shoot up, chewing on her bubble gum.

"Hey Mrs. Malfoy! You're er…" she said, pointing to her face.

"Green…I know." Jade said with a nod.

"Where are the kids?" Draco asked, shrugging off his cloak.

"Did Sage come back yet?" Jade asked, hanging her cloak on the rack with Draco's.

"No, Sage hasn't come back. She called a little while ago and told me she was running a little late." Tobin said.

Jade nodded and Draco narrowed his eyes with his hands on his hips, listening quietly.

"What's wrong?" Jade asked, seeing Draco look upstairs.

"It's quiet in this house…too quiet." He said.

Jade looked around and back upstairs, knowing that he was right. The only time it was ever this quiet in the house was before Jade had gotten pregnant. Draco and Jade went up the stairs, seeing that their bedroom was the only bedroom lit. Draco went to turn the door but found it locked.

"Alohamora." Jade said.

Draco turned the door and they both stepped into the room to see Robin, Rosmerta and Alfie watching one of Draco and Jade's late night dirty movies.

"Drink the Elixir of life from my Sorcerer's Stones." Gilderoy Lockhart said, wanking himself off on the woman who opened her mouth wide.

"ROBIN!" Jade screamed from the top of her lungs.

Rosmerta and Alfie looked bug eyed but Robin jumped up on his feet, the color in his face drained.

"You're eleven years old! You know that's not for kids!" Jade screamed, twisting his ear as Draco jumped on the DVD player to shut it off.

"Ow! Ow! Mum! I'm sorry, I didn't know! I swear!" Robin yelled as Jade twisted his ear tighter.

"Yes you knew! I know about Rosmerta and Alfie but you are most likely to pull this stint off!" Jade said, hitting his buttocks. Robin rubbed his behind and looked at Draco who took Alfie and Rosmerta away.

"But you and Dad always watch it after shoving us to sleep and make funny noises!" Robin said.

Jade felt the heat rose up to her neck and cheeks and looked at Draco who snorted in laughter.

"Why is Mummy green?" Rosmerta asked Draco who only patted her head, unable to speak.

"And you both are loud too! Sometimes I see Mummy dressing up as-"

"That's enough. You're in a hell of a lot of trouble Robin. I'm taking your broom as well." Draco said, leading Rosmerta and Alfie away. Tobin who was aghast, quickly took Alfie and Rosmerta.

"Tobin!" Jade said, seeing Tobin turn around. "You were supposed to watch over the kids and here they are snooping around our bedrooms watching this." Jade said, waving to the television.

"I'm really sorry Mrs. Malfoy I really am but-"

"Just…go home. I'm getting a headache." Draco said, massaging his temple. Tobin nodded, looking grim and left with Alfie and Rosmerta following behind.

After seeing Tobin off and punishing Robin and settling the triplets in bed, Draco and Jade stood up for Sage.

"Why isn't she back yet? She usually doesn't take this long. Are you sure Lark didn't-"

"For the last 11 years no, Lark is not a rapist nor a murderer!" Jade said.

Draco sighed and rested his head on Jade's lap, closing his eyes. Jade rubbed his chest and kissed him tenderly.

"I love you." Jade said, nibbling on his ear. Draco grinned still closing his eyes and let Jade move on top of him. "In fact I love you so much…" Jade said, kissing down his neck. They heard yelling from outside and immediately got up, looking out to see Sage and Lark arguing.

"It's like I don't even know you anymore! Today was your birthday and I came to celebrate it with you but you act like a complete jerk about it!" she yelled. She went to walk away but Lark followed her into the house.

"I'm a jerk? I only snogged Christine Fullam and that makes me a jerk?" he asked, his brown eyes blazing. His cheeks were red and his messy black hair looked even messier.

Lark had grown into a handsome young man over the years with Sage. He was more of a family member than anyone else in their home and Jade especially loved him, just because he was sweet to her and very polite to Draco who always gave him hell. Draco and Jade admitted that Lark had feelings for Sage and could see it in front of them and wondered why Sage never registered it. Sage was an exceptionally smart woman at Hogwarts and one of the brightest students in Ravenclaw but picking up on Lark never came to her until now.

"You're a jerk because I said you are!" Sage said, her voice breaking.

Tears came pouring out of her eyes and she quickly wiped them with the back of her hand.

"You ignored me the whole night and went off snogging Fullam! You know how much she hates me. You're supposed to be my best friend Lark! And you couldn't even be that tonight." Sage sniffed.

Lark took a deep breath, his face set stiff in anger.

"That's all I've ever been for you Sage. Just a friend. I've always been there for you through all those dicks you've been with but you never saw me. You fell for real jerks who didn't want anything except sex and dumped you when you said no. But I've always been there Sage. I'm always that friend who follows you around and I'm not having that anymore. Just because I decided I wanted my own life, you call me a jerk. Just because I'm frustrated that you've never seen the way I felt about you since the day I met you, it makes me a jerk." He said.

Sage gaped at him, along with Draco and Jade who stood back.

"Why didn't you ever tell me that you felt this way about me?" Sage asked softly.

Lark swallowed, softening his gaze on Sage.

"Because I didn't want to lose you. I wanted to wait until you realized you felt the same about me but that day never came." He said.

Everyone was silent, waiting for the other to speak and Lark cleared his throat.

"I have to go. I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy." Lark said. He left the house, leaving Jade and Draco to frown. Sage walked towards the door and stopped herself from going after Lark.

"Well what are you thinking about? No daughter of mine is going to stand there and lose her best friend like that!" Draco said.

Jade and Sage turned to him, looking at him with pleasant surprise.

"The only reason why I didn't want him near you was because I thought he was trying to get into your pants but he's one of the honest and good hearted men I've ever seen. And that's really rare to come across, but your mother got lucky." Draco said cheekily.

Jade hit him lightly in the chest and turned to Sage.

"If you really care about him, you'd get him back." Jade said seeing Sage nod, her blue eyes filled with tears.

"I…I love him…" she stuttered.

"Go on then! Or else you're grounded and I'll take your books out of your room!" Draco said, seeing her bolt for the door. She stopped and turned around towards Jade.

"Wait, why are you green Mummy?" Sage asked.

Jade bit her lip and Draco chuckled.

"Long story, we'll tell you when you get back." Draco said.

Sage nodded, smiling at them. She ran out of the door and they saw Sage running towards Lark who was at his door, ready to call it a day. He looked to see Sage running towards him and the shock on his face nearly sent Jade and Draco laughing. Sage jumped into his arms and attacked him with a snog, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck.

"She's so grown up." Jade croaked, wiping her tears.

"Oh no…not again." Draco said. Jade turned him around and moved him back.

"I'm going to jump on you all right?" Jade asked.

"Jade, we're 39, not 16." He said.

"When you married me, you said you were going to do what made me happy!" Jade said. Draco sighed and rubbed his hands, moving back.

"I can't believe we're doing this. If you break my back, you're always going to be on top." He said seeing Jade nod.

"Nothing's changed." She said.

She ran up to him and jumped, feeling him catch her but let her slip. Jade fell on her bum and Draco belted out in laughter, trying to help her up.

"Now I think my back is broken." Jade winced.

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