The Aurseize

The Last Part: The Life Of An Aurseize

Six Years Later

Jade and Draco sat in the front row in Hogwarts, getting ready to see their triplets graduate from Hogwarts. Jade had her 10 month old granddaughter on her lap as Draco held his 2 year old grandson in his arms. Sage and Lark rushed towards them and sat next to them, kissing Jade and Draco's cheeks.

"Did we miss anything?" Sage whispered as McGonagall started introducing the Valedictorian.

"Alfie's just about ready to come on stage." Jade said to Sage who nodded, touching her daughter's cheek.

"Hey Sophie." Sage smiled.

Jade looked at Sage who had grown into a woman in a matter of years. Her long black hair was pinned into a bun and her striking blue eyes were brought out by the soft blue dress that she wore with a pearl necklace. She smiled brightly, her dimples showing and Jade was nearly sent crying, feeling that it had been just yesterday when she first saw this little girl looking at her curiously from the kitchen.

Lark smiled, sitting behind Sage, wearing a midnight blue dress shirt with black pants. He looked just as handsome at 23 years old than he was since Jade had seen him growing up. He was a fantastic son-in-law, father and husband to his family and being a Potions Professor in Hogwarts, Jade and Draco were both thankful that he made Robin scratch up enough points to let him pass and graduate. Sage worked as a Wizengamot member and worked alongside her grandfather with every case that presented itself throughout the last six years.

"Move along! Excuse me! Move your legs! Respect the elderly!" Aunt Muriel said, bustling through the crowd.

"Not even a wrinkle on that Aunt Muriel." Draco said to Jade who shook her head.

Evan looked around with his bright blue eyes from Draco's lap. As soon as he spotted Aunt Muriel he let out a small yelp and covered himself with the flap of Draco's suit. Draco chuckled and ruffled Evan who hushed him so Aunt Muriel wouldn't spot him.

"I give up. Your Auntie Muriel is driving me nutso." Bilius said, sitting on a chair behind Jade.

"Me? You've been driving me crazy throughout all these years! I can't hear what's going on! I see lips moving but no sound!" Aunt Muriel said out loud.

People nearby made hushing sounds and Jade put a finger up to her lips to signal Aunt Muriel quiet down. She pointed to the stage and they saw Alfie walking up, looking proud that he had made Head Boy and Valedictorian.

"Go Alfie!" Robin shouted, standing up.

The girls near him giggled mercilessly as Robin cheered his identical brother on. Aunt Muriel also stood up and whistled loudly, nearly sending everyone's eardrums to bleed to death.

"That's my Great-Great Nephew! Suck on that you fanny wiping-"

Bilius silenced Aunt Muriel with a spell and she screamed without knowing that nothing was coming out of her mouth. Aunt Muriel sat back down and everyone at this point started bubbling in irritation.

"Shut up." Jade said quietly to Draco who had an arm around her shoulder.

"Hey, I had Death Eaters in my family…you have Aunt Muriel." He said.

Jade nuzzled her nose against his neck and nodded towards Alfie who waved at them. Jade, Draco, Lark, Sage, Bilius and Aunt Muriel waved back. Jade and Draco heard a couple of footsteps and heard Molly, Arthur and the rest of the Weasley's walk in with their kids.

"Sorry for being late! Didn't want to miss this!" George said, holding his five year old daughter's hand. Jonah kissed Jade's cheek and sat down, looking around.

Rita and Shetty came by and sat next to them, waving at Jade and Draco and Alfie on stage.

"We were almost late to our buddy's graduation mate." Shetty said, wearing a multicolored vest, wearing his hair out longer and his trademark purple spectacles.

Rita looked much more aged, the lines apparent on her face. She had crow's feet and laugh lines from smiling every day of the week at anything. She was wearing a lime green dress and wore her blonde hair out as she waved to her son Shet who waved back, looking mellow. Just like his father, Shet wasn't the brightest tool in the shed. Unlike his mother, he was easily angered and walked around with his face set stiff and looked highly unapproachable. Every time Jade would have him over around her grandchildren or her family and friends children, they'd stay very far away from him.

"Before I begin my speech, I want to let my Mum and Dad know that I love them very much. They're sitting right there, on the front row! Hi Mummy! Hi Daddy!" Alfie said, waving vigorously at his parents.

"Hey baby!" Jade said, blowing kisses to Alfie. Draco smiled and Alfie giggled to himself, blushing furiously.

"Hufflepuffs." Draco said to Jade who shoved him.

"Thank you Hogwarts for the fine education you have bestowed upon me and the rest of my friends and colleagues of the graduating class." Alfie started.

He thanked every professor, especially Lark who grinned and nodded at him and thanked his brother, sisters, cousins and friends for their support and love. He mentioned Aunt Muriel and his grandfather Bilius who would have cried if he wasn't so busy detaining Aunt Muriel in her seat. Everyone applauded Alfie as he walked off and waved at everyone.

After a couple of speeches, the graduating class started receiving their diplomas.

"Robin Malfoy." McGonagall called.

Robin ran onto the stage with his arms in the air and cheered loudly as his friends and every single girl fawned and shrilled for him.

"Those damn Slytherins." Jade said, clapping her hands while she stood.

"He wasn't been voted Mr. Popular for nothing. I can see he has his way with the ladies." Draco said, clapping his hands.

Robin took his diploma from McGonagall and turned to his mother and father, wagging his tongue and shouting from the top of his lungs.

"Your son." Draco said to Jade who raised her eyebrow at him.

"He's your replicate. More of your genes made it into him than the amount of enemies Aunt Muriel's made in her entire lifetime." Jade said seeing Draco grin.

"Mum! Dad! I made it to the Holyhead Harpies!" Robin yelled. Jade laughed, nodding.

"I'm proud of you baby!" Jade said, seeing him throw his hands up again and scream.

"Off the stage Mr. Malfoy!" McGonagall shouted.

Robin was chased off the stage, into a group of admirers who smothered him with hugs and kisses.

"Rosmerta Malfoy." McGonagall called.

Rosmerta, who had brilliant red hair and a very pale complexion, inherited Draco's grey eyes. The rest was entirely Jade. She had graduated with top marks and was admitted into St. Mungo's Healing School to train to be a Healer. Rosmerta waved at Jade and Draco who waved back, blowing kisses to her.

"Aunty Rosy!" Evan shrilled from Draco's arms. Rosmerta kept waving as she was handed her diploma and bumped into McGonagall, sending both of them tumbling off the stage. Everyone gasped in horror as Rosmerta jumped up, helping McGonagall who groaned in pain.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it Professor!" Rosmerta said as McGonagall got up slowly.

"Of course you didn't Miss Malfoy! I've had surgery on my hip and knees three times because of you! Maybe the fourth one's the charm!" she said bitterly.

"Typical Gryffindors." Draco clapped, smiling widely.

Rosmerta frowned and walked off the stage, into her boyfriend's arms who had been called earlier.

"She's still dating Robin's best friend? That boy is a leech! I told her to stay away from him!" Draco said furiously when he saw Rosmerta and Robin's best friend, Wulfric engrossed in a snog.

"Come off it, he's a nice boy." Jade said, elbowing Draco who narrowed his eyes at her.

"Every boy Rosie dates is a nice boy to you." Draco said, mocking her voice.

"I'm sorry Rosie's father; I didn't know you had such low perceptions of your own House." Jade said, turning her nose on him.

"I do not think lowly of Slytherin. I just happen to know how Slytherin boys are and I'd rather not have my daughter dating one of them. You should know, your son is a Slytherin himself." Draco said.

"I understand but Wulfric's still a nice boy. He helped me make dinner over the Christmas break." Jade said, seeing Draco roll his eyes.

"Honey, I've helped make a lot of mother's dinners to get in their daughters pants. Don't start with me." He said.

They all moved outside of the castle and met with their children, congratulating them. Robin was the first one to swoop Jade into his arms, nearly squeezing her to death.

"No! Robin put me down!" Jade said, lightly hitting Robin's head.

He chuckled and kissed her cheek. He smiled at her with his straight perfect white teeth and his handsome sculpted face. Jade could see why the entire female population of Hogwarts loved him so much and paid visits to their house to suck up to Jade and Draco. Robin had gotten his charm, appeal and good looks from his father. Jade could add 'pervert' into that list and hoped that he would settle down with a nice woman. Instead he went on, having relationships with women that lasted as long as the night lasted.

"Are you proud of me? I'm going to be Seeker of the Holyhead Harpies!" he said excitedly. Jade grinned, kissing his forehead.

"I couldn't be any more proud of you." she said, getting teary eyed. "Mummy loves you so much." Jade squeaked, starting to cry.

Robin frowned and hugged his mother.

"Jeez Mum, don't cry again. You're ruining my Macho image." He joked as Jade lightly shoved his head to the side.

"Stop brazing off like your father! I'm your Mummy, don't pull that with me! When are you going to settle down with a nice girl?" Jade asked seeing Robin sigh.

"I'm going to settle down when I find one exactly like you." he said, poking her cheek.

"You have all day to brag and boast about being a Seeker Robbie, lay off, it's my turn!" Rosmerta said, pushing Robin to the side.

"Says Little Red Riding Hood snogging the Big Bad Wulf." Robin grinned, walking towards Draco who clapped his back.

"I'm finally free!" Rosmerta said, hugging Jade tightly. Jade hugged Rosmerta and pulled back to meet Wulfric who smiled at Jade. He had silkily black hair reaching his shoulders and intense dark brown eyes that could melt a bar of chocolate. He smiled at Jade and hugged her.

"Congratulations Wulfric! So you both are on your way to Healer School?" Jade asked, seeing Wulfric nodding at Jade.

"Four more years of Healer School and we're off to St. Mungos." He said.

Alfie hugged Jade from behind and swung her around as she shrieked.

"Valedictorian! I made it!" Alfie said seeing Jade giggle.

"Mummy's boy." Robin teased as Jade hugged Alfie who started crying.

"Now, now Alfie, don't cry. You're ruining my Macho image." Draco said, patting Alfie's back.

"Alfie." Jade said, hugging him tightly, feeling her own tears come to their work.

"Holy crap. Like mother, like son. This is bizarre! Can we go somewhere where we can't be spotted this way?" Robin asked.

"Pull up your panties boy!" Aunt Muriel said, walking towards them.

"Auntie Muriel!" Rosmerta said as Robin raised his eyebrow.

"She's going to spank me and call me a half chicken fucker isn't she?" Robin asked Draco who shrugged.

"If you're lucky, she won't see you at all." Draco said.

"My grandchildren! All graduated. Look at my great-grandson and granddaughter! Sophie and Evan are getting bigger every day!" Narcissa said appearing with Gary. Narcissa looked beautiful as always in a light orange dress with a large straw hat with a orange ribbon wrapped around the base. Gary was at her side, wearing a matching orange shirt with white pants. They had aged as well but Jade couldn't help but notice how gracefully they did.

They greeted Sage and Lark who were holding their children and congratulated the triplets for their graduation. Rita and Shetty appeared with Shet who didn't smile. He was still wearing his black graduation hat with the golden string hanging from the side of his face.

"Hello." He said in a monotonous voice, his light brown eyes, expressionless.

"Shet! Congratulations!" Jade said seeing him nod.

Aunt Muriel walked away, giggling to herself to the triplets, Narcissa, Gary, Sage, Lark, Molly and Arthur who were all speaking.

"My little mate's going to be an Auror! You're going to work under your Uncle Draco!" Shetty said, patting Shet's shoulder who grunted. He turned around and walked off towards the triplets as Rita and Shetty walked behind him to congratulate them.

"Do you think if his name wasn't Shet, he'd be happier than he is now?" Draco asked Jade who shrugged. Draco put an arm around her and walked over to their family who were chatting up a storm.

Jade had her arm wrapped around Draco's waist as a tall light brown haired girl made her way towards Robin, in the same graduation clothes. She had very dark eyebrows and a beautiful yet naïve face, which could dangerously target her as gullible. She tapped Robin's shoulder and saw him turn around. His face fell and she her cheeks burned so brightly, even Jade could feel her discomfort.

"I…I…Congratulations R-Robin." She said.

Robin raised an eyebrow, giving her a once over.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?" he asked in a manner where it didn't really matter to him. She said something that Jade and Draco couldn't quite understand and Robin leaned in closer.

"I beg your pardon?" he asked.

"Em-Emma." She stuttered. "The library? Two months ago in the Forbidden Section?" she asked.

Robin's eyes darkened like a hawk after its prey and he slowly smiled.

"Emma…now I remember you. Sorry you had to get in trouble." Robin said, looking amused.

She nodded and took a deep breath.

"As much as I enjoyed it…you've ruined my life completely! I hope you're able to sleep at night after taking my virginity in the Forbidden Section of the library, only to have been spotted by Madame Pince! You're a jerk and I'm moving to Romania to stay far away from you!" she said, pointing a finger at him.

Robin wrinkled his face and scratched his head as she walked away. He turned around to his parents who were staring at him in horror.

"Chicks…they can't get enough of me!" he said, walking away.

Jade and Draco saw Robin walk away and they both turned to each other.

"What are the chances of that?" Jade asked.

"Maybe Romania is the go to place after getting shagged and dumped by a Malfoy." Draco said.

"Why couldn't I have told you off like that?" Jade asked. Draco smiled, kissing her.

"Maybe because if you did, I would have married you right then. But the universe has a way of making things interesting for us. Who knows what's in store for Emma and Robin." Draco said.

Jade smiled, hugging him close.

"I love the universe for leading me to you…even though the journey's been filled with murderers and psychopaths." Jade said seeing him chuckle.

"I love us. I love that I fell right where I was supposed to." He said. He lowered his head and kissed her lovingly.

"We have to get to the Burrow everyone! Mona, Lola, Jonah, Lavender, Parvati, Ginny, Hermione and Lavender have been calling nonstop for the last five minutes!" Molly said.

Jade held on to Draco's hand, watching everyone apparate and her eye caught a man dressed in black pants, a black shirt and boots, watching her with a smile. Seventeen years had passed and he looked just as Jade had seen him the last time. A family had passed by, blocking Jade from seeing him again. She moved around, trying to catch a glimpse of him but when the family had left, he had disappeared from where he was standing. Jade felt a depressing tug on her heartstrings, knowing that her love for him never moved from its spot. She looked around, trying to find him again but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Honey who are you looking for? Did you lose one of our triplets again?" Draco asked, touching Jade's shoulder. He looked around, trying to see what Jade was looking for but Jade turned around, looking dazed.

"What?" she asked.

Draco chuckled at her, wrinkling his forehead by giving her a curious look.

"Were you looking for someone?" Draco asked seeing her shaking her head.

"No I just…thought I saw someone, that's all." Jade said, taking Draco's arm.

"Well don't look anymore I'm right here. By the way, are you free tonight?" Draco asked, wagging his eyebrows.

They smiled at each other and disapparated to tend to the rest of their insane lives on that warm and sunny June day.

The End

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