The Aurseize

Part One: Arse Stabber

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Jade asked trying to run after him. She felt the wine start to spread its effect. Jade followed him out of the building and he turned around.

"Go back home." He said.

"Fuck you." Jade said.

Draco rolled his eyes and apparated by himself. Jade stood there, blinking into the empty parking lot. She heard Draco talk about his butler, so she safely assumed that he was going to the Malfoy Manor. Jade wanted to apparate but the thought of apparating under the influence and splinching herself later on scared the pants off of her. Jade pulled out her cell phone and gave a call to Harry.

"Hey." Harry said.

"Harry! I need you!" Jade said.

"Are you naked?" Harry asked.


"Too bad. Maybe another time."

"I need a designated apparator. I'm just a little drunk." Jade said. There was a small silence that followed.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"In front of my building in the parking lot." Jade said hearing him disconnect. She saw him appear in front of her a few seconds later, in his working clothes and his utility belt attached firmly to his hips.

"Where did your eyebrows and hair go?" Harry asked, looking pleasantly surprised at her appearance.

"Long story. A man and a broom exploded in front of my face." Jade explained seeing Harry nod.

"I heard." He said.

"Did I disturb you? You're not mad at me are you? I know I'm a really bad Aurseize and I'm always screwing up but I hate asking for help and-"

"You're not a bad Aurseize." Harry said watching her with amusement. Jade gave a nod and stood there with her hands folded behind her back.

"Ok…were you doing something when I called?" Jade asked seeing Harry take her arm.

"I was finished when you called me. Where to babe?" he asked. Jade shuddered at the thought of Harry finishing an apprehension, especially with that muggle gun.

"Um…Malfoy Manor." Jade said.

"Didn't get Malfoy yet?" Harry asked. Jade couldn't answer. Harry apparated them both in front of the Malfoy Manor and Jade saw that the gates were closed shut.

"Shit…that means I have to climb over the gate again?" Jade asked. Harry went over to the gates, fumbled with the lock and pushed them open.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Harry asked seriously. Jade shook her head and started walking towards the Manor.

"I'm fine from here." Jade said.

Harry gave her a small nod and watched her leave into the Manor. Jade walked into the entrance, feeling incredibly spooked. The Manor looked abandoned and silenced. Jade walked around and into the kitchen to hear someone running up the cellar. Jade was sent into panic and saw a metal pan on the marble counter and picked it up.

She held it tightly in her hands and as soon as she saw someone appear, she swung as hard as she could.

The collision of the metal pan hitting someone's face made a loud BANG and sent the person tumbling down the stairs to the cellar. Jade scrambled to see who she hit and her heart dropped out of her arse. An unconscious Draco Malfoy was at the bottom of the cellar floor, a small trickle of blood from his mouth.

"Oh fuck." Jade said dropping her pan. She flew down the stairs and tried to help Draco up but screamed when she saw another body a few feet away. Pervnas Henley was lying on his back with a huge bloody gash on his head and a broken wine glass stuck to his chest. It was highly possible that Pervnas was dead as a rock. Jade dragged Draco's unconscious body away from Pervnas and bound his hands and feet.

"I'm sorry." Jade whispered. She staggered up the stairs, feeling her stomach start to churn and the wine giving her a pounding headache. She waited for the wave of nausea to pass and when the feeling passed, she started walking out for help. All this adrenaline and fear wasn't helping with her queasy feeling. Pervnas was found dead but there was another killer and Jade was sure that he was in this Manor.

There were a few sounds coming from upstairs and Jade took out her wand, ready to take someone down if she had to. Though she had to be careful not to kill someone innocent like she hit Malfoy a while ago. Jade went up the stairs and looked into a room to see Narcissa Malfoy and Gary Camden, tied up and roped into a chair with tape on their mouth.

"Holy shit, you've got to be kidding me." Jade said going to help but Narcissa shook her head vigorously. Jade gently took the tape out of Narcissa's mouth.

"He placed a muggle bomb on our chair so we can't leave. You have to catch him; he's going to kill Draco…what the hell happened to your face?" Narcissa asked. Jade placed the tape back on her mouth and ran out of the room. Jade crashed into someone and stumbled back to see the butler stand there, his eyes wide and alert, sweating profusely.

"It's a good thing you're here! There's a killer on the loose!" Jade slurred. He changed his features, looking curious and suddenly looked terrified.

"Oh I know! He was running after me! I escaped him! You have to capture him. He's right there!" the butler pointed.

Jade looked ahead at the end of the hallway and her stomach started turning faster and faster. Jade walked ahead, unaware that the butler raised a large knife to stab her. Something bubbled up and Jade instantly ducked, throwing up her stomach contents all over the marble floors.

The butler swung and missed Jade, falling forward, bringing Jade down with him in the pool of vomit. They both screamed and Jade pushed him off, trying to wipe the vomit off her shirt and saw the butler drop his knife with a clatter and wipe his face. Jade stared at him in horror and looked down to his hands to see that a finger was missing.

"You're the killer! You're George fucking Henley!" Jade choked. He was too disgusted and busy with gagging to look dangerous so Jade took this opportunity to get up and run away. She ran down the stairs, feeling her shirt drip from the dinner and wine she had earlier ago. Jade felt someone yank her hair back and she fell back, feeling Henley fall with her. The knife fell on to the ground and they both paused to look at it and look at each other. Jade was the first one who scrambling for the knife.

"No!" Henley roared. Jade took the knife and turned around, stabbing Henley wherever was convenient for her. Henley curled up in pain as Jade stabbed him the second time in his arse again.

"Finally." Jade breathed.

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