The Aurseize

End Of Part One: Draco's Freedom

Aurors and Healers were the first ones to arrive on the scene and take George Henley away for multiple murders and attempted murders. Draco was wheeled out, still unconscious and taken to St. Mungo's and Narcissa and Gary sat patiently as a muggle detonation team disassembled the bomb from their chairs. Ron walked over to Jade and clapped her shoulder.

"You did a good job." He said seeing her visibly shaken and nod.

"Thanks." Jade said. Ron showed Jade a check of 50,000 galleons.

"This is all yours. Pick it up in the morning when you're clean and crap." Ron said, tucking the check back into his pocket.

Three days later, Jade was sitting in her flat, 50,000 Galleons richer, surfing the channels on her television. The doorbell rang and Jade looked up, wondering who it was at 10 at night. She got up and opened the door to see Draco lift up a few bottles of Firewhiskey and a bag of food.

"Came to see how you were." He said as Jade opened the door wider for him to walk in.

"I was too guilty to see you at all." Jade as Draco took a seat on her sofa. He grimaced as he rubbed his jaw.

"I was laughed at when I went to the Ministry this morning. The Healers had to put my jaw back in after it was dislocated and told me to never piss off a woman ever again." He said seeing Jade laugh and hand him a plate.

"I really didn't mean to hit you, I was a little drunk at the time and you know it's nothing personal." She said seeing him grin. There was a small scar on his lower lip and Jade was guessing that it also came with the pan attack she gave him three days ago.

"Of course it's nothing personal. That's why you became an Aurseize and decided to pursue me for what I did to you in Hogwarts." Draco said, handing her a variety of sandwiches. Jade pulled out fries from the bag and shoved them into her mouth.

"What you did was rotten. You ruined my life and I needed to get even with you." she said. Draco popped open the Firewhiskey caps and handed a bottle to Jade.

"It's only fair and I understand. I shouldn't have done that to you…but I'm willing to make up for it, I hope you know what I mean." He winked, taking a bite out of his sandwich. Jade sat back and kicked Draco's leg with hers.

"What happened George Henley?" Jade asked.

"He didn't even make it to Azkaban. Sucked straight from a Dementor." Draco explained. Jade shuddered.

"When I apparated into the Manor, I saw Pervnas before I could have gotten to George Henley who ran off. There was a struggle in the cellar and I had no choice but to kill Pervnas. I would have lost my mother and Gary." Draco said pausing from eating. He started smiling and looked at Jade.

"And when I started leaving the cellar, next thing I see were fireworks and hitting my head while going down the stairs, no thanks to you." he said. Jade blushed and felt a hand on her leg.

"I heard you took Henley down with my dinner." Draco laughed. Jade groaned and pushed more food into her mouth.

"I was drunk. Stop laughing you arse." Jade said. Draco shook his head and curled his arm around her shoulder.

"I'm always missing out on the fun stuff." He said. He pressed a kiss to her ear and skimmed his lips along her jaw. "Thank you for clearing me." He murmured. Jade only squeaked and Draco chuckled softly going to kiss her. Suddenly, something started vibrating and Draco dug into his pockets.

"Hello?" he asked. He paused, listening to the person on the phone. "I'll be there." He shut the phone and turned to Jade.

"The Ministry beckons me into its lair. Looks like a couple of kids wearing Death Eater masks are dancing around naked in front of a couple of buildings. I'll get you drunk some other time?" he asked seeing Jade stand up and walk him to the door.

"I'll never let you in if you don't have food on you." she said. She opened the door and gestured him out. Draco reached over and pulled her into a quick kiss.

"I'll be back." He said. With that, he left, walking down the hallway and running down the stairs. Jade shook her head and closed the door behind her, going back to finish the sandwiches Draco bought.

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