The Aurseize

Part Two: Goats

Jade took her new Nimbus 2000 to her other apprehension victim, James Turner. She walked up to his garage where a couple of men were working on their brooms. She saw him hunched over a broom with grease stains all over his light blue shirt and his sandy brown hair matted to his skin as he worked over the broom.

"James Turner?" Jade asked, seeing him look up.

"What's it to ya?" he asked. Jade took out her apprehension papers.

"My name is Jade Weasley and I work in the Aurseize Office. You've been charged with battery of Miss Jane Kex." Jade said. James threw his tools down and glared at Jade.

"Get the fuck out of my face or I'll break you in two." He threatened. Jade flinched. This wasn't the first time she's heard of someone promising to break her in two but she was scared nonetheless.

"Mr. Turner if you don't cooperate, I'll have to use force." Jade said. James Turner went to make a grab at her throat and she fell, feeling him fall on top of her.

"You dumb bitch, I'll kill you today!" he yelled, finally grabbing her throat. He squeezed it tightly and Jade felt her face growing red and her brain about to pop from the lack of oxygen. A pair of hands grabbed James and threw him off of Jade.

"It's not classy to hit a lady mate." A thin, long haired man said. He wore small round purple spectacles and a Hippy head band around the diameter of his head. "Peace on earth." He said pulling Jade up. James sputtered and went to advance towards Jade but the long haired Hippy pointed a finger at him.

"Peace mate." The Hippy said.

"Peace this." James said, sticking his middle finger out at Jade and him.

"Vulgar…not classy." The Hippy said. James quickly grabbed a broom and went off with it.

"No! Fuck!" Jade screamed, taking out her Nimbus 2000 from her pocket, she enlarged it and went after James. She gained speed on him, since he was driving an old version of the Nimbus which needed more work done on it. Jade appeared by his side, checking the front and checking on James.

"Stop! Or I'll stun you!" Jade yelled over the whipping wind. James's cheeks flopped from the wind hitting his face and moved in sharply. He hit Jade who nearly fell out of her broom but clung on to it. Jade uttered an obscene curse word and her anger elevated. If he was going to try to play a dirty game, she would too.

Jade moved in and hit him with her shoulder, seeing him move sharply to the side. He said something she couldn't hear. Buildings started to appear and Jade tried to move as quickly as she can, dodging buildings and electrical wires. She took out her wand and pointed at James.


James hit Jade quickly, knocking her out of her broom. Jade went flying down and her broom collided against a brick building, crashing into tiny little pieces. Jade went flying down and braced herself, feeling herself hit a metal fire escape. She knocked her head into something and her whole world went black.

Someone whispered and Jade slowly opened her eyes to see the entire Weasley family gathering together to take a look at her.

"Hey Jade! We thought you were dead!" Aunt Muriel said. She turned to Fred and George and stuck out her hand.

"She's not leaving before me, give me back my share of the bet and get out before I write you off the will." She said. Fred and George clapped the money in Aunt Muriel's hand and bolted for the door.

"How are you feeling sweetheart?" Bilius asked, touching Jade's head.

"It's like the worst hangover I've ever had." Jade said, trying to shift in her bed. Everyone lent a hand to help her up and told Jade what had happened.

"You're lucky your Nimbus died instead of you. You broke your arm and fractured a rib and earned a few concussions. Your arm and rib is healed but you're going to have to wait for the concussion to heal for a few days and take your potion daily." Ginny said.

"Oh dear, maybe you should look for a new job." Molly said gently. Ron burst through the doors with Hermione.

"Is she all right?!" Hermione asked her hair wilder and larger than ever.

"I'm alive." Jade said. Hermione breathed a 'thank you' and hugged Jade.

"I was so worried!" Hermione said.

"I'm glad you're okay…but it's not hard to catch Turner…he's just as dumb as they come." Ron said.

"Oh yeah? And you're just as insensitive as a Hippogriff's hoof. Can't you see the state the poor girl's in? Why do you always insist on bringing work into family?" Molly asked. Ron gaped at his mother and Jade rubbed her head.

"Big headache coming through." Jade said.

"I think we should all leave to let Jade rest a bit." Ginny said. They all hugged and kissed Jade and left the room.

"Tell me if you need anything okay?" Ginny asked.

Jade made a sound and Ginny left. Jade looked around the room to find something to eat. There was a box of sweets from Honeydukes on the stand next to her and Jade knew that was good enough. She opened it and started popping sweets in her mouth and chewed like there was no tomorrow.

There was a light knock on her door and Jade looked up to see Draco standing in the doorway with a small bouquet of flowers.

"I heard what happened." He said walking in. He placed the flowers next to the other display of flowers and boxes of sweets and chocolates on the nightstand. He took a seat on a chair, next to her bed and drew it closer to her.

"My broom's been demolished." Jade said seeing Draco smirk.

"You nearly killed yourself and you think about your broom? Did you lose another screw in there?" he asked jokingly. Jade scowled and put another sweet in her mouth.

"Your broom's been badly broken, beyond damage so you can't ride that one. Also we've checked Turner's home and he's left with all of his belongings. Seems like your guy is making life harder for you." Draco said, his eyes twinkling.

"A lot of guys make my life harder than it's supposed to be." Jade said.

"I bet I can make things real simple for you." Draco winked. Jade did a small eye roll. Draco got up and kissed Jade on the lips.

"I'll buy you a new broom if you ride on mine." He said against her lips.

"Get the fuck out of my room Malfoy!" Jade yelled. Draco frowned.

"You used to be so easy. What happened now?" he asked. Jade grabbed a piece of sweet to throw at him but decided not to waste something that can she can possibly consume. She threw an empty box at him and saw him dance around, avoiding to get hit.

"I'll see you later sweetheart."

Jade fell asleep and when she woke up, she saw a faint light from the corner of her room and a man sitting on a chair, watching her. She struggled to get up, not being able to see him clearly. It was night already but Jade didn't know what time it was.

"I'll stun you if you come any closer." Jade said seeing him get up. Harry appeared in the light with a small smile on his lips.

"Already sending angry threats? I'm proud of you." he said. He held out a bag for her and Jade took it, looking in.

"You got me a sandwich? I could hug you." Jade said taking it out. Harry summoned the chair, his smile brightening.

"Maybe when you're in a better state." He said, watching her take a bite.

Jade paused and nearly spit out what she was eating. She looked at the sandwich. It was rough and hard rye bread with tofu and cucumbers. She saw Harry watching so she kept chewing, hoping he'd turn around so she could spit the food out and throw it out the window and claim it was an accident. Either way, he'd probably shoot her.

"How's the sandwich?" he asked, his lip curled into a smile. Jade nodded and swallowed her bite. Her esophagus was not cooperating.

"It's…delicious." Jade lied. Harry grinned at her.

"Don't lie to me. I don't do well with liars." Harry said. Jade sighed and placed the sandwich back in the bag.

"All right, I admit, this sandwich tasted like shit. I never had anything so horrible in my life…who eats these anyways, goats?" Jade asked. Harry straightened up in his chair, his smile gone.

"I eat it. Do I look like a goat to you?" he asked giving her an intense look. Jade shivered and shook her head in fear.

"No! I didn't mean to say that. I just…this sandwich is really bad. But it's nice that you eat it…you know, healthy and what not. Very admirable but not my taste…you're not going to shoot me are you?" Jade asked seeing Harry fall back into his chair, his eyes glinting playfully.

"I'm thinking about it." He said. Jade gulped and Harry reached over and grabbed another bag.

"It's something I would discourage but I guess you could use a break." He said. Jade looked into it, seeing a large juicy burger in its entire artery clogging, cholesterol hogging and stroke induced glory with a pack of complementary fries.

"Merlin Harry…I think I love you." Jade said.

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