The Aurseize

Part Two: Rubeus Hagrid

The next day, Jade was ready to get out of the hospital. With the help of her father, Aunt Muriel, Molly and Arthur, she was able to pack off, back to her apartment.

"What are you doing Jade? You need to be asleep!" Molly said seeing Jade change her clothes.

"Gin said I was completely fine. I have to get a new broom anyways and see how everything is holding up in the office." Jade said. Molly looked at Arthur who looked at Bilius.

"Love I think it's best if you just-"

"Oh Bilius can't you see that she's got her brains all scrambled up in there?" Aunt Muriel asked. Jade apparated to her workplace, seeing everyone looking at her strangely. She was walking in front of Blaise, who nudged Draco. Jade saw Draco look up and smile.

"Nice bandage." Draco said.

Jade touched her neatly bandaged head and walked forward without a word. She walked into the Aurseize Office to see Parvati and Lavender.

"Oh My God! We heard what happened! That bandage does not look trendy." Lavender said as Parvati agreed.

"If I had a concussion, I'd color my bandage. Look here." Lavender said. She pointed her wand at Jade's head and colored the band aid to a golden color.

"What? I look like Trelawney! Change my bandage back to its normal color!" Jade demanded. Ron walked out of his office and did a grimace.

"I don't mean to sound mean but I don't think you're head is right for today. For Pete's sake you colored your bandage golden." Ron said. Jade went to speak but Ron interrupted.

"Anyways if you don't want to take up Turner's case I'll understand. Harry even asked to see if it's okay with you taking over this case." Ron said. Jade felt her pride being taken a shot at.

"No need to cause Harry the trouble. I'll bring Turner in myself…he's made it personal now." Jade said, cracking her knuckles. "Oh boy…this should be fun." Ron said.

A file zoomed into the Aurseize Office and landed on Parvati's desk. She picked it up and flipped through it, her jaw dropping.

"No way!" she said, staring at the file.

"What? What happened?" Ron asked. He looked over to the file and his eyes widened. "For all things holy!" Ron said. He looked up from the file and quickly fished his cell phone out. "Argh! Harry's not even picking up his phone! He's going to want to hear about this!" Ron said.

Jade walked over to Parvati's desk and took the file, reading it over. Her chest dropped to her stomach at her new apprehension; Rubeus Hagrid.

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