The Aurseize

Part Two: Ugly Headbands

Jade took a carriage to Hogwarts, unable to travel without a broom. She walked into the castle, looking around for Dumbledore. She was lost again in the castle and memories started to haunt her.

"Oh fish sticks…where do I go now?" Jade asked herself, in front of the library. A boy walked out of the library and Jade called for him.

"Hey, I need to know where Headmaster Dumbledore's office is?" Jade asked. The boy looked her up and down with his beady black eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Jade Weasley, I work as an Aurseize in the Aurseize Office in the Ministry." Jade said. The boy shrugged and started to walk her to Dumbledore's office. Jade looked around, seeing that not a lot of it had changed. She could hardly remember any of it and was glad that her years were put behind her past.

In a sudden instance, Nearly Headless Nick appeared behind a wall and spotted Jade. For a few seconds he was staring at her, as if he was making sure that he was right at who he was seeing. Then her past came hurling back to her face.

"You're the new Weasley! The one who got caught in the bathroom!" Nearly Headless Nick pointed. Jade blushed furiously and the boy turned around, raising an eyebrow.

"What? What's he talking about?" the boy asked.

"He's a ghost gone nuts. Show me the way to Dumbledore's office!" Jade said sternly.

Nearly Headless Nick zoomed off and Jade quickened her pace, praying that Peeves the Poltergeist was locked and corked in a bottle somewhere. She heard whispering behind her and turned around to see all the ghosts of Hogwarts gape at her.

"Well stuff me with an apple and call me a roasted hog, it's HER!" The Fat Friar pointed.

"Why are they fussing about you? Did you kill someone? Are you famous or something?" the boy asked. The Grey Lady swiped her hands dramatically in the air.

"Run away from her boy! Or else she will lock you in a bathroom and seduce you!" The Grey Lady exclaimed.

Jade's lip curled into a snarl and she before she could respond, she heard a high pitched squeal.

"Looky looky at who came back! It's the New Weasley ready for another Malfoy attack!" Peeves squealed. He zoomed around Jade, terrorizing her and Jade went out into a full blown run.

She saw the gargoyle standing there and went towards it but collided against a broad and very hard chest.

"Unnfh." Jade said, falling back on her arse.

Her nose tickled from the impact and she sneezed nonstop as a pair of strong and warm hands brought her up. Jade opened her teary eyes to see Harry look concerned and in the middle of struggling to keep his smile suppressed.

"Nah…fun-knee." Jade said, gasping. She held her breath and let out another sneeze. Tears poured out of her eyes and Harry reached into his pocket, handing her a couple of tissues.

"I don't like to make women cry." He said seeing her wipe her eyes and nose.

"It's Potty Wee Potter! Is there a reunion that Peeves wasn't informed of?" Peeves asked in his sing song voice.

"Go away!" Jade yelled.

"I shall tell Malfoy that you're using your scarlet charm on Voldie's toy!" Peeves said. Something zapped him and Peeves melted into a mush of silver gush. Jade looked at Harry who pocketed his wand, his eyes hard. The other ghosts zipped off, disappearing through the walls.

"Let's go." Harry said tightly. He turned around and said the password to the gargoyle who jumped to the side, allowing Harry and Jade to enter. Jade didn't dare say anything to Harry about Voldemort. Anyone with enough common sense knew not to question Harry about his past. He had gone through more than anyone she knew and wondered how hard it must have been to manage without parents. Even with her kooky Aunt Muriel and her sometimes sane father it was enough for Jade to handle but she wished that there could have been a mother there for her. Maybe if she had a mother who she could talk to and follow, she wouldn't have been chased by Peeves or the Hogwarts ghosts for sleeping with Malfoy in the bathroom.

Jade panted up the stairs and paused, leaning against the wall. Harry had walked up with a breeze and turned around, his face and eyes still hard about the encounter with Peeves. His eyes softened and his mouth slowly formed into a tiny curve.

"You need exercise." He said knocking on the door.

"I do not. I just don't know the stairs as much as I'd like to." Jade said. Harry grinned.

"You are just a piece of work. We're going to have to change that attitude about the stairs after we're done here." Harry said. The door opened before Jade dreaded on what Harry would be making her do. She did not want to exercise and run up and down the stairs.

"Mr. Potter! Oh and a visitor!" A tall and thin man with a sharp white goatee said, welcoming them warmly. He showed them to their seats and Jade looked at him and around the room.

"I'm Jade Weasley, where's Dumbledore?" Jade asked taking a seat. Harry and the goatee man turned around to look at Jade.

"I'm afraid to tell you that Albus Dumbledore has retired 5 years ago from his post as Headmaster and this position was awarded to me. I am William Wasserman by the way." He said, revealing his shiny and little teeth. Jade gave him a tight smile and curled into her seat, hearing Harry clear his throat and throw her a sideways glance.

"We understand that Hagrid's been charged of trading Dragon Eggs and domesticating them in his hut?" Harry asked seeing the man nod.

"Hagrid never told me about the Dragon Egg trading otherwise I would have acted immediately. This isn't acceptable in my school; we have a prestige to maintain!" he said.

"When did you start noticing about the underground trading and breeding?" Harry asked. Wasserman shrugged.

"I reported it yesterday after a student came back with third degree burns on her arm." Wasserman said.

"What's her name?" Harry asked.

"Shirley Caine. A sweet girl." Wassermann said folding his hands. Jade scratched her head, feeling that something was wrong.

"Hagrid's been breeding Romanian Longhorns on school grounds for 6 months and you didn't notice?" Jade asked. Wasserman shot his eyes to Jade.

"I thought I made that part of my statement clear." Wasserman said.

"It's hard to miss a Romanian Longhorn at 6 mon-"

"I don't think I'm speaking to a Dragon expert." Wasserman said tightly.

"Actually I happen to know a lot about Dragons because my cousin happens to lay his expertise there and I especially happen to know a lot about Romanian Longhorns, being that I've lived in Romania for a good period in my life." Jade said. Wasserman flashed his eyes for a second and a small smile spread across his lips.

"Ah Romania? My grandparents are from Romania!" he said delightfully. Harry took out a card and slid it across the table, tapping on it.

"I trust you have more information on Hagrid's whereabouts and when you feel comfortable to speaking to us about it, you'll give us a call." Harry said. Jade got up with Harry as Wasserman walked them to the door.

"Actually…" Wasserman said weakly. Jade and Harry spun around, seeing Wasserman smile nervously. "Hagrid used to have a visitor to his hut. A large woman from Beauxbaton-"

"Madame Maxine." Harry said seeing Wasserman nod.

"Their relationship was supposed to be kept very quiet and Hagrid requested that I never tell anyone about his relationship with Madame Maxine but if this may help his case at all and bring him back…then you haven't heard any of this from me." Wasserman whispered. Harry nodded and Wasserman shut his door. Jade and Harry walked down the stairs and walked down the halls.

"What do you think of Wasserman?" Harry asked Jade who wrinkled her nose.

"I'm not crazy about him." Jade said.

"Hard to tell who you're crazy about and who you're not." Harry said. Jade shot him a look.

"Trust me I'm not crazy about anyone at the moment. I'm only crazy about my pet turtle…wait…did I get to feed him today?" Jade asked herself. Harry shook his head, still smiling. He saw a couple of girls walk towards them and he placed a hand on Jade's shoulder.

"Take a shot in questioning." Harry said. He gently pushed Jade forward who looked at the group of Gryffindor girls.

"Hey girls, my name is Jade Weasley and I work for the Aurseize Office in the Ministry of Magic." Jade said seeing the girls smile excitedly at her.

"That's Ace! A woman as an Auror!" a chunky blonde girl said. "Actually I'm an Aurseize." Jade said seeing them suck their breaths in.

"Wow! You must get into a lot of danger don't you? Is that your partner behind you? Oh my God he's so gorgeous." Another girl said, licking her lips. Jade wanted to roll her eyes and went on.

"He's deaf by the way, so he can't hear us at all. Anyways-"

"Rawr." A girl said.

Jade turned around to see Harry fix a glare at Jade who smiled as if everything was normal and turned around.

"No wonder he couldn't ask us the questions…not that we mind or anything, you're a nice person but I love being asked by a man who would melt my insides and give me these tingly feelings like Eric Sanders." The leader of the pack said. Jade wanted to bash her own head against the wall.

"So I have a couple of questions to ask you about your former Professor Rubeus Hagrid." Jade said seeing them look questioningly at her.

"He's been missing since yesterday. Hasn't been in school or in this morning's classes." The chubby blonde said.

"Maybe he's been buying new wood for his hut. It was always burning down in the middle of the night and there would be strange noises but we're all thinking it might be from the Forest." The leader said. Jade nodded.

"Why, is there something wrong with Professor Hagrid?" another girl asked.

"He's under investigation." Jade said seeing them gasp.

"Under investigation?! Professor Hagrid was a good man! He was the nicest and most gentle man we ever met!" the leader said, looking offended.

"Ok, I know that but-"

"Well then why are you investigating him for? He can never do anything wrong! Whoever hired someone as dumb as you should be sent to Azkaban in a straight jacket!" the girl said. Jade furrowed her eyebrows and gaped at them.

"I'm only doing my job! I like Hagrid too!" Jade said seeing them scoff.

"Liar! Boo you and the people you work for. And that headband is UGLY!" They said. The girls focused their attention on Harry who put a fist to his mouth, his eyes concentrated tightly on a crack in a wall, obviously not trying to bawl in laughter.

"Poor thing. He doesn't even know what kind of witch he's working for. She probably takes him along to take innocent people like Hagrid down and he wouldn't know who's right or who's wrong." The leader of the pack said. They all cut a look towards Jade and walked off, smiling at Harry.

"This isn't a fucking headband! Its bandage for my head because I hit my head-why am I still talking?" Jade asked throwing her hands into the air. When the girls disappeared into another corridor, Harry looked like he was about to burst so Jade left him. She walked down the stairs when she felt a tug at the back of her shirt. Harry guided her to turn around and stood close to her. Jade was trapped against the staircase railings, looking at Harry with pure fear.

"If those girls weren't so horrible to you, I would have gotten you to pay for that smartass prank you pulled." He said. Jade didn't know whether to laugh or be terrified of his comment.

"What exactly do I have to pay? If it's blood I sort of get nauseous and a little light headed…like now." Jade said, losing her balance. Harry looped an arm around her and steadied her with him.

"We need to get you a bed." Harry said, seeing Jade knock her head into Harry's chest, breathing in his musky and clean scent.

"I need some food." Jade said.

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