The Aurseize

Part Two: Prestissimo

Jade was brought back into her apartment by Harry. He opened the door, walked in with her in his arms and set her on her bed.

"Do you need anything?" he asked hovering over her. Jade rolled over on her back and closed her eyes. After a few hours, Jade woke up, feeling her head still feel heavy from the concussion from hell. She rolled off her bed, vaguely remembering Harry bringing her back home. She sauntered towards the kitchen, following a delicious smell. There was a bag of what seemed like food and a note attached to it.

'Your father packed some food for you after hearing that you fainted. Feel better.'

That was it. It wasn't signed; there wasn't more to it, just a short letter from Harry to Jade. Jade misunderstood Harry, he was truly a great person that cared a lot but never expressed it the way everyone else did. She found it hard to believe that she found him annoying when she first met him in their 7th year in Hogwarts. Jade took out containers filled with mashed potatoes, roasted chicken and seasoned vegetables. She also saw a container of salad in there that didn't look like it was from her father and she guessed it was from Harry. He was always encouraging her to be healthy. Jade walked into the living room and stopped dead to see Harry's 'Prestissimo' lying on her coffee table. She saw a note propped against the broom and snatched it up, reading it quickly.

'Enjoy the ride until you get a new one…and don't call me.'

So Jade called him.

"Harry you really didn't have to. I can manage a broom of my own." Jade said.

"Until you get your own broom to ride, you're going to use mine." Harry said.

"So what will you be flying?" Jade asked hearing him chuckle.

"I'll always manage." He said. He disconnected and Jade stared at the super sleek and super fast Prestissimo.

"Well I guess it's just you and me now." Jade said.

The next morning Jade went to visit Ginny at St. Mungo's.

"Your head seems to be improving. I can see that you're taking your potions." Ginny said wrapping another bandage around Jade's head.

"Just for precaution. Hey, you aren't making any apprehensions today are you? I'm feeling like I want to kick some rears in today." Ginny said excitedly. Ginny Weasley's excitement was Jade's source of dread.

"Well I don't think it's such a good idea, especially after-"

"I'll behave, I promise, and I'll really hit someone this time." Ginny said seeing Jade shake her head wildly and clutch it from the minimal pain.

"No! No! No! No hitting anyone I don't care how fat, ugly or boobless he calls you!" Jade said.

"All right! Merlin, what stung your arse today?" Ginny asked. They left St. Mungos and they both whipped out their brooms.

"Oh my God." Ginny said, inspecting the broom. "How did you get this? You stole it from an apprehension didn't you?" Ginny asked.

"No! This is Harry's. He lent me his broom until I could get a new one of my own." Jade said Ginny snapped up and looked at Jade.

"Harry gave you his broom? What did you for it?" Ginny asked. Jade paused before getting on her broom.

"Are you asking if I slept with him for it?" Jade asked seeing Ginny shake her head.

"I absolutely did not ask you that and wasn't even planning on asking you…but if you're keen on telling me, you might as well tell me now." Ginny said.

"I didn't sleep with Harry. He just feels sorry for me that's all. Hell, I feel sorry for me. I'd lend myself a new broom. But he's really nice about a lot of things and he's helped me out when I really needed it." Jade said. She wanted to keep things vague. If she had to sit down and tell Ginny exactly what kinds of situations Harry's helped her in, Ginny would have a heart attack.

"Well I have to find out how to make him feel sorry for me. Maybe if I fall in front of him and break an ankle or something he'll feel obligated to take care of me." Ginny said. Jade smacked her head with her hand and hopped on the broom.

"I want to take a ride on Harry's broom. But who wouldn't? I can't wait until I rub this in Lavender and Parvati's faces. I got to ride on Harry Potter's magic broomstick!" Ginny sang. They flew to The Ministry of Magic and crossed the Auror Department.

Jade wanted to breeze by Malfoy but was met with a slap on her face. A beautiful woman with beach blonde hair and a casual long turquoise dress was standing there, talking to Draco, touching a small part of his face. She didn't know what they were talking about or if they looked upset or happy. Draco had a hand on hers and was saying some things to her, emphasizing everything.

"That's Scarlett Cilla if you're wondering. She could pass for a Veela but she's not." Ginny sighed.

Jade wanted a large sundae from Fortescue's. Seeing Scarlett Cilla had embarrassed Jade and she couldn't help but feel sorry for herself. The pity started to wear off and was replaced by anger. She didn't know what the anger was for but she was sure that it was because of Malfoy and the way she had started to seem vulnerable in front of everyone to feel sorry for her.

Jade didn't realize that she threw the Aurseize Office door so hard, it made a crack on the wall and everyone in the Department looked her way.

"Someone decided to wear her cranky pants today." Parvati said.

Harry stood there, watching Jade calmly with a file in his hands and Lavender sat next to Parvati, wondering what she should say. Ron opened the door and looked at Jade, bewildered.

"Did you make that crack on the wall?!" Ron started.

"Keep talking and you'll see another crack coming your way." Jade snarled. Everyone stood quiet and Ron went back into his office, shutting the door and locking it. They heard something being dragged and placed securely in front of the door. Jade went to get her folders from Parvati.

"You only have one fugitive for today. And Morgan Dunnohow and James Turner is still on your list." Parvati told Jade.

"Thanks." Jade grumbled walking away. She left the room and Harry turned to Ginny.

"What happened to her?" he asked.

"She uh…saw Scarlett and Malfoy talking together. Malfoy's been putting her in a bad mood for years now and she still hasn't gotten over him." Ginny said shaking her head.

"I don't blame her, as much as Draco Malfoy is a boil on an arse, he's just as good looking." Lavender said getting up.

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