The Aurseize

Part Two: Gifting Brooms

Two Aurors had walked by and assisted Morgan away who yelled a few unfriendly words at her fiancé and the heartbroken family members. Draco rolled up his sleeve and reached out to Jade who had been sitting there, sneaking a few handful of cakes that hadn't touched the floor.

"I'm covered with cake, you'll get dirty." Jade said struggling to get up. Draco took her hands anyways and carefully walked her towards him.

"Are you kidding me? This is a dream come true!" Draco said as Jade kicked her shoes off.

"Good arse kicking Jade! See we would have helped but when you went down with that cake on you…I couldn't involve my shoes." Lavender said pointing to her knee length leather boots.

"And I couldn't get my hair messy; it takes forever to take that stuff out." Ginny said, wincing at Jade.

After Ginny and Lavender apparated, Draco offered to drive Jade home.

"I can ride by myself." Jade said. They were in a bathroom and Jade was wiping herself off as Draco shook his head.

"You're a mess. You're dripping cake all over the place and you might need help getting cleaned up." Draco said. He kissed her neck and lingered there for a moment before darting his tongue out. He licked some frosting off of her and smiled at her reflection.

"Always sweet." He said in her ear.

Jade nearly died. She felt him turn her around and she felt herself being taken away and there was nothing she could do about it. Draco placed a firm kiss on her lips and pulled back, licking his lips. He moved in again and kissed her more elaborately. He pressed her against a wall and slid a hand up her shirt which was nearly torn in half from the fight earlier on. Jade kissed Draco back, missing this part of what used to be a sliver of her life. Everything was feeling the way it was supposed to, she was getting the same fully crazed, knee wobbling and heart racing feelings for him. Scarlett flashed through her mind and Jade instantly stopped, feeling Draco try to encourage her again.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Jade looked at him, not seeing an ounce of guilt on his face. She felt disappointed for various reasons but it was mostly because he never changed and he was playing with her feelings again. He was going to use her and move on like nothing happened. Besides a mother, no woman was permanent in Draco Malfoy's life and it sure couldn't be Jade.

"Why are you asking me this? Don't you know what's wrong?" Jade asked seeing him cock his head to the side, clearly unable to understand what was wrong. He looked around the bathroom.

"Oh…it's because we're snogging in the bathroom?" he asked grinning. Jade pushed him off and started off.

"Your girlfriend won't like the idea that you're snogging another woman." Jade answered.

"That's funny…because I have no idea what you're talking about." He said. Jade turned around noting that he was genuinely clueless.

"Scarlett Cilla?" Jade asked. Realization hit Draco's face and along with it some curiosity.

"How do you know about Scarlett?" he asked. Jade shrugged, trying to look as casual as possible.

"I pulled up a lot of information when I was working on your case a few months ago. And I saw her in the Ministry this morning with you." Jade said seeing him grin.

"Scarlett and I aren't together. She was only here this morning to ask if we've found the burglars who stole thousands of Galleons worth of jewelry at her home." He explained. Jade bit her lip, starting to feel stupid. Draco walked over to her and brought her close to him.

"I like a jealous woman covered with icing." He told her.

Jade looked at Draco's dark green car after he placed a protective charm on his leather seats.

"I can just go home by myself. You don't have to go through all of this and what not. I'm covered with crap." Jade said. Draco opened the door for her and jerked his head forward for her to get in.

"I love this car and I wouldn't let just anyone covered with crap inside, but since I like you, you can get in. Besides, I like talking to you." he winked. Jade shook her head, got in and Draco closed the door. He slipped in on his side and started the car.

"Why do you have a car?" Jade asked, seeing him start to pull out of the lot slowly.

"I'm a fan of gadgets. I like to play around." He said winking at her.

"Can you say something that doesn't involve with you flirting?" Jade asked seeing him laugh.

"Sure I can say a lot of things but I'm not giving up. I know what you're trying to do to me and it's not going to work. I get what I want sooner or later." He said. Jade shook her head and placed a hand on the side of her head.

"How's your head?" he asked seriously. Jade looked at him, seeing that he started to look neutral and unlike the happy and charming and sometimes goofy side of him. It was nice to see him look like a normal man who wasn't a crazed sex fiend.

"I'm going to take the bandage off today. The pain's gone and it feels fine now, especially after I fell on the ground with a cake and a bride." Jade said seeing him smirk.

"Your job is kind of loony, don't get me wrong. Did you ever think about doing something else?" he asked, stopping for a light. Jade sunk in her seat.

"I tried everything I could…but this Aurseize thing is something I'm managing well." Jade said.

"How are you not scared?" Draco asked.

"Scared?" Jade asked. Draco gave Jade a look.

"Dead bodies on your doorstep, perverts, angry drunk brides shooting at you and rolling you around in cake? Does that ring a bell?" he asked. Jade shrugged.

"Well I haven't died yet." Jade said. Draco looked pained but he didn't say anything.

"I heard you were working on Hagrid's case." Draco said.

"Yeah. We interviewed the new Headmaster in Hogwarts and he seemed shady about answering our questions. 6 month old Romanian Longhorns and he didn't notice until a girl came back with third degree burns." Jade said.

"I took her statements the day it happened." He said, pulling into her lot.

"What did she say?" Jade asked sitting straighter in her seat.

Draco parked the car and turned towards Jade, wagging his eyebrows.

"Ough…no!" Jade said.

"Oh come on, like you've never done it with me before." He teased.

"I'm getting out." Jade said going to open the door.

"All right! I'll tell you." he said. Jade waited for him.

"Only a snog."


"A little peck."


"Ough…too bad for you then. You don't get my lips or your information." He said sitting back in his seat.

The truth was, was that Jade wanted him badly but she needed to suppress these desires to not make the same mistake twice. She was crazy about Draco Malfoy and would have jumped to his offer but she needed to give herself a little respect. Besides, it was her turn to take over the control. Now Jade had two options in front of her, either snog Malfoy and get the information or leave.

"I'll just ask Harry about it then. Goodnight Malfoy." Jade said leaving Draco Malfoy slightly stunned. She walked off to her building and heard Draco get out of the car.

"Wait!" he called. Jade turned around and he slammed his door closed, walking over to the trunk of his car.

"I have something for you." he said, pressing a button on his car key that let the trunk of the car to slowly open. He reached in and took out a long packaged object.

"What is that?" Jade asked. Draco handed it to her, smiling pleasantly.

"Open it." He said. Jade opened it and looked in. She slid a shiny new broom out and stared at it.

"Er…" Jade said looking at her new Firebolt. She looked up at Draco who shrugged, touching the Firebolt himself.

"I felt bad hearing about your broom and wanted to…get this for you." he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh…I…it's nice really." Jade said seeing him nod.

"But it comes with a small price." He said looking back up and winking again. Jade didn't know how to respond back to him but she smiled awkwardly.

"Jeez Draco. This is really thoughtful and all but really, you don't need to give this to me." Jade said handing the broom back to him. Draco looked at Jade, surprised again.

"Merlin Jade, I was only joking. You don't need to snog me for this, just take it." He said seeing Jade reach into her pocket.

"Listen Draco, the Firebolt is really thoughtful and all but I already have a broom." Jade said, taking out the miniature broom. Draco raised his eyebrows and looked at the miniature broom.

"That doesn't look like a Firebolt and I've seen this before." Draco said, taking it from her. He maximized it and his jaw dropped to the floor.

"Where did you get this?" he asked. Jade could see him looking at the broom hatefully and she took it away, minimizing it before he was going to personally break it in half.

"Harry sort of lent it to me." Jade said. Draco narrowed his eyes looking through Jade.

"Saint Potter?" Draco asked.

"Get over it! You're out of school, stop with the name calling!" Jade said. Draco's cheeks flushed and he took his Firebolt, repackaging it.

"Sorry then. My mistake." He said. He threw the Firebolt into his trunk and slammed the trunk door shut.

"Are you okay?" Jade asked nervously.

"Fan-fucking-tastic. Bloody Amazing. Never been better!" he said wrenching his door open.

"Um…bye." Jade said.

He sped off with his tires screeching and nearly missing a car.

Jade walked back to her building and walked towards her flat and came to see big block letters on her door. 'BITCH'

Jade narrowed her eyes at the door, wondering what new fiasco this was developing into. She drew out her wand and opened her door, scanning her apartment for any crazy nuts. When she was convinced there was no one there, Jade took a sponge and a towel and tried to wash the door off but the letters wouldn't come off. Jade tried everything she could to remove the letters but the letters were permanently stuck to the door. Jade gave up, locked her doors and fell asleep.

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