The Aurseize

Part Two: Shirley Caine

In the morning, Jade quickly got dressed, fed Jerry and left to go on with her day. She was going to have to find Hagrid one way or another. Jade took Harry's 'Prestissimo' to the Ministry, loving how it glided so smoothly into the air. The weather was cool and sunny so Jade decided to take the broom instead of apparating. When Jade got to the Ministry, she walked through the Auror Department and quickly looked around for Draco but noted that he wasn't there. She walked into the Aurseize Office to see Parvati.

"Where's Lavender?" Jade asked seeing Parvati shrug.

"She's busy with a few clients today…what a strange job." Parvati said seeing Jade grin.

"Not when you're being paid thousands per hour." Jade said, looking through folders. Parvati smiled evilly and leaned over on her desk.

"So would you spend an hour with a bloke if he offered you thousands? Parvati asked.

"Unless I'm a mess over him, sure. Plus I could use some money." Jade said seeing Parvati roll her eyes.

"You so have a thing for Malfoy. Admit it! You're insane about him!" Parvati said. Jade frowned and dug her face into her arms.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Jade asked. Parvati sighed.

"Sweetheart it's the way you look at him. And even when you hear his name you look so weird you know? But skipping all of that, Lavender and Ginny told me what happened yesterday and I'm so pissed off that I couldn't be there to see it all happen." Parvati said.

Jade took Harry's broom to Hogwarts. She wanted to snoop around in Hagrid's hut but unless she had a warrant, she couldn't enter the hut. Jade walked into Hogwarts and asked around for Shirley Caine, being pointed to the Gryffindor common room. Jade felt nostalgic while she was looking around the old common room. It was the same as it was but it smelled different. Jade walked up to the sofa where Shirley, a redhead just like Jade was sitting on the sofa, with gauze wrapped around her arms and neck.

"Shirley Caine?" Jade asked seeing Shirley look up. Jade felt bad for the girl. Half her hair was gone and the scars and freshly peeled skin had crept up to her neck.

"Yes?" Shirley asked in a small voice. Jade sat down next to her and smiled.

"I'm Jade Weasley from the Auror Department in the Ministry of Magic. I heard what happened to you and I'm sorry about what happened." Jade said seeing Shirley nod.

"It's not your fault." She said. Jade went to speak but her eye caught a pale wooden bracelet.

"Hey! Where did you get that?" Jade asked. Shirley looked down to where Jade was looking and looked at the bracelet.

"Oh it was my mother's. She passed it down to me a really long time was popular in that age." Shirley said. Jade rolled her shirt sleeve up and exposed the pale wooden bracelet, seeing Shirley's eyes get wide and smile.

"You have it too!" Shirley said. Jade smiled.

"We have something in common." Jade said. Shirley sighed and touched her bracelet.

"But I bet you're happy because you actually have a mother…my mother died when I was a little baby." Shirley said. Jade lowered her arm and looked at the broken child who resembled her in so many ways.

"That's two things we have in common." Jade said softly. Shirley looked up, her eyes filled with tears.

"You must miss her." Shirley sobbed quietly. Jade put an arm around Shirley.

"Sometimes I do but my life is filled with so many crazy people, there's hardly any time for me to think about my mom. She's lucky she's not here to see me now, she'd have a heart attack." Jade said seeing Shirley chuckle. They were quiet for a couple of minutes and Shirley looked around to see if anyone was with them.

"Hagrid didn't do this to me." She whispered to Jade who already started listening.

"It was someone else. Someone thinner and smaller than Hagrid but I never could see his face, he was masked…a twisted jester mask." She said.

"That doesn't sound like Hagrid." Jade said seeing Shirley nod.

"Whoever it was, he didn't see me but thought I was Hagrid. He lit the hut on fire and ran away." Shirley said. "And also…Hagrid visits his half brother Gwarp in the Forbidden Forest. No one is allowed to enter the Forest except for Hagrid. I'm sure that's where he might be." Shirley said.

"How do you know all this?" Jade asked.

"Hagrid mentioned it once in a while and I was sworn not to tell…but he's in danger now and this isn't his fault."

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