The Aurseize

Part Two: Harry's Fan Girls Attack

Jade left the Gryffindor common room and walked down the corridors. She was definitely going into the Forbidden Forest. She went to make a turn but saw the same group of girls she had offended on her last visit.

"You! What are you doing here again?! Didn't we tell you Hagrid is innocent?!" the girls asked. Jade backed away from them, seeing them start to advance on her.

"LEAVE HAGRID ALONE!" They roared.

Jade turned around and started running, feeling something hit her on her head. It wasn't painful but it felt heavy and for her to have suffered a concussion a few days before, Jade didn't like it one bit. Something else hit her and she felt it slosh all around her, seeping through her shirt and pants. Jade turned around and got a faceful of the sweet sloshy stuff. Jade licked her lips and felt relieved.

It was applesauce and all this time she thought she was running from what could have been worse, like Peeves when he had a bucket full of Mrs. Norris's dripping cat litter.

Jade ran out of the castle and bolted for the Forest, seeing the girls stop themselves and retreat. There was no way they were going into the Forest; no matter how much they hated her. Jade wiped her face with her hands and looked around. It was slightly dark, darker than when she entered it. She thought that if she turned back now, she would have to deal with more applesauce on her hair and she'd rather be confronted by a Centaur or a Dragon in the Forest. Or maybe not. Jade started walking, listening to the woods, trying to hear if there was anything nearby. She heard a twig snap and she whipped around to see no one behind the bush.

"I-I-Is anyone there?" Jade asked. She heard nothing and started walking backwards but felt herself bump into something warm. Jade turned around and her heart jumped.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Harry asked. He had his arms crossed on his chest, looking incredibly angry. Jade didn't blame him, she would have been mad at her too, but that was always the sensible part of herself.

"I er…lost my dog and came here looking for it. Here doggy doggy." Jade said turning around, clicking her tongue. She was walking away from Harry but felt him grasp her collar and bring her firmly back.

"I'm not joking around with you." he said seriously. She saw that his patience running out and Jade was terrified.

"I came here to see Shirley and talk to her about Hagrid. Then while I was coming out, your fan girls spotted me and chased me into the forest. They even threw apple sauce at me so I had to run somewhere where they couldn't follow me in." Jade said. Harry gave her a long look, trying to fight off of a lot of reactions. Jade could heavily bet on Harry's idea of burying her alive in the forest.

"This isn't the place you want to be in…especially if you're alone." He said. Jade nodded and he sighed, inclining his head for her to follow him.

"Where did you come from?" Jade asked.

"I was walking into the castle until I heard girls screaming and saw you running into the forest. I was hoping you'd come out and when you didn't, I went after you. I don't like to be here." Harry said.

"Wait! We have to go back! Hagrid might be there. Shirley told me Hagrid has a half brother there and that he was innocent." Jade said.

"How so?" Harry asked.

Jade told him everything that Shirley told her about the fire incident and Harry nodded, taking all of the information in. Jade tried to catch up with Harry but he was swift and his legs were long, Jade needed to jog. She was moving so fast, she didn't see a tree in front of her and knocked face first into it.

"Unfhh." Jade fell backwards, clutching her nose. She felt Harry's hands on her, pulling her back up and taking her hands away from her eye.

"Let me see it." He said. Jade opened her eyes to see him grinning, trying to take a look at her eye.

"You're laughing at me!" Jade said going back to cover it. Harry took her hands away and gently stroked her cheekbone to soothe the impact.

"Nothing's bleeding…but it'll leave one hell of a bruise." He said gently. Jade looked up at him, seeing him let go of her face and smile.

"It's hard to stay mad at you babe." He said.

Jade went to say something but heard some heavy footsteps nearby. Harry looked up and got a good grip of Jade's hand, looking around. An extremely large brown centaur appeared from the thick tangled bushes.

"We have trespassers." The dark haired centaur said. Jade held on to Harry tightly who remained strong and fearless. To Jade's horror, herds of centaurs showed up, looking threatened that their space was invaded and carried crossbows which were ready in their hands.

"Where's Firenze?" Harry asked calmly. The centaurs looked at each other and Jade heard another set of hoofs.

"It is Harry Potter." A gentle voice said. Firenze was enormous, something that Jade had never seen before.

"Firenze we haven't come to intrude-"

"Liar! This man has been creating trouble and disturbing our peace ever since he was a foal." Another centaur said, pointing at Harry.

"Bane, they mean no harm." Firenze said.

"We haven't come here to harm anyone. Hagrid is missing and nowhere to be found. We know he's here with his brother." Harry said. The centaurs moved around and Firenze held up his hand.

"We've known Harry Potter since he was a young foal. He hasn't threatened our existence in this Forest and he has saved the entire world from the Dark Lord's grasp." Firenze said. Jade looked at Harry and thought she was looking at someone entirely better than James Bond.

"We do not trust the woman!" another centaur called out. Suddenly all eyes were on Jade.

"She's with me. She also means no harm." Harry said. Firenze looked sympathetic and went to say something but the other centaurs disallowed it.

"Only Harry Potter is allowed! If she comes, she shall be killed!" Bane said, stomping forward. Jade squeaked and wanted to run but Harry had a good grip on her.

"Step back." Harry commanded, holding a hand in front of Bane who stopped. "I'll take her out; but no one will touch her." Harry said.

Firenze nodded and Bane glowered at them, sending chills up and down Jade's spine. Harry pulled her away and Jade didn't object to it at all. She wasn't going to hang around somewhere where half horse; half men were there, about to rip her throat out. She followed Harry quietly, out of the forest with Harry guiding her back, making sure no one else was following. When they saw the grounds of Hogwarts, Harry turned her around.

"Go home and don't come back. You saw what they were going to do to you right?" he asked seeing her nod. "I'll look for Hagrid and I'll come back to you." he said seeing Jade nod. He looked over her face and winced.

"Your bruise is getting worse." He said, seeing her hands fly up to her face.

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