The Aurseize

Part Two: Fortune Cookie Love

Jade was in front of the Burrow, in dire need of a cookie.

"What happened to your eye?!" Molly asked, letting Jade in.

"I ran into a tree." Jade answered. Hermione appeared with Hugo in her arms.

"Oh shoot." Hermione said when she saw the swelling purple bruise on Jade's cheek and a scratch on her nose. Hugo took one look at Jade and started bawling.

"Did you get into a fight?! That better be because of a fight." Aunt Muriel said appearing in the hallway. She grabbed Jade's face and inspected it closely. "You took a bad beating. Who was it?" Aunt Muriel asked.

"A tree." Jade said. Aunt Muriel gave Jade a blank look, shook her head and left.

"You get beat up by trees…what is this world coming to?" Aunt Muriel asked.

"You need a pack of ice on that bruise and it'll go away in no time." Molly said, taking Jade to the kitchen. Jade sat down, pressing the pack of ice on her eye and spoke to the women about her day.

"You look terrible…is that applesauce in your hair?" Hermione asked, touching a small portion of her hair.

"A few girls hate me because I was working on Hagrid's case." Jade said.

"Hagrid's been in a lot of trouble lately…I can't believe after our first year that he would even think of taking care of dragons. It's so dangerous." Hermione said seeing Molly nod.

"Now that's a man who knows how to have fun! Dragons and Blast Ended Skewrts. How old is he anyway?" Aunt Muriel asked casually. Molly's face fell, unable to believe she was listening to Aunt Muriel.

"He's a Half Giant Aunt Muriel!" Molly said.

"Oh…" Aunt Muriel said with a pout. Then her face brightened up. "But you know what they always say! The bigger the better!" she said.

"Aunthy Jade! Aunthy Jade! I wanna go thoo Honeydukeths! Chocolate fwogths!" Rose lisped, jumping up and down. Jade threw the pack of ice to the side and jumped up.

"Boy you really turned out to have my genes didn't you?" Jade asked scooping Rose up. "I'll be back in a few!" Jade told Hermione, Molly and Aunt Muriel. Jade carried Rose on her hip and apparated to Hogsmeade.

"Honeydukthes!" Rose pointed across the street. Jade walked in and let Rose pick out her favorite sweets.

"But I thought you liked the Turkish jam." Jade said seeing Rose wrinkle her nose. Someone knocked into Jade's arm, causing her to drop her packet. She looked down and looked up to see Draco standing there with a bag in his hand.

"Sorry for bumping into you. Holy crap, what happened to you?" he asked looking at her bruise and picking her bag up to hand it to her. He looked at Rose and back at Jade.

"Ran into a tree…how are you?" Jade asked. Draco shrugged and held up his bag.

"Day off." He said. Jade nodded and Narcissa appeared by Draco's side along with Gary.

"Jade! Oh my goodness! What's happened to your eye?" Narcissa asked, her eyes brightening. She was wearing a stark white sundress with a white sunhat with a dark red rose on it.

"She ran into a tree…" Draco said, smirking.

"That's horrible. It's been months since I've seen you! I never got to thank you for saving our lives and saving my Draco!" Narcissa said, throwing an arm around Draco's shoulder.

"Oh I was only doing my job." Jade said nodding at Gary who nodded back.

"I think we've all been a little rude. You saved my family's life and we never invited you for dinner." Gary said.

Jade and Draco froze, looking at Narcissa and Gary like a deer caught in headlights.

"I er, that won't be necessary-"

"I think it's a brilliant idea! Oh Jade you have to come. I won't take no for an answer, Draco, encourage her! Don't just stand there." Narcissa said, hitting Draco's shoulder. Draco glanced up at Jade and looked away.

"She's not going to listen to me." Draco said, shoving his hands into his pockets. Jade feared to go to the Malfoy Manor for dinner. It meant that she would have to be expected for dinner once in a while.

"Oh shoot…would you look at that. I'm late for my…stuff" Jade said looking at her watch. She saw Draco roll her his eyes.

"No! Don't go! Who is this young lady?" Narcissa asked, touching Rose's hand.

"This is my niece, Rose. Rose say hello." Jade said. Rose eyed Narcissa's pearl necklace and pointed at it.

"Pwetty." Rose said. Narcissa giggled and took the pearl necklace off.

"Isn't she the most adorable little girl?" Narcissa asked putting the necklace on Rose's neck who looked ecstatic. Jade protested but Narcissa waved a hand at her. "I have too many pearl necklaces as it is." Narcissa said.

She pinched Rose's cheek and Jade's eyes drifted to the Honeydukes window where she saw a familiar face.

"Fuck! IT'S HIM!" Jade said. She handed Rose to Draco who gaped at her, seeing her take off after James Turner.

When Jade ran out of Honeydukes, she went to make a grab at her wand but felt her heart still. She left her wand at home. She stood there like a gawking duck and Turner turned around to see her standing in front of her.

"Mother of Merlin! I thought I killed you!" he yelled. Jade grabbed his collar and he started making a run for it. Jade held on for dear life but he tried prying off her.

"You want me?! Fine, I'll give you some of me!" he said. He took off his shirt, revealing his sloshing beer belly. Out of the corner of her eye, Jade saw Draco hand Rose to Gary and Narcissa as he moved in to help her but stopped dead when he saw James Turner take off his pants and his underwear to flash Jade and everyone else.

"How do you like this bitch? Try to capture me now!" he said wiggling himself. Jade saw parts of him wiggle that she wished hadn't seen. He was only in his socks and Jade saw Draco back ten steps away with a stunned laugh. Narcissa and Gary were horrified and Rose furrowed her eyebrows and tried to look closely with the utmost curiosity.

"I found out where you live and wrote 'bitch' on your door. Yeah that's right! It was me! I bet you can't catch me now!" he cackled.

He was dancing in front of her and turned around, bent over and let out a loud fart. Everyone nearby gasped and Draco collapsed, having a seizure on the floor from laughing so hard. Jade never felt so insulted and embarrassed in her life and here James Turner was, mooning his behind to her and farting as if she would take it. So Jade did what any insulted and embarrassed lady would do…she kicked him…hard.

"YOW!" Turner yelped, jumping up.

Jade pushed him on the floor, seeing him trying to struggle up so she closed her eyes tightly and kneed him in the privates. She heard a few men suck their breath in and hiss, feeling Turner's pain. Turner turned white and curled up into a ball, cupping his soft and small army.

"Malfoy! Come here and help me lock his hands!" Jade yelled. She turned to see Malfoy still laughing and she saw Gary coming towards her, looking pale.

"Is this an apprehension?" he asked, locking Turner's hands behind his back.

"Yes and he's being a big pain in the arse." Jade said. She looped her arm with Turner's and looked at Gary and Narcissa. "Do you think you can give me 5 minutes? I have to hand him into the Ministry." Jade said seeing him nod.

"I'll be back in 5 minutes!" Jade said to Narcissa who squeaked from her frozen horror.

Jade apparated to the Ministry, dragging Turner in. Everyone stood rooted in their spot, their faces similarly etched in horror and fascination to see an overweight grown man being escorted by Jade Weasley. Blaise and Albert looked up with a cup of coffee in their hands. Albert dropped his cup and jumped to his feet, his eyes on James Turner and Jade.

"What the fuck is that?" Blaise asked, unable to tear his eyes off of the naked man.

"I dunno…but I'm definitely keeping this job as long as Jade keeps hers." Albert said seeing Jade enter the Aurseize Office.

"EW!" Parvati screeched when she saw James Turner. "WHY?!" Parvati questioned. Lavender, who was sitting next to Parvati gasped out loud.

"Holy shit! I've heard of small, but that is microscopic!" Lavender said. Turner growled and Jade let him go.

"Write me my check and let me leave. I've had a crappy day." Jade said. Parvati looked at Jade and tried not to look back at Turner.

"Did he punch you in the eye? I'll cut this motherfucker's balls out…I'll find them with a magnifying glass if I have to!" Lavender said, going through her purse.

"Hey you're in the Ministry…we'll do this outside." Parvati said, glaring at Turner. Ron walked out of his office.

"What's all the noise-OH MY GOD!" Ron yelled growing beet red. "What the fuck is a naked man doing in my office?!" he asked, walking away from Turner.

"Sexual harassment." Turner responded.

"Liar! Do you want me to blue your balls again? Lavender's going to help me this time and she's not going to be nice." Jade threatened.

"Fuck yeah I won't be nice. I will cut you." Lavender said rolling her head around.

"Why is he naked?!" Ron asked incredulously.

"He took his own clothes off." Jade told him. Turner shifted a little and they all glanced down to see his dough start to rise.

"Please God…please take me. I'm a grown married man with two kids and I'm watching a man have an erection." Ron said placing his hands over his face. Turner grinned sheepishly.

"It's what she's wearing. You look so good." Turner said to Lavender whose face froze.

"Shit I'd take that as a compliment but this is bizarre." Lavender said. Jade backed away as if Turner's penis was a muggle gun. She turned to see the entire Auror Department at the Aurseize Office, peering into the room, shocked at what they saw.

"This day just keeps getting weirder." Blaise commented.

Harry pushed through with another man and threw him onto the ground in the Aurseize Office.

"Ron I-" Harry stopped in mid sentence, seeing James Turner, stark naked with an erection.

"I'd give her a bonus." Harry said pointing to Jade. Draco then walked into the room and froze.

"Can someone give this donkey a blanket? He's got an erection! What the fuck did you all do; take turns giving him a lap dance?" Draco asked Parvati, Lavender and Jade.

"Here-" Ron said taking his cloak and throwing it on Turner. "Cover yourself and keep it by all means." He said.

Jade felt Draco's finger slip through the waistband of her jeans and pull her close.

"What?" Jade asked, facing Draco who leaned in close to her.

"My parents took Rose to the Manor for dinner and they want you to join." He said. He kissed her lightly on the lips and brushed his lips lightly under her eye where her bruise sat.

"I'll be sitting outside of the office with Blaise and Albert." Draco said. He left and Jade's cheeks burned. Ron rolled his eyes and left into his office. Parvati and Lavender smirked.

"You didn't tell us about this now." Parvati said. Jade tried to hide her smile and looked at Harry who sat in his chair, looking up at her, his expression unreadable.

"So did you get anything on Hagrid?" Jade asked seeing him give her a nod.

"I'll tell you about it until after I take care of my fugitive." Harry said, looking at the man on the floor. Jade shivered, thanking her stars that she wasn't the one to be captured.

"Then I'll see you soon. I have to go anyways." Jade said going to leave.

"Why do you have to go? Is it because of Malfoy?" Parvati asked. Lavender grinned at Jade slyly.

"No!" Jade said. "I had Rose with me in Hogsmeade and ran into Malfoy, his mother and Gary. I was talking to them when I saw Turner standing there so I caught him." Jade said.

"With his clothes off?" Harry asked, his eyes glinting with humor.

"He took off his own clothes, thinking that it would stop me from apprehending him. Clothes or no clothes, you're going down." Jade said leaving. She walked out of the Aurseize Office to see Draco sitting on Blaise's desk, going over a few files with him.

"You made my day a lot better. I'm smiling a lot more nowadays." Albert said from his chair. Jade reddened and stood next to Draco who smiled.

"That's a really nasty bruise under your eye." Blaise said. Jade touched the bruise and winced.

"It'll go away in a few days. Listen, I really have to go. Malfoy are you coming?" Jade asked seeing him get up. He handed Blaise the folder he was holding.

"I'll go over this with you tomorrow morning. I have some serious flirting to do with this woman." Draco said. He grinned at Jade who rolled her eyes.

"Be careful, she's dangerous and can do a lot of damage." Albert said.

"Like stab you in the arse." Blaise said.

"Let it go." Jade said.

"Or vomit all over you." Albert said.

"Stop it." Jade said sternly.

"Oh no…I think I see her about to undress you!" Blaise almost yelled.

Draco looped an arm around Jade and walked her away from Blaise and Albert who laughed at each other.

"Jerks." Jade said stepping into the elevator. She crossed her arms tightly and Draco pressed the button on the elevator.

"So…we're alone in the elevator. Do you want me to pull the emergency stop so we can do something kinky?" Draco asked leaning into Jade as the elevator doors closed. Jade turned around to face him and say something rude but a hand slipped between the doors and the doors opened up again.

"That was close." Harry said, walking into the elevator. Jade felt Draco stiffen next to her and saw him glare at Harry.

"Too close." Draco said.

Harry smirked and looked at Jade. He gave a small nod and looked back at Draco, having an intense stare down and Jade didn't want to be anywhere near the both of them. The elevator doors opened and Jade was the first one flying out.

Jade and Draco apparated to the Malfoy Manor to meet Narcissa, Gary and Rose.

"Aunthy Jade!" Rose lisped from Narcissa's arms.

"I absolutely love children!" Narcissa said.

"Hey honey, did you have fun?" Jade asked seeing Rose nod.

"Narthittha and Gary gave me a picthure book!" Rose said showing the book to Jade who giggled.

"That apprehension today must have been exhausting for you. I would have been…oh well, welcome to our home." Narcissa said gesturing broadly at the Manor.

"Yes I've seen this place before." Jade said hearing them chuckle.

"But you haven't been properly shown around. You saved us our lives and our Manor." Narcissa said tearing up. Draco threw an arm around Jade's shoulder and pulled her close.

"If my Mum cries, I'll lock you up in our cellar until you snog me out." Draco threatened.

Jade immediately went over to Narcissa and tried to calm her down but Narcissa engulfed Jade in a bear hug and sobbed into her shoulder. Jade looked horrified and saw Draco grin and stroll away with Rose. When Narcissa calmed down, she released Jade and led her into the home. It was just the way Jade had seen it when she walked in. High ceilings with lavish chandeliers and a flourish of reds, yellows and golden with marble floors and expensive furniture.

"Ith's a printheth cathel!" Rose said, pointing around.

"Fit for a princess right Malfoy?" Jade asked cheekily, seeing him narrow his eyes. Narcissa let out a bark of laughter and pointed at Draco.

"She called you a princess! How lovely." Narcissa said clapping her hands and walking away, smiling brightly.

"You have some nerve you know that?" Draco said to Jade who shrugged, following Narcissa.

"So sue me." Jade said.

"I had something else in mind." Draco said behind her. They sat down around a heavy wooden table with a dark finish. The chairs were heavy but the material underneath her felt like a cloud and made the dining experience much comfortable.

"So Jade, which Wizarding school did you graduate from?" Gary asked seeing Jade look up.

"Hogwarts. I transferred into my 7th year." Jade said seeing Narcissa smile. Gary nodded towards Draco.

"So you probably saw Draco around." Gary said seeing Jade nod, her face turning red. Draco smiled darkly.

"Oh yes she did." Draco said.

"So why did you leave England straight after that?" Gary asked. Jade blushed deeper.

"I erm…I was having a hard time trying to stay in England and I needed to get away." Jade said.

"Where did you go?" Narcissa asked.

"Romania." Jade answered. Gary and Narcissa stopped, looking at Jade with disbelief.

"Oh I'm not a vampire! I know there are a lot of vampires in Romania but a good lot of them are wizards and a few muggles here and then that know how to repel vampires." Jade said seeing them hum and nod.

"How long were you there for?" Gary asked.

"For 7 years…I did some writing." Jade said.

"Fortune cookie writing." Draco added, receiving a sharp look from Jade.

"Fortune cookie writing?! What is that?" Narcissa asked, fascinated.

Jade told them what a fortune cookie was and what her job was and she was afraid that they would retract from her but instead, Gary and Narcissa were more interested.

"Well tell me! Tell me something that you wrote!" Narcissa said.

"Oh I really-" Jade started to say, shaking her head.

"She's so modest." Draco faked. Rose giggled and Draco pinched Rose's cheek.

"What kind of fortune cookie writing do you do?" Gary asked.

"Erm…well my boss thought I should write love quotes like 'One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes'" Jade said.

Narcissa reached out and placed a hand on Gary's hand, squeezing it lightly. They shared a silent moment, locking eyes with each other and Jade smiled, looking away.

"Keep going." Narcissa said softly, still looking at Gary.

"'Hearts are not to be had as a gift, hearts are to be earned.' 'There is no limit to love's forbearance, to its trust, its hope, its power to endure.'" Jade said.

She silently sighed and looked at Draco whose eyes softened. Seeing his mother so happy, in love and safe made him feel safe again. He looked at Jade with the same expression, conveying a different message.

'Thank you.' His eyes said.

Jade smiled back at him and then saw him change his expression by wagging his eyebrows and suggesting something crude. Jade rolled her eyes and looked away.

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