The Aurseize

Part Two: Ring Around The Rosy

When dinner was over, Jade thanked Narcissa and Gary for dinner and left with Draco and Rose.

"We're going in my car." Draco said taking out his keys.

"Actually I'm going to apparate. Hermione's probably having a panic attack by now." Jade said picking Rose up.

"I'm ignoring you. Hey Rose, do you want to ride in my car?" Draco asked beeping the alarm. He opened the door and Rose ran in. "Whatever the kid wants." Draco said. Jade shook her head and went inside; shutting the passenger car door. Draco slid in and started the engine.

"So do you want me to drive or do you want to?" he asked. Jade pulled at her seat belt.

"Ha, ha…I think I almost wet myself." Jade said as Draco started driving the car.

"Sweetheart I nearly shat my pants seeing you try to drive. I have never laughed that hard in my life." He said. Jade smiled and remembered about the time she tried to steal a muggle car…it never really worked out for her.

"And then I heard you were thrown into a muggle prison?" Draco asked, his smile getting wider.

"Why would they want to do that to a nice girl like me?" Jade asked sarcastically. Draco stopped in front of a red light and Rose called them from the backseat.

"Dwaco can I dive?" Rose asked. Jade and Draco turned their heads to see her smiling cheekily with a pearl necklace and a book.

"She's a terrorizing mixture of both her mother and father." Draco said.

They drove to the Burrow and Draco parked his car about a house away from the Burrow.

"I'm not coming in or getting any closer there. A Weasley might spot me and kill me…or worse, I can probably catch something." He said. Jade shoved him lightly and got out of the car.

"I'm a Weasley and I sometimes have these urges to strangle you and kill you! Don't you get scared about that?" Jade asked. Draco smiled and Jade got out, not listening to him. Jade carried Rose out of Draco's car and started walking towards the house.

"Don't make me wait too long." He said. Jade stuck out her happy finger at him and walked forward.

"Jade! Rose! Where did you both go? And what did I hear about an apprehension of a naked man?" Molly asked.

"Jiminy Cricket! You arrested a naked man?" Aunt Muriel asked.

"Well it wasn't my fault. He got naked and dared me to apprehend him…what could I have done?" Jade asked.

"That's horrible." Molly said.

"That's the coolest thing I've ever heard! One of these days you're going to have to take me with you for an apprehension." Aunt Muriel said going over to the window and drawing the curtain.

"Over my dead body!" Molly said. Aunt Muriel shrugged.

"You don't have a lot of years going for you anyways…say, what's a muggle car doing there?" Aunt Muriel asked. Jade looked out the window.

"It's a friend of mine. He's going to drop me home." Jade said.

"But you both can have dinner here. Bring him over!" Molly said.

"Oh we already had dinner at his house with Rose." Jade said quickly. She started to panic, hoping that Molly and Aunt Muriel wouldn't persist.

"You have a boyfriend? Is it Harry again? Let me see him!" Aunt Muriel said getting out of the house. Jade ran after her and started to pull her away but Aunt Muriel waved towards Draco.

"Hey!" Aunt Muriel called.

Draco's car started and he started backing up.

"No! Don't leave! Come over for dinner!" Aunt Muriel yelled. Molly walked out and flagged the car down too.

"Come over for dinner! Jade! Tell him to come!" Molly said.

"No! We ate! And I have to go home!" Jade said. Molly lightly slapped Jade's head.

"Well I'll pack dinner but you at least have to introduce him to us! It's common courtesy!" Molly said. Jade knew a thing or two about common courtesy and common courtesy taught her not to have Malfoy within a mile radius near any Weasley if he wanted to live.

"Jeez I-"

"I made cookies and if I don't meet your boyfriend, you won't go home without any cookies." Molly said.

"Fine, but he's not my boyfriend." Jade said. Aunt Muriel scoffed.

"It's about time you've gotten a boyfriend!" she said. Jade walked over to Malfoy's car and lowered her head towards the window.

"I don't like the look of this." Draco said.

"Aunt Muriel and Aunt Molly want to meet you." Jade said. Draco looked at Jade as if she popped another eye out from her head.

"Does it look like I'm ready to die? No. Move back and goodbye." Draco said, rolling his car back.

"No! Malfoy get out of the car!" Jade said.

"No can do. Your grandma is insane and I have no doubt she'd kill me. I'm on her territory and Molly…well I'm sure she has a rolling pin hiding underneath all those clothes and apron. She'll knock me out like a light." He said.

"For cripes sake, Aunt Molly won't pack me any cookies if I don't introduce you." Jade whined. Draco stopped, poking his head out of the window.

"Cookies? You're willing to risk my life to gain some cookies?" he asked.

"Sounds like a fair deal." Jade said. Draco narrowed his eyes.

"Too bad. I'm not going in and I don't care if you get your cookies or not. Plus, your arse is getting wider; you might want to slack off of those cookies anyways." He said. Jade's jaw dropped and she stared at him, stunned.

"What did you just say to me?" Jade asked. Molly and Aunt Muriel appeared and they stood next to Jade, taking a peek at who was behind the car.

"You must be Jade's boyfriend!" Aunt Muriel said. Molly froze and stood there, staring at Draco. Her nostrils started flaring and her breathing hitched. Aunt Muriel wiped her glasses and put them on, squinting to see Jade's new boyfriend. Draco looked uncomfortable but he got out of the car and gave Molly and Aunt Muriel a tight smile.

"It's the chicken fucker's son! It's chicken fucker Jr.!" Aunt Muriel pointed. Aunt Muriel made a terrible face at Draco, causing him to step behind Jade.

"What are you on; drugs?!" Aunt Muriel asked.

"Hold on Aunt Muriel…I'm sure Jade has an explanation for this." Molly said, trying to maintain her sanity.

"You had dinner at his house? He's probably poisoned you Jade! Throw up!" Aunt Muriel ordered.

"He didn't poison me!" Jade said.

"I'd kind of feel bad." Draco said dully. Jade shot Draco a look and looked back at Molly and Aunt Muriel.

"Draco's parents were nice enough to have me and Rose over for dinner. They're really nice people and Draco even insisted he drop me off." Jade said.

"Are you sleeping with my niece again?" Aunt Muriel asked. Draco raised his eyebrows and looked at Jade who blushed.

"Aunt Muriel!" Molly said.

"Well he made her life miserable in Hogwarts and she left us for 8 years in a vampire country. If he breaks her heart I'm going to snap your wanker off and smack you with it!" Aunt Muriel said.

Draco looked disgusted and terrified at the same time. Everyone could imagine Aunt Muriel living up to her threat.

"Well you don't have to worry about that. I'm never going to leave her…isn't that right sweet pea?" Draco asked wrapping an arm around Jade's neck and dragging her close. He planted a kiss on her cheek and smiled at Aunt Muriel.

"Uh no, wait." Jade said trying to get off of Malfoy.

"You both are seeing each other? Really, really?" Molly asked seeing Draco nod and Jade shake her head.

"We're not-"

"It's okay Jade. They know now and we can't hide this from them anymore." Draco said, kissing her again. Jade's face was stiff but she tried to smile anyways.

"I'm going to kill you." Jade said through her lips to Draco and he smiled.

"Well I'll be looking forward to it." Draco said. They turned towards Aunt Muriel and Molly who sighed.

"Well as long as you both are happy. Draco do you want to stay a little while for dinner?" Molly asked.

"No he doesn't. I have to go home right now because Jerry needs me! Take me home!" Jade growled at Draco who surrendered with his palms up.

"I'm going." He said. "All right then, let me pack you some dinner and cookies and you'll be on your way." Molly said.

Jade seethed on her way home, watching Malfoy smirk at whatever stupid little thoughts that were swimming around in his mind.

"You do realize that you've lost whatever chance you had at sleeping with me?" Jade said seeing his head snap to her.

"I had a chance?" he asked.

"I swear you're out to get me. I know it. Why are you constantly up and about my arse? Now my family thinks we're dating!" Jade said seeing Draco shrug.

"I don't mind." He said.

"But I do!" Jade said. Draco stopped in front of her building, put the car in park and looked at her.

"Aw, you're hurting my feelings." He said. Jade got out of the car, slammed the door and walked away with Draco following her into the building to her apartment.

"All right, I admit, it was uncalled for but your Aunt and grandma were going to kill me! You heard what your grandma said about slapping me with my own-"

"I'd do the same thing if I were her." Jade said, opening her door. Draco caught her wrist and gently pushed her against the wall.

"Really?" he asked softly.

He skimmed his nose against her neck and down to her collarbone, placing soft kisses. Jade felt a tremendous rush come over her, making every joint in her body weak. Draco looked up and connected with her eyes and they stood that way for a few seconds. Jade slowly ran her hand up his chest and cupped his face in her hand. He leaned in and kissed her further disabling her power to say no. If he kissed her like that, there was no way she was going to back out of it. Jade wrapped her arms around his neck and jumped up, feeling him lock his arms under her. He pushed the door shut and went to walk over to the bedroom but Jade broke off the kiss.

"Wait! My cookies!" Jade pointed to the door.

"Do we really-"

"Are you seriously going to ask me this?" Jade asked.

Draco walked over to the door, still carrying Jade and picked up the dinner bag and cookies that Molly packed for them. He closed the door, dumped the bag on the kitchen table and went straight for the bedroom.

"No! You have to lock the doors!" Jade said. Draco gave her an incredulous look.

"I'm an Auror. I'll kill anyone who walks in on us!" Draco said. Jade gave him a look and Draco rolled his eyes, walking back to the front door. He locked it and pulled a chair in front of it.

"Anything else before you interrupt?" Draco asked.

"Umm…" Jade thought.

"Keep thinking and get back to me when I'm done." Draco said carrying her off to the bedroom.

"I haven't fed Jerry!" Jade said pointing to Jerry's tank.

"Well Jerry will be more than happy to see you get laid. You need this more than he needs food." Draco said. Jade frowned and Draco sighed, setting her down.

"I've never been this nice to a woman before." Draco said seeing Jade run into her kitchen.

"Is that supposed to tell me anything?" Jade asked coming back and removing Jerry's lid. She poured the bag of fishes into the water and saw Jerry hunting for his prey again.

Jade secured the lid and turned around to see Draco on her sofa, turning on the television. She took a seat next to him and watched him surf through the channels in silence. When there was nothing interesting on, Draco shut the television off and leaned his head back, closing his eyes. The only things that Jade could hear was Jerry's tank and the water motor running and the wind chimes chiming from one of her neighbor's window. She thought about how strange it was between her and Draco. One minute they were ready and intimate, well at least he was anyways and the other minute, they sat on the sofa, absorbing the silence and instilling their peace.

"Are you mad at me?" Jade asked, breaking the peace. Draco opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, contemplating his answer.

"No." he finally said.

"Why not?" Jade asked softly. He kept looking at the ceiling, blinking.

"I don't see any reason to be mad at you. If you don't want anything I can't force you into taking it. It's dishonest." He said. Jade was stunned. Where was his honesty when he manipulated the shit out of her in the second floor bathroom?

"You played a little differently 8 years ago." Jade said seeing him smile.

"I know…and I'm trying to change that." He sighed. They relapsed into their silence again.

He picked up his head and offered his hand. Jade smiled, taking his hand and allowed him to settle her in his lap. It was one of the strangest things she ever got to experience. This was calm and felt weird…in a good way. There wasn't anything that he said or did to piss her off and nothing she did to make him mad or laugh at her. She felt him rustle through her hair and tug something out.

"What?" Jade asked.

"You have applesauce on your hair…what the hell?" he asked, rubbing his fingers. Jade shook it off her hair and frowned.

"A couple of girls thought it would be fun to smother me all over with applesauce." Jade said.

"You know…it's kind of turning me on." He grinned. Jade knocked her fist to his shoulder.

"If I get out of your lap I'll never come back to it again." She said, feeling him tightening his arms around her.

"Sweetheart you'll never leave my lap, even if you wanted to." He said looking her in the eye.

"Oh yeah? Says who?" Jade asked.

Draco grinned at her and placed a kiss on her forehead. He slowly lowered his lips and kissed her. They sat that way, with their lips glued to each other. If this was called taking it slow, Jade was taking her sweet time. She parted her lips and kissed Draco again, feeling him respond. She ran her hands through his hair, feeling him running his hand up her leg. Jade started to feel the same out of body experience when he had taken advantage over her in Hogwarts. Draco found the cotton fabric of her panties, curled a finger around it and started to pull it down. Jade sharply broke off the kiss and grabbed his wrist from preventing him to go on.

Before she could say anything, there was a small crash of glass breaking from her bedroom. Draco was on his feet in an instant and drew out his wand out, disappearing into the bedroom.

"Shit!" Draco yelled. Jade scrambled off of the sofa and ran to the bedroom. She stumbled in and saw Draco putting out the fire that had started on her carpet.

"What the fuck was that?" Jade asked.

"I'm hoping it was a prank or someone really doesn't like you." Draco said. He tapped his wand and a message flew out immediately. Soon, Aurors were at her doorstep and walked in to see the burn spot and the extinguished torch that was lying on the floor.

"Did you get this letter?" Blaise asked, taking a note out from under Jade's bed. Jade and Draco crowded around Blaise. The card was imprinted with a bloody and twisted jester's face.

"What the fuck is this for? A costume party?" Albert asked. Draco clenched his jaw and sent Albert a death glare, causing him to zip his mouth.

'Ring around the rosy.

A pocket full of posies

Ashes to Ashes

And I will burn you down'

Jade stared at the note, white faced.

"Do you know who would do this?" Draco asked.

Jade shook her head. She knew exactly who it was. It was the jester that Shirley was talking about.

"Do you want me to stay for a little while with you?" he asked.

"No…I'm fine. I can manage." Jade said.

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