The Aurseize

Part Two: Flaming Drinks and Sparks

Jade walked into the nightclub, seeing that it was packed with people. Leonard Reece was a 6 foot 3 man with a lean build. He had common features like brown hair and brown eyes so going through this club was like finding a needle in a haystack, except this needle looked like hay.

"Yo!" a man said as Jade passed by.

"Hey can I get you a drink?" the man asked.

"Do you know Leonard Reece?" Jade asked seeing the blonde shake his head shrugging.

"Then I won't be needing you." Jade said.

After 20 minutes of walking around, looking for Leonard Reece and being harassed by men nearby, Jade decided she needed a drink. She fought her way to the bar and ordered a shot. She down the drink and shuddered, feeling the burn pass through her esophagus.

"Excuse me! This is from the creep on the other side." The bartender said, handing Jade a flaming drink. Jade looked to where the bartender pointed and saw what was indeed a creep waving at her and Leonard Johnson standing nearby, encouraging one of his boys to down a string of shots. Jade almost threw her hands in the air to start dancing. She took a sip of her drink and walked over to Reece, passing by the creep.

"HIIII!" Jade said. Reece turned around and looked her over.

"What the fuck do you want?" Reece asked looking over her dangerously. Jade suddenly felt nervous. She hadn't entirely asked Harry what Reece was being apprehended for and here she was, completely vulnerable for him to do whatever he wanted with her.

"I'm Jade…from Samantha's party." Jade said seeing Reece try to think. Samantha was a common name and Reece had probably gone to so many parties, he couldn't even count that high.

"Samantha, Pete's girlfriend Samantha?" Leonard asked seeing Jade nod. "Hey! You know Pete too!" Jade said.

"Yeah! And I fucking hate him." Leonard said. Jade stopped cold and downed her drink. "But I don't remember you being there." He said snaking his arm around her waist. He pulled her close and Jade could smell the alcohol on his breath. He dragged her to the floor where people were dancing, half of them not even knowing who they were dancing and probably didn't even care. Jade heard a song playing, hearing a couple of people nearby yell so she yelled too.

"AAAAAAAOW!" Jade screeched. Some people turned around to look at her weirdly and Jade put a finger on her lips. "Oops. Sorry about that." She said. Reece danced closely behind her back and as much as Jade moved away from him, the more he pushed himself against her.

"What are you doing?" Reece asked when Jade turned around and started dancing by herself.

"I dunno! I don't even know what the man's even singing about!" Jade yelled, dancing around with people who smiled having a good time with her.

"This is so much fun!" Jade said seeing another girl nod excitedly. "Do you know what the fuck he's saying?" Jade asked pointing towards the speakers. The girl nodded.

"It's Spanish! He wants her to give up her goodies for him!" the girl said. "Good enough for me!" Jade said. Someone grabbed her hand and Jade was surprised to see Harry standing in front of her.

"Harry! You're here!" Jade said turning around and dancing.

"You're supposed to get Reece outside for me." Harry said seeing Jade nod.

"I'm getting to that part right now!" Jade said locking her arms around his neck. She suddenly felt herself being ripped back and saw Reece standing right next to her, grabbing Harry's collar.

"Go fuck yourself, she's mine!" Reece said. Jade stared at Harry, seeing his eyes get dark and deadly. It was taking him a lot in his power to keep himself under control and be professional. Harry raised his hands up and walked away, leaving Jade and Reece alone again.

"Did you see that? I gave you protection bitch!" Reece said.

"I uh…have to go to the bathroom. One of those girl things." Jade said. She fought her way out of the crowd and walked into the bathroom filled with girls.

"My dress is falling down! I need someone to help!" a girl said, tugging her black dress up.

Jade frowned, wanting to help the girl as much as she could. She looked down at her dress and saw the listening device clipped between her breasts. Without thinking, she slipped it off and handed it to the girl who secured her dress again.

"You're an angel! Thank you so much!" the girl said seeing Jade nod.

"I'm always here if anyone needs me for help." Jade said, getting out of the bathroom. She walked off and decided to take Reece out one more time. Instead Reece came back to her with a drink in his hand.

"I got it for you while you were in there." He said handing it to her.

"Gee! Thanks! You're sooooo sweet." Jade said taking a gulp. "Oh my god! Passion fruit! My favorite!" Jade said seeing him nod.

"Dumb whores…my favorite." Was the last thing Jade heard him say.

Harry stood outside, his arms crossed, leaning on his car. He kept listening to ridiculous conversations and sounds that Jade was making but right now, there was one that concerned him. Harry's ears perked when she heard him moan and a man pant.

"Right there. Give it to me. Harder!" Jade screamed.

"What the fuck?" Harry asked. He quickly left and went back into the club again looking for Jade.

Reece carried Jade outside and his eyes met a black and shiny new car. He didn't have to try hard enough to open the doors and he threw Jade in.

"This must be my lucky night. A car and a bitch." He said, slapping Jade's face.

"Ow." Jade said in a monotonous tone.

Harry checked the girls bathroom to see that Jade was there. He walked into the Men's bathroom and heard the panting and moaning getting louder. He found the stall that the noises were coming from and kicked the stall door open to find a man's bare ass and a terrified brunette staring at Harry.

"Hey man, what the fuck?!" the man asked. Harry left the bathroom, feeling his anger start to elevate.

"Look here. Do you know what I do to girls like you?" Reece asked pulling Jade up.

"Harry…I need Harry." Jade said, feeling her head start to spin. She didn't like what she was drugged with, she almost had no idea what was going on. Reece laughed at her and slapped her again. Jade croaked in pain and collapsed on her seat.

"Did you like that?" Reece asked.

"You made a big mistake by touching her like that. She's my prey." A voice said behind Reece.

Reece turned around to the mask of a bloody and twisted Jester. In a matter of seconds, Reece was turned into a live human fireball.

Harry walked around the parking lot, seeing someone on fire, running around in his car. For a dead moment, Harry stared at the human fireball in shock. When the person on fire dropped to the floor, Harry drew his wand out and extinguished the fire. He looked up to see Jade in the backseat of his car, groaning to herself. He quickly walked over to her and saw a note on her with a bloody and twisted jester's face imprinted on it.

'I am the fire and the you've lit the first spark

See what happens later on…this is game is just the start.'

Harry carried Jade over his shoulder to her apartment. He opened the door with ease and walked in, locking it behind him and walked into her bedroom. He gently set her on her feet to adjust her on the bed but Jade leaned into him.

"Draco…Draco I'm sorry." Jade slurred, holding Harry's face. Harry was silent and gently pried her off of him but Jade kissed him. She placed her leg between his legs pushing herself against him.

There was a frantic knock on the door and Harry let go of Jade, trying to get her on the bed.

"Stay." Harry said firmly when Jade tried to crawl out of her bed. He walked out of her bedroom, crossed the living room and opened the door to see Draco standing there with his hair slightly mussed with a grey T-shirt and jeans.

"Where is she?" he asked.

"In her bedroom." Harry said turning around to see Jade sprawled out on the living room floor. "Or she was." Harry said.

Draco walked past Harry and to Jade who kept rolling from side to side, clutching her head.

"Who distributed the date rape drug?" Draco asked picking Jade up gently.

"Draco?" Jade croaked.

"Leonard Reece. The jester lit Reece on fire and left this note on Jade. He's been following her so I thought you'd might want to know." Harry said leaving. Draco looked up.

"Thanks." He said.

Harry only gave a nod and left, closing the door. Draco took Jade into her bedroom and set her on her bed.

Jade woke up in the morning to find her head hammering from pain.

"Oh shit." Jade moaned, closing her eyes again. She felt someone's hand behind her neck and push her up gently. Jade opened her eyes to see Draco looking tired with a cup in his hand, directed to her face.

"Drink this and then go pee." He said. Jade wrinkled her nose and drank the blue potion, feeling her headache stop.

"What happened to me? I don't remember anything." Jade said, trying to get off of the bed.

"Reece put a date rape drug in your drink." Draco said putting an arm around her. He walked her to the bathroom and let her go. Jade stumbled, feeling her entire body weak and numb. She dropped to her knees and was scooped up by Draco again.

"You've got to help me pee." Jade said seeing Draco give her a frown.

"When I dreamt of taking your pants off, I didn't dream it would be like this." He said. He helped her stand up again and took off her pants, looking away as she peed.

"What happened to Reece?" Jade asked, starting to feel better.

"You don't want to know." Draco said. Jade curled her lip.

"I hope you or Harry killed that bastard. That dill hole called me a bitch more than I deserved." Jade said.

Jade was placed back on her bed and Draco bought her a fresh cup of coffee.

"How did you get here?" Jade asked seeing him sit next to her with a cup for him.

"Potter contacted me and I contacted the Ministry. Your secret admirer left a note and Reece's burnt body just for you." he said seeing Jade go still.

"What?" Jade whispered. Draco nodded.

"Potter was looking for you inside of the club and found that the tracker and listening device was with another woman…I don't even want to know." Draco said seeing Jade open her mouth to explain.

"And when Potter realized you weren't in the club, he walked out and saw Reece on fire and you in the backseat of his car with the note on top of you." Draco said. He clenched his teeth and his jaw flexed.

"I don't remember anything at all. Only that I was trying to get Reece's attention and shortly after that I got drunk." Jade said.

"You don't remember anything else that can be unusual?" Draco asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"Reece just gave me a drink with the drug in it." Jade said.

"Anyone else you know who would send you a drink?" Draco asked. Jade thought about it. The flashback of the bartender sending Jade a flaming drink and the creep came back to her.

"How could I have missed that?" Jade asked herself. Draco had his attention on her.

"The bartender called him a creep…he sent me the drink…it was a flaming drink." Jade said. Draco's expression didn't change but the piece of information came as a small surprise for him.

"Did you get a face?" he asked as Jade shook her head.

"It was way too dark to see him. I just remember there was nothing striking about him…maybe a little older than everyone else, nothing else I could say." Jade said. Draco gave her a nod and got up.

"I'm going to have to go to the Ministry for a few things. We're definitely going to have to catch this pain in the arse. I bought you breakfast, knowing that you'd get hungry." He said, summoning the bag of fresh food. Jade look in and smiled at Draco seeing him smile back.

"I'll see you." he said getting up to leave.

"But what if I need you again?" Jade asked. He didn't smirk or make a crude remark, instead gave her a perfectly normal and platonic answer.

"The potion's done its job of ridding the drug in your bloodstream; you should be able to manage." He said. Jade stared at him, openmouthed with a muffin in her mouth.

"What if the jester comes back?! Who's going to protect me from him?" Jade asked, feeling the blood creeping up her neck. She wasn't used to Malfoy acting so civil around her and this aloof. Draco crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes playfully.

"Are you asking me to stay with you?" he asked.

"No." Jade said quickly.

"Fine. I won't. In case you're worrying about the jester coming back, we have a couple of men surrounded around the building, especially your bedroom window for your protection." He said. With that, he left, leaving Jade absolutely confused and disturbed.

A few hours passed and Jade fell asleep on her couch after watching television. She woke up to someone knocking on her door and opened it to Harry who walked in.

"Just wanted to know how you held up." He said seeing her nod.

"I'm doing better…I was a mess this morning." Jade said seeing him smile.

"You were out of it last night. Really out of it." He said.

"What did I do? I didn't do anything stupid did I? Did I sleep with someone I wasn't supposed to? Did I flash myself?" Jade asked seeing Harry's smile widening.

"No." he said, still smiling. Jade made a face, knowing that she did something incredibly stupid.

"What did I do?" Jade asked.

"I'd have to kill you if I told you." he said.

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