The Aurseize

Part Two: People Are Harder To Replace

Ginny cleaned Jade's wound and took out a jar of salve.

"I honestly cannot believe you couldn't tell me any of this. Some lunatic is stalking you and setting you on fire and you couldn't tell me?" Ginny asked.

There was a knock on the door and Ginny pointed her wand towards it.

"Relax, it's Malfoy." Jade said.

"What's he doing here? He has a lot of nerve to show up here." Ginny said as Jade opened the door. Draco stood there and saw the nasty burn on her shoulder.

"Good grief." He said, engulfing her in a hug. Jade felt her cheek against the soft and warm cloth of his shirt and his scent lingering. She heard his heart beating in an awfully fast pace and she smiled, wrapping an arm around him feeling that this was a nice place to be.

"Aheeemmm." Ginny sang from her seat. Jade and Draco let go of each other and stood around awkwardly.

"Can someone mind telling me what happened?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, I think it would be a good idea to start things from what the hell happened." Draco said looking at Jade.

"So…are you an Auror on the job or just a friend that I'm having a casual conversation with?" Jade asked.

Draco rubbed a hand on his face, hating the job he had right now.

"I can't believe this." He groaned. He looked back at Jade and gave a resigned gesture.

"I'm a friend and we're in a casual conversation." He said.

"Good. Now here's the thing. I went to apprehend Marjorie Parkinson again and this time I took Aunt Muriel with me." Jade said. She noted that there was a small vein on the side of Draco's head and his face starting to grow red.

"You took Aunt Muriel? Good choice traitor." Ginny said as Jade held up a hand.

"Lavender even couldn't take Marjorie down; she needed to throw her sandwich at her." Jade said.

"Take your time…I'm way too comfortable in your father's house." Draco said, still looking terse.

"All right, so I took Aunt Muriel and she found a way to get in." Jade said.

"If you get asked for questioning, that's not going to help you in a court of law." Draco said seeing Jade nod.

"So the door was wide open for us to walk in." Jade said seeing Draco try hard not to burst the nerve in his head.

"We went in and behind me; Aunt Muriel was knocked out cold by this idiot with a ski mask who intentionally tried to rob the memorial but took my broom instead. I tried to talk to him, to give it back but he points out that there's someone behind me. When I turn around, it's the jester. The jester sets my broom and the thief on fire and tries to set me and Aunt Muriel on fire but slips and I guess he twists his ankle or something because he was having an incredibly tough time to move around and that's when I called you." Jade said.

By this time Draco pressed his lips together so tightly it looked white while his whole face was red.

"We found a charred body in the memorial with a broom…the ridiculously expensive broom that you rode around on…Potter's broom." Draco said with a hint of satisfaction.

"No one else was hurt and we couldn't find the jester anywhere else." He said getting up.

"Bastard must have apparated as soon as he got outside." Jade said. Draco walked to the door and turned around to Jade.

"I'm glad that you're all right but this probably angered the jester. He's not going to play around with you any longer and he's going to do something drastic." Draco said. Jade gulped nervously and nodded.

"Call me if you need anything." He said softly. Jade looked up at him, wishing that he wouldn't go and give her one of those hugs she could cuddle up in forever. Draco wrapped an arm around her neck and kissed her forehead.

"Be careful." He said. With that, he left and Jade turned around to see Ginny staring at her with one eyebrow raised.

"You know…he's not all that bad looking. He just looks decent when he's not being a jerk." Ginny said.

Jade apparated back home with Ginny who decided to stay over the night with Jade in case the jester decided to come back.

"If I ever get to see that clown I'll let you have a go at him first. What the hell happened to your door?" Ginny asked as Jade took out her keys.

"Oh…James Turner wrote that and put a permanent sticking charm to it…I don't even know what to do with it." Jade said.

They paused, hearing the television on from inside and they both looked at each other, their eyes wide.

"This isn't the wrong apartment. Your door has the word 'BITCH' on it." Ginny whispered. Jade looked at her apartment, fearing that the jester was in there, waiting for her to come in so he could kill her.

"We should just leave." Jade said but Ginny grabbed her hand.

"What are you, crazy? This madman broke into your apartment and is violating your space!" Ginny said catching Jade again when she tried to leave.

"I don't mind really." Jade said. Ginny looked like she was about to lose patience.

"Jerry's in there. Who knows what kind of sick things he might be doing to your turtle!" Ginny said seeing Jade's eyes grow wide.

"My baby…my baby's in there! Poor Jerry! And I was trying to leave? I'm such a selfish and careless mother!" Jade whispered seeing Ginny shake her head.

"No you're not! Now you go in there, kick the jester's arse and save your Jerry! I'll stand here and call for help if things go bad." Ginny said patting Jade's shoulder. Jade took out her keys and quickly unlocked the door and braced herself. She swung the door open and charged in, screaming from the top of her lungs, tackling a man down.

"I got him! I-HARRY?!" Jade asked on top of Harry who was completely caught off guard.

"What are you doing here?" Jade asked feeling his hands on her waist.

"I heard what happened and decided to drop by…I didn't know you always came in your apartment like this." He said.

"I thought the jester was in here because I heard the television from inside." Jade said seeing him smile.

"It's hard to surprise me but you've lately been catching me off my guard." He said.

Jade didn't say anything. Half the time she was with Harry, she had no idea what to say to him without knowing she could get shot for it. Sometimes she didn't even know half the things he said or meant…with Harry, everything was half and half.

"I could get used to this type of greeting every night you know." He grinned.

Ginny poked her head in to see Jade on top of Harry.

"Harry?" Ginny asked. Jade and Harry looked up to see Ginny in the doorway with an umbrella in her hands. Jade rolled off of Harry and he helped her up.

"Hey Ginny…how's the weather?" he asked seeing Ginny weakly hold up an umbrella.

"Slight chance of crazy arsonist tonight. Just in case." Ginny said putting the umbrella back.

"Are you ok?" he asked seeing Jade cradle her throbbing shoulder.

"I'm fine. Did I hurt you?" Jade asked seeing him smirk.

"Babe, it'll take a few more pounds and a lot more to bring me down." He said. He reached over and inspected her shoulder, his forehead pulled together to indicate serious business.

"I um…had a really bad night." Jade said seeing Harry look up.

"Tell me about it. He scorched you." he said.

"Yeah I know but…your broom took it badly compared to me. I'm so sorry Harry I really am. I'll reimburse you-"

"I could care less about the broom. Anyone can replace a broom but people are harder to replace." He said. He started to leave and gave Ginny a small smile who was about to melt in a pile of gush.

"Lock up and be careful." He said. He closed the door behind him and Ginny locked it, placing a hand over her heart.

"I regret not running in first, lucky duck!" Ginny said. Jade shook her head and went over to Jerry who snapped at his prey. Jade smiled, thanking Harry for feeding Jerry.

"Does he usually break in?" Ginny asked getting two bottles of Firewhiskey from Jade's refrigerator.

"Nope. This is the first time I've found him inside my apartment. Usually he'd knock or bring me back unconscious but never broke in without me coming in to find him." Jade said seeing Ginny grin.

"That would be a treat to see every day. Finding Harry Potter in my apartment…maybe throw in some chocolate sauce and whipped cream to make things more interesting." She said.

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