The Aurseize

Introduction: Misunderstandings

Through the next week, Jade settled herself in this strange new school. Everything was complicated, even the staircases! The last class she had at the end of the day was Transfiguration. She packed up her stuff along with Hermione who was ready to bolt for another class that Jade and the rest didn't have.

"All of your homework assignments should be on my desk before you leave, thank you." McGonagall said pointing to her table. Jade shuffled through her folder and bag, trying to look for her homework assignment but couldn't.

"What's wrong Jade?" Hermione asked, swinging her bag over her shoulder.

"Oh I can't find my homework. I'm pretty sure I left in on my bed." Jade said seeing Hermione frown.

"That's horrible Jade." Hermione said seeing Jade shrug.

"I'll just go back to the common room and owl the assignment to McGonagall." Jade said going out with Hermione.

"Do you know how to get back to the common room or do you want me to come with you?" Hermione asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"That won't be a problem, I know where to go." Jade said.

"Are you sure?" Hermione asked seeing Jade nod. In fact, Jade had no idea how to get back to the common room but she didn't want to show Hermione that she was incompetent.

"All right then I'll see you for dinner!" Hermione said leaving.

Jade gave Hermione a wave, seeing her disappear into the other corner. Jade looked around the hall, seeing that there was no one else except for her. She should have followed the last remaining Gryffindor's out. Jade set out, walking the hallways, trying to remember where she had come from.

"I just had to have bad memory like Aunt Muriel." Jade said to herself, peering into a dark hallway.

"Nope…that doesn't look so promising." Jade said.

After walking around aimlessly for a few minutes Jade declared herself officially lost and wondered how in the world she was going to save herself from this. She thought if she shot a firework someone would notice but it would only blast off a wall and she'd be expelled. Jade saw a figure pass by from another hallway.

"Hey! Excuse me!" Jade called. She waited to see him come back and was dismayed as to who she saw.

"Oh…sorry about that." Jade said turning around and going to leave.

"Hold it." He said behind her. Jade winced, hearing him come up from behind her.

"What are you doing all the way up here?" he asked.

Jade turned around, seeing his arms folded to his chest, the golden Head Boy badge gleaming from his breast pocket.

"Um…there was…I was walking and…um-"

"You're lost." He finished. Jade felt the blood run to her cheeks.

"No I'm not. I was exploring and you interrupted me." She said seeing his mouth stretch into a grin, flashing his straight white teeth.

"No see, you called me."

"All right you win, now leave me alone." Jade said going to walk past him.

"Are you going to explore more or are you going back to the common room?" Malfoy asked.

"I'm going back to the common room. Don't follow me." Jade said, turning her head to him walk behind her.

"You were much nicer a week ago." Malfoy said picking up the pace when she started trotted off.

"Yeah well that's because I didn't know you were a Malfoy." Jade said going down the stairs.

"Ouch that hurts." He said. Jade smiled, still walking forward. "But I never did anything to you so what gives you a reason to hate me?" he asked.

Jade went to answer but he interrupted. "Other than the fact that I've given your cousins hell throughout these 6 years." He said.

"My family hates you. Your father talks down to my family. Am I going in the right direction?" Jade asked turning around, seeing Malfoy chuckle.


"Why didn't you tell me?" Jade asked.

"First of all, I thought you knew where you were going. Second, I like talking to you." he said. Jade commanded that her hormones keep the locks on their gate checked and her blood to go nowhere near her cheeks. "You're blushing." Draco commented, pointing to her cheeks.

Damn it.

"I think it would be a really good idea if we stopped this. I have to go back to the common room soon so if you don't mind-"

"Follow me." He said. He turned around and walked away, leading her out of the hallway and to the right route to the Gryffindor common room. Jade started to doubt all the accusations that her cousins and the rest of her family made on Draco Malfoy. He seemed civilized and showed no signs of hostility or maliciousness. She was being too hard on him and it was starting to get rude. She started to see the familiar hallway that they turned into and soon enough, they were in front of the Gryffindor portrait.

"There you are." He said gesturing towards the portrait.

"Thank you…I'm sorry actually." Jade said. She saw his eyes soften. He shook his hair from his face and shrugged lightly.

"It's not your fault. We're all misunderstood in one way or another." He said. Jade grimaced realizing that she had been a really big asshole.

"It actually is. I should have known better." She said seeing him smile and nod.

"It's all right. Can I say something if you don't mind?" he asked walking up to her.

"Go ahead." Jade said.

"I think it's a great idea if we don't stop this." He said in a low voice. He took a strand of hair from the side of her face and tucked it behind her ear. Jade felt her heart stop and the part of where he touched her skin tingled.

"You're actually a really nice person and it would be awful not to know you any better because of a few misconceptions. What do you think?" he asked, locking eyes with hers. Jade let out a small squeak, unable to answer. Malfoy grinned again, lowering his hand which brushed lightly against Jade's breast. Accident? Could have been, Jade thought.

"I'll see you around." He said still looking at her eyes.

Jade didn't know what she had said, but it was probably something close to the way a toddler would talk; only a toddler would have sounded much more intelligent than her. Malfoy turned around and froze to see Harry Potter standing there, looking at him mildly.

"Potter." Malfoy acknowledged.

"Malfoy. What are you doing here?" Harry asked, still watching him.

"Harry! I sort of got lost and Draco was nice enough to bring me back and drop me off." Jade said. She waited for Harry to answer but instead was witnessing a silent staring match between him and Malfoy.

"All right." Harry said breaking the tension. Without a word, Malfoy slowly broke off and left, leaving Harry and Jade alone in the hall.

"What was that about?" Jade asked to Harry who uttered the password to the Fat Lady.

"You should be staying away from Malfoy." Harry said letting her go into the Portrait first.

"He's not really that bad-"

"I know what type of person he is. I'm only trying to warn you." he said. Jade didn't say anything after that; Harry was starting to annoy her. "I'll see you at dinner." He said. He took a seat on the sofa and pulled out a letter from his cloak, reading over it. Jade chewed on her lower lip and left.

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