The Aurseize

Part Two: Spying On Malfoy

Jade and Hermione exited the bathroom to be hit on by other men.

"I'm married. I have two kids." Hermione explained.

It seemed as if every man she would say that to walked away from them, some looking at her weirdly and some wondering if they should smile or scowl. They walked towards their table to see Ginny jump up and punch David in his face.

"Is that what you think of women? You buy us a couple of drinks so we can blow you? Well blow on this!" Ginny said. She hiked her foot up and slammed it between his legs, seeing his eyes pop out and him fall out of his seat, clutching his manhood.

"Are you bitches crazy?!" the driver asked wildly. "You want a blow too?" Ginny asked seeing him throw up his hands.

"Not after seeing that." He said.

Ginny gave them a hard smile and turned around, leaving. Jade and Hermione quickly left before they got into anymore trouble.

"I can't believe you kicked him in the nut sack!" Jade guffawed, toppling into the backseat again.

Hermione started the car and zoomed away from the bar. They drove for a while as Ginny finished the story and started laughing. Their laughter started growing and Hermione needed to pull over from laughing so hard.

"Did you see his face?" Ginny asked seeing Hermione and Jade nod, still doubling over in laughter.

"I think I could see his balls coming out of his mouth." Jade said.

They wheezed in laughter for a while and fell in their seats, exhausted.

"Well that was a short girls night out." Ginny said. Jade hummed and Hermione sighed.

"What should we do now?" Hermione asked.

"Do you think we can spy on someone?" Jade asked. Ginny turned in her seat and grinned at Jade.

"Why? Do you want to spy on Malfoy?" she asked. She saw Jade blink at her and her eyes grew wide.

"Uh oh. Forget I asked." Ginny said.

"No! This is perfect! We can spy on Malfoy! Please!" Jade begged.

"No way. I didn't get dressed up and wear heels to spy on Malfoy. No. You can do that by yourself." Hermione said. Jade jumped to the front and sat on Hermione's lap.

"Mione I never asked you for anything! I don't have anyone else to spy on him with, so who could I take? Please take me. You're supposed to be my friend!" Jade said seeing Hermione look at Ginny who shrugged.

"Unless you have a better idea?" Ginny asked.

"We'll just see where he lives. Let's just drive by and see where he lives." Jade said.

"Ough…fine." Hermione said. "But we're only driving by! We're not stopping! If we get caught, I don't want to explain this to Ron." Hermione said as Jade got out of her lap and back to the backseat.

"I promise we won't get caught! Oh this is so much fun!" Jade said hopping in her seat.

"You're crazy Jade. You're a stalker. I feel bad for Malfoy." Ginny said as Hermione laughed.

"I'm not a stalker. I just want to see where he lives, that's all." Jade said as Hermione started driving.

"Do you think Rita lives with him?" Ginny asked.

"She better not." Jade mumbled darkly.

"Who's Rita?" Hermione asked.

"Malfoy's girlfriend. For a few days." Ginny said. Jade chuckled.

"She made these awful doughnuts the other day." Jade said.

"Ah yes! Ron told me about it! He was in such a bad mood that day and kept talking about how he had the worst doughnut and milk he's ever had in his life. It worried me for a while until he had his dinner. Good Merlin I love that man." Hermione said shaking her head.

"This is Malfoy's street. What's his house number?" Hermione asked Ginny.

"It's number 23." Ginny said. Jade wildly looked around.

The neighborhood was pristine. The homes were comfortable and cozy and looked like it came straight out of a picture. Most of the lights were off and some were open.

"There it is!" Jade yelled, pointing to a forest green house with dark green roof tiling. The front yard was immaculate and there was a stone pathway to the white door of his home. Jade fell in love with it and stared at it fondly.

"Done looking at it?" Hermione asked, releasing her foot on the brake. They slowly started to roll away but Jade jumped up and down on her seat.

"NO! YOU STAY PUT!" Jade screeched.

Hermione slammed a button on the dashboard and the hood started going up. Jade snapped her seatbelt off and jumped out. Her heel got caught on the door and Jade fell face first into the street.

"Ouch." Jade said. She got up and saw Hermione and Ginny mouthing obscenities at her. Hermione rolled her window down.

"You're going to get us caught!" Hermione hissed. Jade put a finger to her lips and hushed loudly.

"I'm going to look around." Jade said.

She turned around and left with one heel on one foot and no heel on the other. She looked around sideways to see if anyone was watching and the only person she saw was Hermione who parked the car. The house across the street turned a light on and a woman peeked out. Jade walked away and walked around the house, seeing that the first floor lights were open.

If Jade saw Rita in there, she would seriously debate about walking away or hexing her into a doughnut. She peeked in through the side window and saw Draco's kitchen. It looked spotless and he had nice taste in drapes. She heard Hermione and Ginny made their way with her and they ducked, looking into the side house window.

"This is trespassing! We shouldn't do this!" Hermione said.

"You owe us a girl's night out." Ginny said.

They all crammed their faces into the window to look around the empty kitchen.

"Where else could he be?" Jade asked with her nose pressed against the glass window.

"We can only get a view of the kitchen from here. There are other windows on the other side that gives us a clear view in the living room." Hermione whispered. They ducked; walking around the backyard and Jade admired the clean, freshly cut grass. There was a hammock lying innocently, tied up to the two trees in the corner. Jade felt a tug on her arm and she turned back around, walking to the other side of the house. They peered into the window, and saw Draco walking in his living room with a telephone to his ear.

"What do you see in him?" Ginny asked. Jade sighed, seeing her breath fog up the glass.

"Ssh! If he catches us, we're done for! Jade stop breathing on the glass and making letters!" Hermione said as Jade quickly made a 'J + D' sign.

"I bet he's talking to Rita. He sure looks happy." Ginny said.

They watched Draco shake in laughter and nod.

"Can you hear anything?" Jade asked. Ginny and Hermione struggled, trying to listen but they got nothing.

"This is ridiculous. Can we go home? I can't spy on Malfoy like this forever! You've seen his house right? Let's go! What are we still doing here for?" Hermione asked. Ginny sighed and looked at Jade.

"Sweetie, he has a girlfriend now…you need to let him go." Ginny said. Jade looked at the both of them and her mouth twisted.

"I know it's hard for you but this is just the way it's going to be now. There are so many other fish in the sea." Ginny said. Jade stumbled on her foot and frowned, knowing that they were right.

"Ginny's right Jade. Malfoy has been giving you-"

"He's gone." Ginny said.

The three of them instantly pressed their faces into the glass window again, trying to look for him.

"Did you see him go upstairs?" Jade asked.

"Nope. I was talking to you remember? He could have gone upstairs…maybe needed to find a place to masturbate or something." Ginny said.

"Maybe he saw us!" Hermione whispered.

"How would he see us? Where did he go?" Jade asked.

"Maybe he went to catch the women who were spying on him." Another voice whispered. Jade giggled.

"And why would he know that?" Jade asked.

"Well that can be a possibility-" Hermione stopped turning around to see Draco standing there with his arms crossed to his chest. Hermione tugged Ginny's finger who waved Hermione's hand away.

"Oh my God Jade! He has a laundry hamper! He was folding his own clothes! Oh my goodness, he has a separate hamper for whites and colored! I bet he leaves his seat down after he pees." Ginny said.

"I know! Who would have thought eh?" Jade asked, still looking around. Hermione sharply turned Ginny around who opened her mouth to scream seeing Draco but Draco held up a finger to his lips.

"Oh no…" Ginny said.

"Hey, I think I need a boost up here. I can't properly see everything since I have one shoe on me." Jade said, trying to get a feel for Ginny. Jade felt an arm around her legs and she was lifted from the ground onto a shoulder.

"Can you see anything?" Draco asked looking up to see Jade peering through the window.

"Nope! Do you think something happened to him? What if he fell down the stairs and hit his head?" Jade asked.

"Well he's not that clumsy." Draco said. Jade scoffed.

"Duh…it's something I would do. Ginny you should get your throat checked. You sound like Malfoy." Jade said.

"I resent that!" Ginny said. Jade turned to see Ginny standing a few feet away from her with Hermione next to her. Jade looked down at Draco who was smiling up at her.

"Oh shit!" Jade said looking up at Hermione and Ginny. "We got caught!" Jade said. Hermione whipped out her car keys.

"For your information, you got caught." Hermione said.

"Have fun being the sacrificial lamb!" Ginny said walking away and waving to them. Jade watched Hermione and Ginny leave and narrowed her eyes at them.

"Traitors." Jade said. Draco set her down on her feet and stretched out his shoulder.

"You better have a really good reason why you were snooping around my house at 10 p.m." he said taking her arm. Jade stumbled next to him and he looked down to see her wearing one heel.

"Should I ask?" he asked, seeing her swoon.

"I don't think you have the time, maybe another day." Jade said going to leave but Draco caught her waist and pulled her in.

"You got caught trespassing. Now you're going to do jail time in my prison sweetheart." He said.

"How did you know we were there?" Jade asked seeing him smirk. Draco pointed to the house across the street and waved to a middle aged woman who waved back from her living room.

"That's Mrs. Davis…thanks to her for calling me to know that there were three women spying on me; I have you all to myself now." He whispered against her ear. Jade visibly shuddered in front of him and let go of him.

"You have a bloody girlfriend. And don't expect me to forget what you said this morning and how you made me feel. I will not be treated like a piece of crap to you." Jade said poking his chest.

"I didn't want to make you feel like that today." Draco said softly. Jade stood her ground and nodded vigorously.

"Good. That's good." Jade nodded. Draco chuckled and gathered her in his arms.

"You're completely wasted love." He said. Jade leaned into him, feeling a whole another world surrounding them.

"Just a little." She said. Draco kissed her lightly and Jade wasted no time playing around.

"Wait! You're with Rita!" Jade said trying to push him off. Draco shook his head.

"We broke up today." He said as they walked towards the door.

"What happened?" Jade asked.

"She caught me cheating on her with a triple deck cheeseburger." Draco said. Jade gasped and laughed. Draco grinned and pressed her against the door.

"I'm not that sad about it at all. I'm in the mood to celebrate, now that you're here." He said, brushing his lips against her earlobes.

"Sweet Merlin's beard." Jade whispered.

Draco picked her up, feeling her wrap her legs around his waist. He carried her inside of his house and locked the door, wasting no time to go upstairs to the bedroom. Jade was too busy to notice her surroundings but busied herself, trying to pull his white cashmere sweater over his head.

"Did you have practice these last 8 years?" Draco asked setting her on his bed.

Jade felt her back make contact with the soft and plush material that swallowed her right in. She was dead comfortable in his bed and suddenly felt her eyes droop. Draco took her shoe off and kissed her legs and looked up to see her out cold, snoring lightly.

"Jade?" Draco asked touching her cheek. She responded with a snore and Draco's head fell on her chest.

"Just my rotten luck." He said.

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