The Aurseize

Part Two: Scorched

Jade's heart stilled and she blinked at Draco.

"D-Did they…who is it?" Jade asked.

Draco pulled a white shirt over his head and took her hand, taking her down the stairs. He closed the door behind him and apparated with her in front of their building. They ran up the stairs and to Jade's apartment where the entire Auror Department and Jade's father, Bilius.

"OH MY GOD!" Bilius screamed seeing Jade. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "Ron told me what happened; we all thought it was you in there." He squeaked.

"Who's in there? Oh my God, did they get Jerry?" Jade asked hysterically. She burst into tears before anyone could answer and tried to run into the apartment but Draco held her back.

"Jade! Don't worry! I have Jerry!" Jade's neighbor Mr. Jones said. Lupin walked out of Jade's apartment with a handkerchief to his mouth and nose.

"The body has been identified as Shirley Caine." Lupin said. Jade covered her mouth, staring silently at Lupin who showed her a card.

Shirley is dead and this is the end

Soon it will be you who she had to befriend

"He killed her?" Jade asked in disbelief.

"When was the last time you've been in your apartment?" Lupin asked. Jade looked at him, trying to reassemble her thoughts.

"Yesterday morning." Jade said. Lupin gave a nod and placed a hand on Jade's shoulder.

"You need to be safe now. This man is after your life. Your apartment is badly damaged and everything you had, has been damaged. Your Firebolt, your wand, your clothes; everything except your pet." Lupin said.

Jade backed away, putting her hands to her head. Her head started to feel light and she couldn't concentrate.

"Jade you can move back in with me and your Aunt Muriel." Bilius said as Jade shook her head.

"No, no, no. The arsonist is targeting me and I don't want anyone I care about come close to it." Jade said.

"We can arrange something for a few days and-" Lupin started to say but Jade shook her head.

"I don't feel like dealing with this right now. I need to take a walk." Jade said walking away. Bilius walked to the far end of the hallway with Jade and tried to reason with her.

"No matter how much you tell me or try to convince me I refuse to lead the Jester to our home. If something were to happen to you or Aunt Muriel I'd never be able to look at myself. You have to listen to me, I'll be fine." Jade said. Bilius started to tear up, his face matching the color of his hair.

"This doesn't happen to normal people." He said hugging her again. Jade hugged him back and they stood that way for a while. He kissed her on her cheek.

"If you need anything you tell me." Bilius said as Jade nodded.

"Love you Dad." Jade said.

"I love you too sugar cookie." He said kissing her head. Jade saw him off and saw Draco talking to Lupin and a few other Aurors who laid out a couple of evidence. Jade walked into her apartment and saw Blaise and Albert digging through her roasted drawer.

"Sorry Jade…we were just…you know, collecting evidence." Albert said putting the remains of her underwear back into the drawer.

"So this is what a thong looks like when it's burnt." Blaise said. Jade looked around, knowing that it was impossible to go back in.

Everything was destroyed and she felt completely helpless and lost. The arsonist got a way back to strip her defenses. In a place where she called home and thought to be safe was taken down by him. To top that off, Shirley was found too. Jade developed a bond with the girl. They even had matching bracelets that their mothers passed on to them to wear.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought about the poor girl and Jade felt a warm hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Harry standing there and she struggled not to cry.

"Shirley…" Jade squeaked feeling Harry's arm curl around her. Jade sobbed into his chest, letting everything out.

"It's unfortunate, but I'm glad it wasn't you." he said.

"Your broom!" Jade blurted, still crying.

"Brooms aren't something to be cared about babe." He said. Jade pulled back and wiped her tears from her face.

"Do you have a place to stay?" Harry asked. Jade shook her head.

"I'll find a place." Jade said. Harry lifted up Jade's chin.

"I have a place where you can stay." He said.

"I don't think it's a good time to flirt." Jade said. Harry didn't smile.

"I meant that I have a place where you can be taken to for protection once this is over." He said. Jade went to respond but Draco interrupted them.

"Potter." Draco acknowledged.

"Malfoy." Harry said with a nod. Harry turned back to Jade.

"Think about it and get back to me." Harry said seeing Jade nod. He left soon after that and Draco's eyes lingered at the doorway, glaring at it. He turned back to Jade and his eyes softened.

"I need a cookie…a lot of it." Jade said seeing Draco weakly smile.

"I'll treat you." he said.

He put an arm around her and walked her out, telling the rest of the Aurors that he'd take the day off. Draco apparated to Honeydukes and bought Jade whatever she looked at. They apparated back to his home and sat side by side on the island in his kitchen. They silently ate chocolate cookie owls and thought.

"Where are you thinking to stay?" Draco asked finally. Jade's gaze was fixed at the kitchen window.

"Harry told me he would arrange a place for me for protection. He said I'd be there until they catch him." Jade said. She didn't hear Draco respond and she turned around to see him look tense.

"What?" Jade asked.

"I don't trust Potter." He said. Jade sighed and looked away again.

"No, really. I wouldn't feel comfortable sending you away for Merlin knows how long until this clown is caught. I wouldn't even trust Potter with my laundry." Draco said.

"You take your laundry very seriously." Jade said seeing Draco nod.

"And I take this situation very seriously as well. This man is crazy and he will kill you when he finds you alone. I'd rather have you under my eye at all times than not having to see you at all." He said. Jade gave him a puzzled look.

"I don't understand, what do you want me to do?" Jade asked.

Draco sighed and chewed on a chocolate cookie owl. He looked back at Jade.

"I want you to move in with me." He said.

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