The Aurseize

Part Two: A Soapy Scene

Jade took a piece of paper and wrote a short message for Hermione and Ginny, telling that she would be shopping and needed their help. She got back immediate responses from them and told her that they were on their way. Jade walked into the bathroom, and Draco handed her a pair of his shorts and a T-shirt.

"Your arms are a bit short to reach your back. How about I help wash your back and hard to reach areas?" he asked.

"No! Jeez Malfoy if you were unattractive, I'd call you a creep." Jade said shutting the door. She felt Draco on the other side, laughing to himself and turned the shower on.

Jade got out of the shower and heard Hermione and Ginny below, talking to Draco. She combed through her hair and went down to see Hermione and Ginny.

"Oh my God. We're so happy we left you here last night." Hermione said.

"What?" Jade asked.

"She can't remember anything from last night." Draco said from his seat.

"Oh…" Ginny and Hermione said looking at Jade.

"We better get going. I'll see you later Malfoy?" Jade asked seeing Draco get up.

"Have fun." He said opening the door for them.

Jade was halfway through her shopping as Hermione and Ginny were finishing up last night's story.

"I don't believe you both. This is the most embarrassing thing I've ever heard in my life. I would never ask you to spy on Malfoy." Jade said. Ginny pinched Jade.

"You were throwing a hissy fit and acted like the biggest cock blocker in the world. Did you know what you said one of the men at the bar? You kept asking for 'Draco.'" Ginny said in a high pitched voice. Hermione nodded, still laughing.

"And then he caught you trying to spy on him. But I don't know what he did to you after that." Hermione said.

"He must have done something right…you're living with him now." Ginny said picking out a blouse for Jade.

"I didn't want to but I had nowhere else to stay…I like this color." Jade said touching the blouse.

"Well you're risking Malfoy's house and life…but don't you think he might be insane to protect you if sleeping with you is what he wants?" Ginny asked.

"Why does everything with men have to be associated with them wanting sex?" Hermione asked. Jade and Ginny gave Hermione a look.

"You're lucky you're married to the boy you've known since Hogwarts. He's an arse to other women but he's bends over backwards for you." Jade said seeing Ginny nod.

"Men these days have one eye on you and another wandering. Imagine if someone married Moody? Oh I love this skirt!" Ginny said.

"I apprehend fugitives, I can't wear this." Jade said but Ginny pushed the skirt in her arms.

"But you have occasions. You need a couple of dresses Jade. Malfoy's going to kick you out of his house if you keep walking around in those man boots and T-shirts." Ginny said.

Jade tried on the clothes and after she was done and was satisfied with the clothes that she had gotten. She had the clothes and underwear she needed and even bought the decent dresses and skirts that Hermione and Ginny picked out. Jade, Hermione and Ginny stood in line, talking to each other. Jade went to step up but Pansy Parkinson appeared with a rack of clothes on her arm, waiting on the line.

"Excuse me Parkinson, the line is behind us." Jade said seeing Parkinson turn around.

"Oh is it? You weren't here when I came. I was first." Pansy said. Jade wanted to pounce on Parkinson but thought for the better of it. Hermione sighed behind Jade.

"Just let it go." Hermione said.

"Just let it go? Just let it go? I don't think so. Parkinson you can jump your fat arse behind us because we were here first." Ginny said.

Pansy whipped around and narrowed her eyes at Ginny.

"What did you call me?" Pansy asked. Ginny stepped up to Pansy's face.

"I called your arse fat." Ginny said.

"Next in line!" the woman at the counter said. Ginny wrapped her arms around Pansy tightly and looked at Jade.

"GO! Go to your rightful place!" Ginny told Jade who left quickly.

"Get off of me you cow!" Pansy shrieked.

"Er…so how will you be making your payment today?" the woman asked with her brown hair tied in a bun.

"I have a Wizarding checkbook." Jade said. She felt something hard hit the back of her head and she turned around to see Ginny and Pansy flinging things at each other. A hanger flew towards her and Jade ducked.

"Call the Aurors!" the woman shrieked.

"Jade you take Pansy and I'll take Ginny." Hermione said.

Jade went to take Pansy away but Pansy turned around, hitting Jade in the face with perfume. Jade immediately felt her eyes sting and tear up and the bitter taste of the chemicals in her mouth from the inhalation. She coughed and gagged, stumbling away and hit a wall with bath and body products. Jade's hand curled around a soap and she looked up, her vision clearing, to see Pansy spraying Ginny and Hermione wildly who kept running around. Jade aimed the bar of soap and threw it at Pansy's head, seeing her whip around and rub her head vigorously.

"Was that you?" Pansy asked.

"Who me?" Jade asked.

Pansy threw the perfume aside and grabbed a bottle of purple oozing liquid and dumped it on Jade's head. Jade was thankful it smelled like lavender, freesia and chamomile. She grabbed Pansy's hand and tried to lock her down but they both slipped and crashed into the shelves. The products on the shelves fell on them, crashing on the floor and covering the both of them with thick and heavy liquid body products.

"My hair!" Pansy screeched. Jade kicked Pansy's shin again, seeing her double in pain and looked up to see Micheal Goadby and Lavender standing in front of her, with their mouths open.

"Malfoy doesn't have a bathroom or something?" Lavender asked seeing Jade scoop up a handful of the liquid soap.

"What are you doing here?" Jade asked looking at the two who smiled brightly.

"We were on a date…and then Michael got a call about two maniacs bringing out the third world war with soap." Lavender said. She looked at Pansy who tried to get up and pointed at her.

"Is this Parkinson?" Lavender asked, seeing Jade nod.

"She started all this." Jade said.

"Did not!" Pansy yelled. Lavender kicked Pansy swiftly, seeing Pansy collapse on the ground and Michael turned around.

"What happened?" Michael asked as Lavender shrugged.

"She slipped." Lavender said.

Blaise and Albert burst through the entrance and looked around wildly for Jade.

"We apparated as soon as we got the call! Where are the naked soapy women?!" Blaise asked. He looked at Jade who blinked at him and Pansy who tried to get up.

"I said fainted soapy women. These cell phones are pieces of crap." Michael said.

"Naked, fainted, same difference." Albert said weighing the two. Blaise and Albert's faces fell and looked at Jade and Pansy.

"Well what are you waiting for? Take your clothes off and make this a naked soapy scene!" Blaise said.

Draco walked in and saw Jade trying to get up.

"Drakkie poo." Pansy said sickly.

Jade wondered if it would be smart to kick Pansy in the face. Would Draco really lock her up for it?

"I'm so sorry I missed this." Draco said trying not to laugh. He reached over and carefully lifted Jade out of the glob of soap.

"You look like troll bogey." He said. Jade scowled and walked away.

"Kiss my arse." Jade said.

Draco grabbed a towel hanging by and handed it to Jade as she wiped herself down. He quickly got the counter woman's statements and took Jade's bags.

"Parkinson made a mistake doing this in front of the Head of Magical Law Enforcement and an Aurseize." Hermione said, touching a small bump on the side of her head.

"Where's Ginny?" Jade asked. Hermione pointed to Ginny who had her ankle wrapped tightly by a medic.

"She's twisted her ankle. She'll have a potion and she'll be running around like a drunkard she is by tomorrow morning." Hermione said. Jade kissed Hermione's cheek and waved to Ginny who gave her two thumbs up.

"Aunt Muriel's going to be proud of me when she hears I kicked Parkinson in her arse." Ginny said. Draco crossed his arms and Ginny chuckled nervously.

"By accident of course." Ginny said.

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