The Aurseize

Part Two: The Nightmare Warning

Draco and Jade apparated in front of his house and Draco opened the door for her.

"I couldn't make dinner tonight; do you want to order out?" Draco asked seeing Jade shrug.

"Sure why not? Order whatever you want. By the way, you wouldn't have something to drink would you? I'm a little stressed." Jade said.

Draco went to touch her but he thought for the better of it.

"Stop drinking your feelings, that's not healthy…though it makes you pretty damn fun." He said.

"My arms and legs are stinging. Bloody bottles broke all around me when Pansy took me down." Jade said walking into his house. Draco checked her arms and nodded.

"You should take another shower and I'll take out the first aid box. I'll even take a peek at the underwear you bought today." Draco said seeing Jade smirk.

"Eat your heart out." She said.

When Jade got out of the shower, she saw the bags of clothes and underwear she bought right before she got into that messy fight with Pansy. Draco walked in through the door, looking pleasantly happy.

"Did you like rummaging through my underwear?" Jade asked seeing Draco take a seat next to her.

"You should be lucky I'm not the Draco Malfoy you knew in Hogwarts or you would have still been in the bathroom with me in there giving you a third round." Draco said pouring alcohol on a cotton ball. He wiped the small scratches on Jade and Jade hissed in pain from the alcohol irritating her wound.

"Life is a bitch." Jade said.

She watched Draco sigh to himself and gently apply an antiseptic cream to her leg. Jade felt what was left of her heart, swimming in its own pile of gush. He was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed as Jade sat on the bed as he fixed the scratches on her knees like a parent would to their mischievous child. She never could have thought in her life that she'd be in a scenario like this with Draco mending her knees.

"You have a little bruise over here." Draco said rubbing the top of her knee lightly.

His touch sent chills down her spine and their eyes locked. His usual grey eyes dilated and were darker than usual. He stood on his knees and ran his hands up her thighs. Jade felt her heart almost pass out. Lately she found herself in these precarious situations with Draco and it all built up anxiety and anticipation and fell without a climax.

The doorbell rang and they both froze. A nerve formed on the side of Draco's head and Jade let out a small giggle, seeing the nerve grow.

"Does my suffering amuse you?" he asked seeing Jade nod, still laughing.

"This isn't over!" Draco said, pointing to Jade who kept laughing.

He left the room and Jade pulled on a pair of sweat pants and jogged downstairs to see Draco paying the delivery man. Jade went over to see Jerry in his tank, chewing lazily on a crawfish that Draco gave him. Jerry looked happy and when Jerry was happy, Jade was happy as well.

"I hope you like pizza. They have a muggle pizza place nearby and I think it's incredibly delicious. I even have a couple of Firewhiskeys in the refrigerator." Draco said.

"I'll get the Firewhiskeys." Jade said.

"Just get the whole pack. There's a football game tonight and I'm not missing it for the world. Manchester United against Liverpool. There's supposed to be some serious bloodshed tonight between the two." Draco said popping open the Firewhiskeys.

He handed a bottle of Jade, seeing her look slightly confused. She ate with him and sat through the game with Draco. Her main attention was focused on Draco who amused Jade. She would always see him as an Auror who would do his job and find time to harass her and flirt like a shameless prick. Seeing him react in good and bad ways scared her and excited her at the same time.

The Firewhiskey and pizza started to make her feel drowsy causing her to close her eyes and fall into sleep.

Jade found herself watching a young woman stand in front of her apartment. The young woman had a terrible burn from neck down and was now knocking on the door. It was Shirley. Jade saw the door open and her heart wrenched to see the Jester smile at her. The horror in Shirley's face was apparent when she saw the Jester who snatched her and took her in. Jade worked up a scream hoping someone would hear and ran to the door which was already locked. She looked around, knowing she was screaming but she couldn't hear it from herself.

The door swung open and Jade looked inside to see Shirley's charred body lying on the floor. Her eyes suddenly flew open and she grabbed Jade's arms.

"He'll kill you like he killed me." She whispered, holding tightly to her arms.

"He'll kill you." she whispered.

Jade screamed, trying to free herself away from her but Shirley held on tightly.

"Let me go!" Jade screamed.

"Let me go!" She thrashed around, trying to get free from Shirley's grasp.

"Wake up!" she demanded.

"Wake up!" she screamed.

Jade's eyes opened and she realized someone was holding her down.

"Jade wake up!" Draco said, trying to get her to stop hitting him. Jade gasped loudly to breathe in air and realized that she had been screaming. Her throat felt hoarse and she could see the anxiety and terror on Draco's face as he held her down.

"Shirley." Jade could only say. Draco nodded, wiping her forehead.

"You were having a nightmare." He said, still holding on to her. Jade's heart raced in her chest and she felt as if she had just gotten off a roller coaster. The dream felt so real to her like she basically walked right out of it. She relaxed her arms and lied on the bed in her guest room with Draco holding her.

"What time is it?" Jade asked quietly. Draco looked at the clock.

"It's 3 in the morning." He said.

Jade looked at the clock unbelievably.

"I carried you back to your room when you fell asleep and went back to my room. A few hours later, I hear you screaming and I thought the Jester was here trying to kill you." he said. He took Jade's hand and placed it over his chest and Jade could feel his heart trembling.

"It's still beating madly since I came." He said.

Jade choked back a sob and she covered her mouth, feeling tears slip from the corner of her eyes. Draco wiped the tears and pulled her close to him, lying on the bed. He closed the lights and held Jade until she fell asleep again.

Jade woke up an hour later by an extremely tired Draco.

"You were saying her name again." He said with his hand on her stomach.

"I don't know what's wrong with me." Jade said to him, feeling him drag himself closer to her. He kissed her neck and draped an around her.

"If I find that bastard, I'll personally burn his dick to soot." He said.

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