The Aurseize

Part Two: Everyone Loves Jade's Pancakes

Jade couldn't sleep throughout the entire night, even when Draco was sleeping right next to her on the same bed. She kept thinking about Shirley and the Jester who killed her. She couldn't help but think this was her fault that Shirley died. In one way or another Shirley's blood was in her hands and if the Jester kept playing around with her, he would have his way with Jade. Jade looked over to Draco who was in deep and silent sleep. She wanted to stay in bed with him and hide under the covers knowing that she was safe. Instead her stomach growled and she looked down at it and then looked at Draco.

Food always had a way of charming her away from safe places.

Jade gently broke herself off from Draco and quietly walked away to brush her teeth shower and make breakfast for her and Draco. She checked on Draco who was still sleeping in the same position. Jade went downstairs and pulled out a few pans and started making breakfast. She set coffee in the coffee maker and rummaged through the refrigerator. While Jade was preparing breakfast, she waited for the pancakes and looked out the window.

The cool morning air gently drifted through the windows and touched her face. She felt Draco kiss her shoulder and she jumped, feeling him wrap his arms around her. Jade leaned into him and touched his hands with hers that settled on her stomach. They stood that way for a while and they both looked at the pancakes.

"Your pancakes are burning." Draco mumbled.

"Then let me go so I can flip them over." Jade said.

Draco gave Jade one final kiss on the side of her face and left to shower upstairs. Jade pulled out plates from the cupboard and the doorbell rang. Jade walked over to the door and peeked out to see Narcissa standing outside with another person.

"Holy shit with a beard!" Jade yelped.

She went to call Draco for help but he was in the shower, happily drowning himself to death. The doorbell rang again and Jade cursed at herself and opened the door. Narcissa stood there for a few seconds, dumbstruck to see Jade.

"Oh my goodness! Jade! What a lovely surprise!" Narcissa said. Jade only chuckled nervously and made a few noises in her throat, unable to speak. Narcissa hugged Jade tightly and introduced Jade to the man standing next to Narcissa.

"Jade this is Andres Cherry. He's going to be my wedding planner!" Narcissa said excitedly. Jade let them in and shook Andres's hand.

"So you're the lucky duck that Draco likes to…BAHAHAHA!" Andres laughed that sounded more like honking. Narcissa looked disturbed but not too surprised. She probably knew of Andres's crude jokes but this was entirely new to Jade.

"So where is Draco? Are you cooking breakfast for my son?" Narcissa asked seeing Jade nod.

"I actually-"

"Isn't this such a nice surprise? My son's found someone he can trust his cooking pans with. He takes his cooking very seriously you know." Narcissa said, taking a peek at what Jade made.

"Did you eat breakfast already? I have extra batter left and I can make you breakfast in just a few seconds." Jade said seeing Narcissa's eyes brighten.

"Oh no honey." Andres snapped, placing a delicate finger on Narcissa's arm. "You need to lose the midsection and homemade pancakes will never squeeze you into that wedding dress." Andres said.

"When's the wedding?" Jade asked Narcissa who looked slightly depressed.

"It's in September." Narcissa said.

"But that's 6 months from now." Jade said.

"What about one little pancake?" Narcissa asked Andres who sighed.

"Do I get one too? I usually don't eat fattening foods but this smells delicious. Besides I always wanted to meet the lucky duck that Draco likes to…BAHAHAHA!" Andres said.

Jade heard the door upstairs open and Draco swear.

"Are you all right?" Draco yelled from the second floor. Narcissa and Andres pressed a finger to their lips and Jade stood quiet. They heard Draco quickly run down the stairs and jog into the kitchen, looking concerned.

Jade and Andres stood up a little straighter and Jade felt a knee wobbling reaction to see Draco Malfoy in front of her with only a pair of black pants. He looked at Narcissa and Andres standing nearby and a grim realization crossed his face.

"Oh…it was you." Draco said to Andres who blushed furiously.

"BAHAHAHA!" Andres honked in laughter.

"My grown son. You never told me about Jade." Narcissa said poking his shoulder. Draco and Jade exchanged looks and Narcissa waved her hand in front of his face.

"Don't look at her and expect her to save you! You have a lot of explaining to do Mister! Jade if he gives you any grief and becomes unreasonable; don't hesitate to complain to me!" Narcissa said. Jade went to open her mouth to speak but Draco beat her to it.

"You know I'm running just a little bit behind and I know Jade has work today too. Did you need anything mother?" he asked seeing Narcissa nod.

"I need you to tell me who you will invite. I need the list so I can book my hall. I was going to leave after I've seen your face but Jade's made pancakes and I won't leave until I've had Jade's pancakes." Narcissa said.

"Everyone's crazy about her pancakes." He murmured into Jade's ear. He pressed a kiss to her head and walked off to change into a shirt.

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