The Aurseize

Part Two: The Jester Revealed

Jade apparated to the Ministry after finishing her breakfast with Narcissa, Andres and Draco. It was an hour earlier than usual that she would come in but she decided that she needed to get away from Narcissa and Andres who kept touching the topic of Draco and Jade living with each other. Jade saw Parvati filing away and looked up when she came in.

"You're here early!" Parvati said.

"Yeah I know. I woke up a little early. Do you have any files for me?" Jade asked Parvati who handed her a stack.

"It's a Monday morning and people are pissed off and in the mood to do a lot of illegal things. Have fun!" Parvati said.

Lavender walked in through the doors with two cups of coffee in her hand and Michael right behind her. "Hey! Look who woke up so early in the morning!" Lavender said to Jade, placing a cup on Parvati's desk. Jade gave them a nod and Michael kissed Lavender on the cheek with a hand on her bum. He whispered something, seeing Lavender grin and walked out, giving a goodbye to Jade and Parvati.

"Are you going to make any apprehensions today?" Lavender asked excitedly.

Jade looked down at her files and put them aside.

"You know I was actually thinking of going to Hogwarts. Shirley died in my apartment yesterday and if I don't find the Jester it's going to just float around and he'll be able to kill anyone he wants because no one's there to stop him." Jade said.

"Huh…no kidding. You see, I'd go with you but I have this thing and-"

"It's okay, I'll be able to go by myself." Jade said leaving.

"Whoa, hello there! Stop on those ugly man boots Missy. You're going to go to after the Jester? Like pick him out of the air?" Parvati asked. Jade shook her head.

"I'm going to Hogwarts because I know he's there and I'm going to get him. By the way Lav, can I use your broom?" Jade asked, seeing Lavender hand her, her Nimbus.

"Well be careful then. You're going after a psycho you know." Lavender said seeing Jade smile.

"My job requires me going after psychos."

With that, Jade left the Ministry and kicked off into the air to Hogwarts. It was still early in the morning when Jade arrived to Hogwarts and students were probably getting ready for their first classes. Jade walked into the castle and passed the corridors to the Headmaster's Office.

"Irish Spring." Jade said seeing the gargoyle jump to the side.

She went up the stairs and heard loud voices and pushed the door open to see Snape standing in front of William Wasserman with a flaming torch. They both turned to see her and Jade went numb with shock. William quickly drew out his wand and blasted Snape a few feet back with a spell. He scrambled up and ran towards Jade, grabbing her hand.

"We have to run! He's absolutely lost his mind!" Wasserman said.

Jade saw the fire from the torch run around the objects of the room and lick the walls. Wasserman closed the door and started running off.

"Stop standing you'll get ourselves killed!" Wasserman said.

They heard a loud crash and Snape emerged from the smoke, coughing and gagging. He raised his wand and started throwing spells at them to stop. Jade saw Wasserman break into a run and she started running behind him. They flew down the stairs and were out of the school and on the school grounds. Jade saw Wasserman running into the forest, somewhere she was never supposed to go.

"Wait! Stop! You can't go in there!" Jade said.

Wasserman wasn't listening, instead he kept running and Jade wondered if running after him was an option. She had only two options in front of her. Either get torched by Snape or get trampled on by centaurs.

Jade just kept running.

She felt her breath starting to run out and a cramp start to develop on her legs, feet and stomach. Wasserman suddenly stopped and Jade ran into him and fell back, gasping for air.

She saw Wasserman hover over and swing something. There was a flash of light and everything went black.

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