The Aurseize

Part Two: Cage On Fire

Jade opened her eyes in a large caged box, feeling the side of her face throb badly. She heard something rattling in the corner and saw Hagrid naked and tied up.

"Hagrid!" Jade said. Hagrid couldn't speak. There was a gag tied around his mouth and a louder clatter of metal sounded in another corner.

Jade saw an enormous giant trying to move around but he was tied down with metal shackles and packed into a metal cage. The giant looked miserable. Jade got up and tried to shake the cage open but instead the cage burst into flames and she curled herself into a ball, in the center, feeling the intense heat surrounding her and the flames try to reach her. She heard a loud laughter and Wassermann appeared, bending slightly to meet Jade's level.

"Aw…are you scared of the fire?" he asked. Jade didn't look at him but jumped when he hit the cage with a broom, rattling her.

"You fucking bitch you nearly ruined me!" he said.

The fire on the bars of the cage died down and he took a seat in front of her.

"I had a great business going until you decided to snoop around and make my life miserable." He said.

"What did I do to you? I was only doing my job. I needed to take Hagrid for-"

"That's exactly it darling. Hagrid was my scapegoat for raising 6 month old baby dragons in the Forbidden Forest. Of course he had been accused of smuggling dragons and dragon eggs but I sold them and they made an incredible amount of money. But you had to brown nose your way here and try to find this oaf for the truth. When you came in that day with Potter and pissed me off, I knew I had to eliminate you. You knew too much about dragons and you have a cousin. What better way to torch you alive and blame it on Hagrid?" Wasserman asked delightfully.

"You oily snake. You even killed Shirley. What did Shirley even do to you?" Jade hissed seeing him look at her with vain.

"Ah…she was a witness to the crimes and she tried to contact you various times but I kept intersecting the letters. However she sent you one particular letter which would have revealed me and I knew I had to do something drastic. Too bad you weren't in your flat. It would have been nice to see you two burn down together but I wanted to shake you to your core by Shirley's death. I told you to mind your own business and you wouldn't. And it seemed like I was going through my own personal hell trying to take you kill you. Every time something had to go wrong. I came back with a twisted ankle and nearly set myself on fire trying to kill you and your Grandmother." He said scratching his chin.

Jade noticed his goatee was gone and looked at him strangely, vaguely remembering him from the nightclub that night when she went to help Harry apprehend Leonard Reece.

"You had other opportunities to kill me. There were so many times you could have killed me." Jade said with confusion but Wasserman shook his head.

"Those times were too easy. I'd like to see your face and have your full attention and senses while I'm burning every part of your body one by one. Not when you were passed out a million times. By the way, you're one hell of a drinker. How do you not drop dead by alcohol poisoning?" he asked in disbelief. Jade shrugged.

"I'm depressed. I usually don't have dicks like you trying to set my apartment and people on fire." Jade said seeing him grin evilly.

"I'd hate to be your liver." He said.

"You couldn't even be born as my shit…not even with that goatee at least." Jade said.

She didn't know what was going on but her mouth was just running as fast as it could. This was probably how death felt like; no common sense. She heard Hagrid wheeze in laughter, his big belly jumping up and down. Gwarp stared dumbly at Hagrid and started to mimic his laughter. Wasserman looked around at them, raised his broom and hit Jade's cage which set on fire. Hagrid stopped laughing but Gwarp had gotten excited. He guffawed and Wasserman hit him with the broom. Gwarp instantly quieted down and sulked in his cage. Jade felt tears come to her eyes by seeing Gwarp getting beaten around with a man 5 times less his size.

"Don't hit him you brute! You're nothing but a coward, running around in that little mask of yours. You don't scare anyone." Jade said.

Wasserman walked over to her cage, yanked the cage door open and pointed his wand, stunning her again.

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