The Aurseize

Introduction: Ghost Busted

For the next couple of days, Jade took Harry's advice and stood away from Malfoy. She saw him sometimes, every day with a different girl, talking and flirting the daylights out of them. She started to feel resentment towards him and the girls he would be stuck to every day. Sometimes she questioned herself, why she even cared about it. He was being friendly with her, that didn't mean anything right?

"Hey Gin, is Malfoy always like that?" Jade asked Ginny who looked up from her book with the Sugar Quill stuck in her mouth.

"Malfoy always like what? A prick? Yes." Ginny said. Jade shook her head and discretely motioned her head towards Malfoy.

"No…I meant is he always with girls?" Jade asked. Ginny sighed and took the Sugar Quill out of her mouth.

"It's been rumored that he has a magic joystick which works wonders. I wouldn't know but Lavender Brown told me that it was amazing with him…ew." Ginny said shuddering.

"Really? I mean…ew." Jade said seeing Ginny nod absentmindedly.

"Why are you asking anyways?" Ginny asked.

"Oh…" Jade said taking an apple from the fruit bowl. "Some girls were talking about it. Thought I'd ask what the gossip was about." Jade said.

"Any woman who sleeps with Malfoy is a desperate little slut who hasn't got the backbone to say no." Ginny said.

"I guess nothing's going on with Weasley?" Blaise asked Draco during lunch. Draco looked towards Jade who was sitting with Ginny, talking.

"Baby steps Blaise…baby steps." Draco said seeing Blaise shake his head.

"I can't do it. I don't have the time and patience with women like that. I like my women fast. You know that saying that they always fit into? Your wish is my command." Blaise said. Draco laughed, seeing Jade exit the Great Hall.

"Aren't you going to go after her?" Blaise asked nodding towards the doors.

"I probably should." Draco said getting up, taking out a pale wooden bracelet that he slyly stole from her earlier on in the day.

Jade walked outside, feeling the cool breeze of September. She looked around for Ron when Ginny told her that he'd be there with Harry and the gang.

"Hey Weasley!" Jade turned around to see Malfoy there, with something in his hand.

"You seemed to have dropped this on your way out." He said sticking out his hand where there was a pale wooden bracelet.

"Oh…Merlin I don't even remember putting it on this morning. Thank you!" Jade said taking her bracelet from him. She put it back on her wrist, still wondering why she couldn't remember putting it on and losing it in the first place.

"It's all right, I saw it-"

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Ron appeared. Jade turned around, seeing Ron stand there with Harry behind him.

"He was-"

"I wasn't asking you Jade." Ron snapped. Jade instantly closed her mouth and looked at Malfoy who clenched his jaw, obviously restraining himself from pouncing on Ron.

"I was only giving her back her bracelet-"

"A load of cock and bull." Ron said venomously.

"I don't understand why you're getting so riled up that he's here. Give this a rest; he was only trying to give me back my bracelet." Jade said seeing Ron shake his head.

"He's playing at something. I know he is. He had the nerve to send Crabbe and Goyle down in the Quidditch pitch to waste our time in the field." Harry said. Malfoy smirked.

"It's not really my fault if they love you that much Potter." Draco said.

"Maybe you should fuck yourself off with that mother of yours and-"

"Don't you ever say a word against my mother Weasley." Draco hissed. His eyes were narrowed dangerously and if anyone who had even a molecular atom size weight of common sense, they would drop the subject and leave with peace. However, Ronald Weasley never harbored anything related to sense.

"She should be where your father is…in Hell." Ron said.

Not even a second after that, Ron went tumbling down. Harry pushed Draco back, enduring a few hits from him and Ron sprang back up, helping Harry try to murder Malfoy.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! What do I do?!" Jade asked herself. She could jump in and save Draco or she could scream.

"AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!" Jade screamed. The boys momentarily stopped, staring at Jade with fascination.

"What the fuck was that?" Ron asked.

"A banshee mating call." Harry joked. McGonagall and Snape both appeared near the entranceway and their faces dropped when they saw Ron and Harry both on top of an enraged and bloodied Draco Malfoy.

"What in heavens is this?" McGonagall asked. Draco sat up and shoved both Ron and Harry off violently, cradling his bloody nose. He looked up at Jade with annoyance and looked at Snape who muttered an incantation to heal it and stop the blood flow.

"You both have serious explaining to do. In my office now!" McGonagall said tersely. Jade had to follow Snape and McGonagall along with Draco, Harry and Ron to explain what had happened. Jade truthfully told McGonagall and Snape what had happened, feeling bad for what Draco had to go through. She couldn't side with Ron and Harry and allow Draco to take the heat for it. She could see Ron give her stiff looks throughout the entire time they were explaining what had happened but she couldn't wrong Draco.

"You're a bloody bitch you know that?" Ron asked when they walked out of the room.

"Ron please-"

"Don't talk to me." Ron said.

"Fuck you then." Jade shot.

"With pleasure." Ron said and left with Harry who had nothing much to say but glare at Jade who was enraged with the both of them. Jade felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around to see Malfoy standing there, looking mellow.

"I'm sorry for doing this to you." he said seeing her shake her head.

"I apologize on their behalf, those two goons should have known better." Jade said. Draco skimmed a finger down Jade's arm, looking her over.

"I know this is a bad time but…I'd really like it if I walked around with you." Draco said gently. He was just beaten by those tag teaming idiots Potter and Weasley. Nothing could be sweeter than having to have them in trouble by using Jade as his weapon of choice. He needed to thank her for the victory anyways.

"Yeah…sure." Jade said.

"Is this your first time?" Draco breathed heavily, ripping her shirt off of her. Jade nodded and Draco looked up to see the first time innocence in her eyes. What on earth was she thinking of losing her virginity in the second floor bathroom stall? Jade fumbled with his buckle, obviously new and unconfident. Draco hit her hand away and pulled at his belt, making his pants drop.

"Oh sweet Merlin." Jade said peering down below and looking back up at Draco who grinned.

"It's Draco actually." He kissed her forcefully, feeling her respond back just as fiercely. Jade felt like her chest was going to explode and swore she saw fireworks.

Moaning Myrtle floated around the bathrooms until she came across the jackpot stall where a couple had been doing the deed. She loved to catch them at this time and seeing the horror on their face when she caught them doing it. Myrtle wasn't surprised at who she saw, Draco Malfoy as always with another new girl who had been screaming her head off; probably another little virgin.

What surprised her was that this little virgin was none other than a Weasley, the new one that had been transferred this year. A great match this was. To Myrtle's surprise, Nearly Headless Nick, The Bloody Baron, The Fat Friar and the Grey Lady were also here to see the show…the only one that was missing was Peeves the Poltergeist who had just hovered in to catch the new Weasley and Draco Malfoy at their climax.

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Peeves screeched, pointing at them. Jade's eyes flew open and she looked at all of the Hogwarts ghosts watching her in shock, their cheeks filled with a silvery swirling blush.


It was the most embarrassing situation created for anyone in the world to endure. Peeves went around the entire castle telling everyone he could find and told them about catching Jade and Draco in the bathroom stall. Jade cried for hours and was especially embarrassed to face Hermione, Ginny, Harry and Ron. None of them comforted her; instead they were taken aback and unsure of how to deal with the situation.

The entire school smirked and pointed at her, making comments about her behind her back and what was worse was that Draco Malfoy completely forgot about her existence and took his credit for the incident. Ron and the rest of the family were right, Draco Malfoy was a chicken fucking prick but this time he only fucked a Weasley which was a disgrace to every Weasley family member who heard it.

"Heard you did it with the Malfoy boy." Aunt Muriel said during the Christmas break. Bilius slammed a pot of roast beef on the table, visibly upset about the news.

"I am betrayed by my own daughter." He said walking away. Aunt Muriel only waved him off and leaned in towards Jade who wished she could have died in a pond full of piranhas.

"Don't worry about him dear, he's just mad that you're the only one in this family to sleep with a Malfoy. I have to tell you though, it's a real shame it wasn't someone else…now I don't know how to gossip about my own great niece. You're a good girl and all but…you really fucked this up." She said.

The rest of the school year went by as traumatizing as ever but as time passed, people started to mention it less. Jade was thankful of the exams and assignments but would disapprove of the notes, drawings and jokes made everywhere she went, especially during a Quidditch game.

"Oh! Ginny Weasley saved herself quite well from crashing into Malfoy; it seems as if Malfoy can't get enough of those Weasley's these days." Luna commented in the loudspeaker as McGonagall tapped her shoulder. Everyone turned to look at Jade buried herself in a book, unable to exchange any looks. Draco Malfoy had ruined her life and Jade didn't even want to get back at him. There was no way she was going near him without making a fool out of herself. Soon, the end of the school year was coming to a close and freedom was nearby, after that Jade would never have to see Draco again.

Even during graduation Jade couldn't escape the jokes about her getting caught in the bathroom with Malfoy. Nearly everyone in their speech mentioned the incident vaguely, leaving everyone to glance at Jade. The rest of the parents and attendants had known about the incident through word of mouth which for once wasn't spread by Aunt Muriel who needed to be restrained from jumping on Draco when he went on stage to receive his diploma. When Jade was called to get her diploma, the student body came up with an embarrassing phrase.

"Caught in the bathroom by the Hogwarts ghosts!"

"You want me to neuter him? I have a scalpel in my purse because your Aunt Molly has my wand." Aunt Muriel whispered to Jade who shook her head.

"I just want to get the hell out of here. Not even a second to spare." Jade said, grabbing her Aunt's hand and apparating to the Burrow where the rest of the Weasley members were waiting to take a dig at her.

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