The Aurseize

Part Two: Saved By The Centaurs

When Jade woke up, the place they were in was dark but she could still see Hagrid and Gwarp in their cages, locked up. There was a plate of food in front of her but the last thing Jade needed was food. She sat there looking at Gwarp who was mimicking Hagrid.

"Where did he go?" Jade asked. Hagrid looked calm and nodded with his head, indicating that Wasserman was off at Hogwarts. Hagrid tapped his belly and Gwarp pounded on his own, smiling when Hagrid chuckled. A dull light went off in Jade's head and she looked at Hagrid.

"Hagrid!" Jade called seeing Hagrid turn his head towards her. "Pull at your chain! Pull hard and make sure Gwarp copies you!" Jade said.

Hagrid's eyes widened and he said something incoherent. He looked at Gwarp and pulled at his chains, seeing Gwarp imitate him. Jade pulled at her chains too, being careful not to get burned by the cage. Gwarp made a wild noise and yanked at his chain.

"Pull harder Gwarp!" Jade said.

Gwarp snapped a couple of chains and rammed into the stone wall and the entire space rumbled dangerously.

"I really hope this ends well." Jade said.

Gwarp tried to kick at his cell but it was even designed for holding a Giant in. They heard someone near the entrance of the cave and Jade hoped that Wasserman wasn't planning to drop by. Instead a baby centaur appeared, looking at them curiously.

"The ground was shaking underneath me while I was playing. What are you doing here?" the baby centaur asked.

"Oh Merlin! Please help us-" Jade stopped to see Wasserman appear, looking at the baby centaur incredulously.

"What is this?" the baby centaur asked innocently at Wasserman who advanced slowly at the baby centaur.

"Run! He'll kill you!" Jade screamed.

Wasserman already grabbed the centaur but the centaur jumped up and power kicked Wasserman in his privates, yelping in fear. Wasserman fell down, trying to gasp without breath. The baby centaur ran off, still crying and yelping and Jade felt her spirits sink.

"He…he…the bastard…it hurts." Wasserman choked.

"Too bad I wasn't the one doing the kicking. I would have done it better and it would have really meant something." Jade said seeing Wasserman's eyes flash in anger. He stumbled up and grabbed a torch, lighting it on fire.

"That's it. I'm burning your arm off." He said shoving the torch in her cage.

Jade kicked it away and backed against the sides of the cage to find that it had burst into flames. Now her pants were on fire along with her shit and hair. Jade instantly wiggled out of her pants and took off her shirt, beating her hair from burning her scalp. Wasserman stared at Jade who wore her new red bra and underwear set. She didn't like it one bit that he was already burning off the clothes that she bought.

"If I have to go shopping for my clothes again, you'll be a dead man."Jade growled seeing Wasserman give a bark of laughter.

"You won't go shopping for a very long time after I'm done reducing you to ashes." He said.

In a flash, an arrow whizzed right by Wasserman's head and it hit the stone wall. Wasserman turned around to see Firenze aiming another arrow at his head.

"He tried to attack me!" the baby centaur jumped, pointing to Wasserman.

Another set of hooves followed and Bane appeared next to Firenze with a crossbow in his hands. Wasserman took his wand out and threw flames towards Firenze and Bane who jumped away. Another arrow flew and this time, it pierced through Wasserman's leg and he fell down, snarling. He tried to reach for the torch but Bane shot another arrow through the dead center of Wasserman's head. Jade quickly closed her eyes, unable to see the rest.

"Contact the school and inform Harry Potter. He will want to know that his friends have been found and are safe." Firenze said.

Firenze freed Hagrid and Gwarp, and sent them outside to see daylight after weeks of staying underground. He then released Jade after having difficulty with the cage that spontaneously combusted itself. It was still on fire as he managed to open it and Jade slipped off, feeling the fire brush against her sides. Jade patted herself down and made sure her hair wasn't on fire. Bane looked inside of the cave to see Jade standing there in her underwear and sneakers. He gave a disgusted sigh and left. Jade burned in embarrassment and looked down at the floor, hoping that Firenze wasn't watching her.

Harry appeared next and gave one look at Jade to understand what happened. He shrugged off his coat and walked over to her, putting it around her.

"Come wait outside, I need to talk to Firenze." Harry said.

Jade walked out of the cave and stood in front of the eerie cave with a small and feeble light at the end of the passageway. Jade felt a hand brush across her neck and she turned around to see Harry standing next to her.

"Where does it hurt?" he asked slipping his hand into the jacket and sliding it slightly to see the first degree burns on the sides of her stomach.

"I think I have some on my back. That cage kept bursting into flames every time I tried to touch it." Jade said. Harry reached a hand behind Jade and felt for her hair, frowning.

"Is it that bad?" Jade asked seeing him look at her.

"You're lucky you're alive you know." Harry said. He zipped the jacket and smiled seeing that the jacket stopped short below her bum. He walked her out of the cave and Jade emerged out of an extremely large tree. Centaurs were everywhere around her, looking at her strangely. Obviously they weren't used to humans around, especially half naked humans. Jade saw Hagrid and Gwarp and went to say something but Harry pushed her forward.

"You can greet them after we get you out and into some clothes." Harry said holding her shoulder.

Draco emerged from the crowd of centaurs with Snape, McGonagall, Hermione and a few other Ministry officials. Hermione and McGonagall sighed and placed two hands on their chest and Draco walked over to Jade and wrapped his arms around her. Jade felt Harry's hand drop from her shoulder and he walked away from them.

"We were looking for hours. That bastard was sitting in the castle, pretending to participate while he had Snape locked in the dungeon cellars. I heard one of the centaurs shot an arrow through Wasserman's head?" Draco asked seeing Jade nod. Draco kissed her forehead, running a hand through her hair.

"It's a shame…I wanted to set his dick on fire." He said.

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