The Aurseize

End Of Part Two: Home

Draco and Jade were back in his home with Ginny and Jade showed her the burn marks around her body.

"They're not severe. They look like sunburns so it's not a lot of damage. I'll give you some salve to put on to cool and mend the heel but you have to apply it every hour okay?" Ginny said to Jade who nodded. Ginny turned to Draco who sat on his chair, eyeing Jade with a hungry and dangerous expression with a leg stretched out and a few fingers supporting his head. He looked at Ginny who was waiting for his answer.

"You bet." Draco said. Ginny rolled her eyes and went back to Jade.

"I honestly don't know what you see in this man." Ginny said. "I'd show you if you were attractive." Draco said seeing Ginny turn and chuck the jar of salve.

"Choke on it…please, for me." She said. She got up and kissed Jade's cheek. "Take care of yourself. I'm so glad this lunatic was found. I'll see you soon all right?" Ginny said seeing Jade nod. Jade slipped a shirt on and followed Ginny out of the door with Draco. They closed the door and Jade turned around and sighed.

"You look exhausted." Draco said to Jade. He slid a curl behind her hair and snaked his hand behind her neck.

"I've been caged in a cage that goes up in flames whenever I try to touch the bars with Hagrid and Gwarp under the grounds of the Forbidden Forest by a man who wanted to burn me alive. I'm just a little tired." Jade said hearing Draco's low rumble of laughter.

"You deserve a night off. Do you want me to join you?" he asked as they walked up the stairs.

"Only if you promise not to take my shirt off or I'll kick you out of bed." Jade warned.

Jade lied down, feeling her damaged skin respond irritably. Draco turned off the lights and sat next to her, making sure she was comfortable. She felt his fingers gently scurry across her head, smoothing out her uneven hair and Jade's eyes fluttered to a close.

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