The Aurseize

Part Three: Touching A Bloke's Head

"WHAT?!" Jade screamed.

"Oh hell no! Where's my-" Lavender stopped short when she received a cutting look from Percy.

"I'm second in line for the Ministry position; don't make me kick you out." Percy said as Jade snorted.

"Yeah like the Ministry's going to get you to the throne of England you arse kisser. You've got to be shitting me for hiring this bimbo as an Aurseize." Jade said pointing to Pansy who snarled at Jade. Pansy pouted and looked at Percy who wrapped an arm around her.

"Snookums, she's calling me names. See, I told you she always hated me." Pansy said. Percy narrowed his eyes at Jade.

"Don't forget that my brother hired you, an inexperienced and loser fortune cookie writer." Percy said.

Jade bit down on her lip, counting slowly to ten.

I will not kill Percy. I will not kill Percy. I will not kill…maybe maim him a little?

"Just because you're family you can keep your job but if I hear Pansy make the tiniest complaint against you and you're back to Romania cousin…with all those vampires, writing in those cookies." He said. He awkwardly sucked Pansy's face off and left. Jade turned to Pansy who skipped towards Parvati.

"Give me my folders and tell Harry to train me." Pansy said.

"Harry won't train you." Parvati said, looking at Pansy as if she can't believe her own fate.

"Why not?" Pansy asked putting her hands on her hips.

"Isn't it obvious? He won't mind shooting at your dumbass. If Percy wags his 2 incher around screaming from the top of his lungs to the Minister of Magic, he won't hesitate to shoot him either." Lavender said.

Just then a man flew through the door and landed in front of Jade's feet. Jade looked up to see Harry walking in, looking cool and untouched.

"For Merlin's sake, please help me! This man is insane! He'll kill me!" the man begged.

Harry walked over to Parvati and took his files, walking away. He looked at Jade and reached over to touch her forehead with the back of his hand.

"You either have a fever or you want to kill someone. Do you want any assistance?" Harry asked sliding his jacket innocently to reveal the silver handle of his muggle gun strapped into his belt. He sharply looked towards Pansy who paled at the sight of the gun. Jade calmed down, loving to get the reaction from Pansy.

"If anyone happens to piss me off, I'll think about you." Jade said seeing him smirk.

"Call me." He said and left.

Jade looked at Pansy who stared wide eyed at the door.

"All righty then." Jade said feeling like she was placed in a better mood. "I'll have my files." Jade said. Parvati handed Jade the files and Jade started to leave.

"Hold it Weasley!" Pansy said. Jade stopped and turned around. Pansy walked towards her and flipped her hair.

"I changed my mind. I'm not getting trained by Potter; I have better skills than him, I'm getting trained by you." she said. Jade furrowed her eyebrows at Pansy.

"Wait…you want to get trained by me because you think you have better skills than Harry who clearly is a universe length better than me." Jade said slowly. Pansy shoved her file at Jade.

"If you try to act smart I'll tell Percy on you." Pansy threatened. Jade faked surprise and fear.

"Oh no! Don't do that! He'll probably call me an inexperienced fortune cookie writer!" Jade said.

Lavender and Parvati cracked up and Pansy whipped around.

"Your hair looks like a Hippogriff trampled over it and you look like you screwed a dozen Aurors this morning and got a doughnut for it." Pansy said to both of them.

"I'm a monogamous fucker now. I only make love to my man…you wouldn't know monogamous if it fucked you in the arse and barked, would you Pansy? I think I should use a local term and something you can easily understand like WHORE!" Lavender yelled. Ron stomped out of his office.

"Get my fugitives now before I shoot someone in the fucking gumpy!" Ron said.

Jade gave a disgusted sigh and walked away with Pansy close at her heel. She saw Draco at his desk, looking over a file and sipping a cup of coffee in his hand. He looked up to see Jade and looked confused to see Pansy right behind her.

"Are you okay? You look like you're coming down with something." He said, touching Jade's hand.

"I'm definitely coming down with something and it isn't pretty." Jade said.

"You should go home and take a nap." Draco said weaving his fingers through hers. Pansy rolled her eyes.

"Either get a fucking room or do your job! No wonder you suck shit at being an Aurseize. You're constantly fucking your boyfriend." Pansy said.

Draco threw his chair back and got up from his seat and Jade cowered back in fear, thinking for a second that he might have gone to kill Pansy. He had his finger pointed firmly at Pansy and looked highly threatening and dangerous, something she had seen for the second time in her life and wished she hadn't seen. The first time was when Ron made a comment about Draco's mother. She never forgot that everything in his face and body changed just like it had now.

"You mind your fucking mouth and your business around us. Keep our personal lives out of your mouth." He said.

He didn't look so friendly, instead Jade knew that if she wasn't standing right near Pansy, he would have done something terrible; like almost let her live. Jade slowly looked around to see Blaise looking pale and everyone else who tried not to make a peep. She didn't know what to say or do because Draco quietly stared Pansy down who looked like she was about to throw herself out of a window. Jade cleared her throat a bit and turned around, handing Pansy the stack of fugitives.

"Why don't you go downstairs and I'll meet you in a few minutes." Jade said. Pansy recovered but still held fear in her eyes.

"Fine! Not like I was interested in being here anyways!" she squeaked. She scurried away and Jade could see her running the corner. Jade then looked back at Draco who instantly melted like butter when he looked at her.

"Look at this." He said pointing to the gigantic stack on his desk. "I'm neck deep into these reports that I have to finish tonight. Homicide is a pain in my fucking arse." He said scowling at the files.

"Like it isn't already. Though I wish everyone killed for simple things like bananas. There isn't any complicated write up for a man killing another man for a banana." Albert said from his seat. Draco shook his head and smiled apologetically at Jade.

"I won't be able to make it to dinner…or breakfast." Draco winked.

"Shoot…and I still owe you both." Jade said. Draco took her hand again and pulled her in.

"Eat without me. Order out or eat before you get home. I won't be done by tomorrow morning." He said. He kissed her and ran a hand through her short hair.

"I feel like I'm touching a bloke's head when I touch yours." Draco blurted.

Jade froze in pure horror and they heard a collective hiss from the people next to them.

"I told my wife she cut her hair a little too short and she hexed me into a toad for three days." Ralph, an older Auror said, chuckling to himself.

"Bad call." Blaise said. Draco panicked and he shook his head.

"No! I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was a boy-you know boy hair? Short hair?" Draco asked.

Jade nearly cried in front of him but hated to make a scene in front of everyone. She didn't want to be the woman always putting her boyfriend on the spot for making her feel bad and making him look like a jerk. Well maybe Draco deserved to be a jerk but she didn't want the attention.

"I'll see you whenever…asshole. And if you follow me I'll be nice enough to hex you dead." Jade said stalking off.

Draco backed away from Jade with his hands up and watched her disappear. He turned around to everyone else and jerked his thumb at Jade's direction.

"Isn't she cute?" Draco asked, chuckling nervously.

"You're fucked kid." Ralph said. Draco shrugged, sinking into his seat.

"Yeah that was pretty much obvious." He said.

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