The Aurseize

Part Three: Cuffed To A Bed

Jade stomped out of the building and met with Pansy who sat on a bench with sunglasses on and the stack of files resting on her hands.

"Did Malfoy shove a stick up your arse?" Pansy asked. Jade threw her a glare and pointed to the folder.

"Who are we going after first?" Jade asked. Pansy opened the first file and they looked at their first fugitive.

"Thomas Shoot. Charged for muggle gun possession and shot an Auror who was off duty in a park. What's his fucking problem? Let's catch this bundle of fag by his conk and shoot him to see how it feels like!" Pansy said getting up. Jade stared at her incredulously.

"We're not shooting anyone! And where are we going to get a gun from anyways?" Jade asked seeing Pansy blink and shrug.

"Maybe he could let us use one of his." She said.

"Yeah." Jade nodded, smiling at Pansy. "He'll definitely give us his gun for us to shoot him with." Jade said seeing Pansy roll her eyes.

"You're so dumb; it amazes me to see that you're even alive. Why would we tell him we're going to shoot him with it? Maybe I'll shoot you with it to get him excited." She said.

"Fucking whore." Jade said getting on her broom and whizzing off.

Jade landed in front of Thomas's building and looked around the neighborhood. There were broken windows; graffiti decorated buildings and garbage everywhere.

"This is a very nice place to get shot at." Pansy said.

Jade didn't want to go into the building. That meant she needed to depend on her legs if someone were to blast a couple of rounds at her.

"Well you want to be an Aurseize right? Go inside and catch him." Jade said nodding towards the building. Pansy looked shocked.

"I wouldn't know how to do that! Isn't this why you're training me? You catch him and show me how it's done." Pansy said.

"Fine…I'll get to keep the 1,000 Galleons he was posted for." Jade said strolling in. Pansy grabbed her shoulder and yanked her back, going into the building first.

They walked up the stairs and were on the fourth floor. They heard various noises from the adjacent rooms in the hallways and Jade rolled her eyes at the obnoxious couple. She walked towards the room and turned to Pansy.

"First, be firm and clear. You always knock on the door and identify yourself, why you're here and tell them their charges. If they refuse, you use force." Jade said.

"What kind of force? Does it matter how much force we use?" Pansy asked.

"You can't brutalize your fugitives and you definitely can't kill them." Jade said. She banged her fist against the door.

"He's not opening, let's break in!" Pansy said.

"No!" Jade told her.

The door swung open and a tall dark and naked Thomas Shoot stood in front of them. Jade was repulsed but Pansy licked her lips.

"Well if it isn't Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle with a bob." Thomas said looking at Pansy up and down.

This was the second jab at her hair this morning and if this wasn't going to stop, she was definitely going to shoot someone. Pansy giggled and stuck out her chest and wagged her eyebrows while looking at his package.

"I've seen a lot of those my life but that's pretty impressive." Pansy said, confirming to Jade that all Slytherin students were a bunch of sluts and man whores. Thomas grinned and opened the door wider for Pansy.

"Wanna see what else it can do?" he asked.

"Actually we're from the-" Jade went to say but Pansy stepped into his apartment and locked the door, leaving Jade outside, stunned. Jade pounded on the door.

"Parkinson you can't sleep with your fugitive! What the fuck!" Jade said.

She heard scuffling inside and Pansy shriek. Jade took out her wand and went to blast the door off but the door opened and Thomas stood in his boxers with two muggle guns in his hands.

"If you try to hex me I'll shoot holes by the size of Quaffles in your head." He said. Jade surrendered and nervously laughed.

"Well you'd just have to shoot once because my head is the size of a Quaffle." Jade said seeing him roll his eyes.

"Yeah bitch and I bet it's got feathers and wood in there too. Get in." he said.

"Actually I have a lot of work to do and I-"

Thomas moved his hands slightly apart and shot. Jade's ears deafened as the shots rang off and made the size of Quaffles on the wall behind her.

"Then again it's really not that important!" Jade said hurrying into the apartment.

Thomas had the gun pointed to her head as he took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her to a bed. Pansy was on the other side without her shirt on.

"You dumb piece of shit, you ruined my plan." Pansy said.

"What would that be? Screwing him loose and a free orgasm?" Jade asked feeling Thomas try to tug her shirt. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jade asked Thomas.

"I'm taking off your shirt. I want to see some tits." He said seeing Jade narrow her eyes at him.

"You want to see my tits? Holy cow, do you fantasize about Peter Pan naked or something?" Jade asked seeing him look horrified.

"Ew! Merlin no! Forget I asked!" he said.

He got up and left, locking the door and Jade wondered who would help her in this situation. She in no way wanted Draco to come and get her, which was embarrassing. He was counting on her to screw up so he could get out of filing. So Jade took out her cell phone and dialed the second person she could trust her life with.

"Babe." Harry said.

"Hey Harry! How are you?" Jade asked.

"Just tell me where you are." He said sighing softly. Jade told him the address to Thomas Shoot's building.

"It's going to take me a few minutes; I'm stuck with a muggle car. What happened to you?" he asked.

"I'm sort of handcuffed to a bed." Jade said. She could imagine the smile on his face as she said this.

"That's great…are you naked?" he asked.

"Unfortunately no…but Pansy is." Jade said.

"What the fuck is Parkinson doing there with you?" he asked. Jade sighed.

"Long story. I'll explain later." Jade said.

"I wish you hadn't told me that Jade. I'm turning back." He said.

"No! Harry you had better come back." Jade said hearing him chuckle and disconnect.

In a few minutes, she heard the lock tumble and Harry stepped in, his eyes fixed on Jade. He was wearing his usual black shirt that clung on to him and defined his chest, abdomen and arms with his black pants, hanging casually on to his waist with his utility belt strapped on.

Harry Potter was everyone's Superhero; except for Draco of course.

"Were you on an apprehension?" Jade asked as he clicked the lock off of her. He made eye contact with her and gave her a small nod.

"I'm sorry." Jade said. He lifted her to her feet and brushed her off.

"I told one of my men to take over it. Besides I wasn't going to miss this." He said playfully brushing her lip with his finger. He barely even looked at Pansy and snapped her handcuff off and walked away from her.

They heard a siren go off and Harry walked over to the window to see two men trying to steal his car. Jade saw him take out his gun, aim and shoot one of the men in the leg. The man howled in pain and his partner dragged him off to another car and sped away. Harry turned towards Jade and flashed her a smile.

"I'll teach you one day." He said.

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