The Aurseize

Part Three: Dahlia Noor

Jade slipped into the passenger seat and clicked on her seat belt. Harry sat inside and started his car.

"Where do you want me to drop you now?" he asked Jade who opened her next file.

"I'm going to…hey! This is where James Turner used to work…remember the naked man?" Jade asked seeing Harry shake his head wondering why he even bothered to come.

"Here's the address and we'll take it from there." Jade said hearing Pansy snort from behind.

"You mean I will because you frankly don't know what you're doing." Pansy said.

Jade searched for something she could hit Pansy with. Surely Harry kept something around under his seat. She felt a gun and Harry grabbed her hand. Jade looked up and saw Harry's lip teasing into a smile. Jade left the gun under the seat and crossed her arms tightly to her chest.

"You got us to lose Shoot and I'm going to make sure Percy finds out about your incompetency. If you had just let me do my job, we wouldn't have Golden Boy with us right now!" Pansy said.

Harry sharply turned the wheel and the car swerved, spinning around. Jade grabbed the doors feeling as if her heart dropped and Pansy slammed into her side of the door. Harry who was unfazed, turned around looking at Pansy calmly.

"Call me Golden Boy one more time." He said smoothly.

Pansy squeaked at him and he turned back around, turning the wheel and driving off again. He looked at Jade who stared at him feeling her eyes would explode out of her head. Harry gave her a wink and nearly laughed at Jade's reaction.

Harry stopped in front of James Turner's broom garage and turned to the back, dismissing Pansy with a finger motion. Pansy, who was smart enough not to question Harry's authority was glad to leave the car and stay away from it as if it were a fungus. Jade turned to Harry who grinned at her.

"You're enjoying scaring the life out of people don't you?" Jade asked seeing him lean in.

"Do I scare you?" he asked softly. Jade's mouth open and closed like a fish, unable to respond.

"W-will you shoot me if I said yes?" Jade asked. Harry stared at her, looking at her face, searching for something.

"You think I'd shoot you?" he asked seeing Jade shrug. Harry leaned away and banged his head against the steering wheel.

"I won't be in town for the next two weeks. I have some business in Australia that I'd like to clear up. If you need anything, you can call one of my men and he'll be there." He said reaching into Jade's pocket. He took out Jade's cell phone and dialed a number on it, putting the phone to his ear. Jade watched him wait and when the person on the other end picked up, Harry started speaking.

"It's me. I told you about Jade Weasley, before. Store this number under her name and attend to it immediately if she calls. I'll discuss the rest with you later." He said.

He flipped it closed and slipped it back into Jade's pocket again. He grabbed Jade's jacket collar and pulled her close.

"His name is Zane and he's harmless…only to you. If you need anything at all, he's your guy for the two weeks that I'm gone." He said. Jade nodded her head vigorously and but Harry held on to her.

"Be careful." He said letting her go. He pressed the eject button on the seat belt and the belt whizzed off of her.

"When will you leave?" Jade asked.

She sort of felt odd that Harry wasn't going to be around her for a while. What would happen if the Wizarding world's Superhero disappeared for two weeks? The crazies of the Wizarding world will emerge and take over the whole world!

"I'm leaving tonight. I originally intended to have Zane shadow you unless anything happened but you'd probably hate me and try to stab me when I came back." Harry said. Jade's mouth dropped.

"What?! You'd have someone following me around? It's a good thing you told me because I probably would have stabbed you if I found out." Jade said seeing his eyes darken.

"I don't want you to do anything stupid. Zane is there to help you so use it to your advantage." Harry said.

"I'll see…and do you have an army or something? Who are 'your men'?" Jade asked seeing him smile.

"It's a another conversation for another day." He answered. Jade opened the door and turned around to him.

"Well I hope you stay safe and hate your trip." Jade said.

"You know I will." Harry said. Jade lingered near the door and paused.

"I er…I'll sort of miss you." Jade said.

Harry didn't answer nor change his expression. Jade nodded, thanking herself for being an idiot and closed the door, walking away. She saw Pansy standing there, irritated beyond belief.

"I bet Draco's ecstatic to know that you're fooling around with Potter behind his back." Pansy said.

"Pansy I hate you." Jade said seeing Pansy nod.

"Good to know that. So do I." she said.

"And I'd like to get on with this day and see you off on your way." Jade said walking into the garage.

Jade saw Harry still sitting in his car, watching her enter the garage and once the door shut behind her, Harry started his car and rolled out vanishing into the street.

Jade walked in with Pansy and looked at her file.

"There he is." Pansy said, leaving immediately when she saw their fugitive. "Hey! Shitty!" Pansy called.

The Hippie that helped Jade a few months ago hit his head from looking up and rubbed his head. He was wearing the same purple spectacles and Hippie head band around his head.

"It's Shetty! Not Shitty." The Hippie said, rubbing his hands on his shirt.

"Turn around! I am the highest authority there is so you better listen to me!" she screeched. Shetty gave Pansy a slightly puzzled look.

"Peace on earth." He said smoothly. He turned to see Jade and he smiled brightly. "It's the numero uno Aurseize! I remember you!" he said seeing Jade smile.

"Numero uno? I hope that's English for big fucking loser. I can see why some people like you…they're either on drugs or they're complete idiots." Pansy said to Jade. Shetty held up his hands.

"In my country, we don't call nice women a big fucking loser." He said.

"Suck on my dick." Pansy said.

"No thank you Ma'am." He said.

"Listen Shetty, we have a file on you for growing certain happy plants in your home?" Jade said seeing Shetty gasp.

"Maaaaate! I'm so sorry about that! I only wanted it for me, you know and my neighbor sold me out because I refuse to give it to him. I like sharing mate but he kept asking me to get naked with him…I have standards mate." Shetty said.

"I'll give you 5 seconds to sit the fuck down before I beat you to the Ministry." Pansy growled, trying to be intimidating but to Jade, it only made her look more of an idiot. It was good to know that someone in this world with this same job was worse than Jade. Shetty frowned.

"In my country, we don't beat people." Shetty said.

"Where the hell are you from? You sound like you're from England." Pansy said seeing Shetty gasp, his eyes widening.

"Mate! I am from here! This is sweet!" he guffawed. Pansy stared at him, dumbfounded and Jade shrugged.

"Well Shetty, I'm going to have to take you in. I'm really sorry, I don't want to but I have to but I swear I'll see what I can do for your hearing." Jade said seeing Shetty sigh and nod.

"That's totally nice of you. I'll definitely go in peace with you." Shetty said. Jade smiled.

"Cool." She said. Pansy stood there, staring at them.

"That's it? You can't throw him down and drag him off? What kind of job is this?" Pansy asked.

"If your fugitive complies then there's no reason trying to hurt him. Jeez…" Jade said. Shetty quietly poked Jade's shoulder and lowered his head.

"So…what country is she from?"

"She's actually from a different world but if you ask her, she might bite you." Jade said.

Shetty grimaced and Jade went to open the door but her file fell from her hand and it opened. A familiar face stared back at Jade darkly. Jade slowly squatted, picking up the file and examining the picture. The name next to the picture was printed clearly and in bold.

'DAHLIA NOOR: Wanted for Second Degree Murders of two Muggle men; Hoyt Fisher and Kingsley Newton.'

Jade stared at Dahlia's picture, wondering about the time that she had been thrown into jail for hijacking and destroying a muggle car. She was locked up in the same cell and Dahlia had told her why she was there.

"I just came back from murdering my husband. I chopped his dick off and had it gift wrapped and delivered to the bitch he was fucking."

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