The Aurseize

Part Three: Coming Out Of The Closet

"Now what? I haven't gotten all day. I have a life you know and needs." Pansy said primping herself up in the window reflection.

"We have to make a visit." Jade said seeing Pansy turn sharply.

"What?! With Mr. High on Broom fumes? We're taking him straight to the Ministry and then we'll see about another fugitive." Pansy said.

Jade took out her broom and swung her leg over it.

"Shetty, get on, I have to make this visit." Jade said.

"A Cleansweeper…very nice mate but I have cooler brooms in my garage if you want." Shetty said getting on behind Jade. Jade flew off and heard Pansy screaming.

"Hold on for me! You have my fugitive! I'm coming with you arsehole!" Pansy said.

Jade arrived in front of Dahlia's house. It was a corner house that sat isolated from the rest of the neighborhood. The hedges were tall and uncut and the lawn was left unnoticed for weeks. The house itself looked beautiful but in a very horrific way.

"Oh mate…that house looks scary." Shetty said standing in his spot, looking nervous. Pansy eyed the house nervously as well.

"Well I'm not afraid of that house but someone needs to stay with the criminal in case he gets away. I guess you're on your own Weasley." Pansy said. Shetty looked at Pansy.

"I do not appreciate being called a criminal." Shetty said.

"Didn't I tell you to choke on my dick and shut the fuck up?" Pansy asked.

Shetty clamped his mouth and they both watched Jade knocking on the door. Jade looked around, trying to find a way to get in.

"Break the fucking window!" Pansy told Jade who turned around.

"That's breaking and entering!" Jade said seeing Pansy shrug.

"I know…so?" she asked.

"That's illegal!" Jade hissed.

"What if we heard someone calling from inside?" Pansy asked.

"What if there's no one inside?" Jade asked.

"I don't care. I don't even want to be here." Pansy said.

Jade walked around the back and saw the back door. She tried the door and it creaked open. A wave of rotting smell hit Jade and she stumbled back, feeling herself come to a gag and her eyes tear.

"Holy dingbat." Jade said. She covered her nose and walked in, looking around the dark and ominous looking house. It looked abandoned but the house was kept like a shrine. There were so many vases and other things kept around that made the house cluttered. The curtains were black, the furniture was black but the carpets were red.

"Yoo hoo…anyone home?" Jade asked, ready to bolt for the back door if necessary. She didn't hear anyone respond so she went up the stairs, feeling her heart start to hammer. The smell was stronger upstairs than it was downstairs and she could barely keep her insides from spilling out. She went into a room and looked around to see a single plush unmade bed. Jade checked the drawers to see that there were no clothes in them.

She heard something in the hallway and quickly turned around, hearing the creaking of the hallway floor. She took out her wand and had it pointed so she could blast whoever it was into little pieces. She stood still, hearing the person stand directly in front of the door.

Suddenly the door wrenched open and Jade screamed.


"AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!" Pansy and Shetty screamed. The three of them screamed on the top of their lungs, holding their wands at each other.

"WHY ARE WE SCREAMING?!" Pansy screamed as Shetty screamed.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Jade screamed back.

Pansy and Jade stopped screaming and looked at Shetty who still yelled, moving from side to side. Pansy smacked him behind his head and he stumbled forward.

"What? What happened mate? Are we not screaming anymore?" he asked.

"I think I'm going to need a fucking tub of ice cream after this." Pansy said walking away from him. Jade turned back to the room and looked around, trying to find anything that would lead to Dahlia.

"Ough, this place reeks…it smells like a toilet in here. What the hell is that?" Pansy asked.

"It's coming from the closet." Jade said.

The three of them stared at the closet and Shetty started guffawing.

"You know…it would be funny if we found a dead body?" he said.

Jade and Pansy stared at Shetty, hoping that he was wrong.

"I'm not going to open the door." Pansy said.

"What happened with you being an Aurseize?" Jade asked.

"I catch criminals, I don't open closets!" Pansy said.

"Why are you an Aurseize again?" Shetty asked.

Jade took a deep breath and held the handle to the closet door. She slid it open and jumped back to find that there was absolutely nothing there. Jade laughed nervously and soon, Pansy and Shetty followed.

"We were scared over nothing." Shetty said.

"See, I told you there was nothing there. You're a paranoid freak." Pansy said.

They heard something rustle and they instantly shut up.

The upper part of a body which seemed to belong to a woman swung upside down from the closet, hanging there. The body's flesh was being eaten by fresh maggots and its nose and lips were gone, revealing the hollow space of the nose and exposed teeth. An eyeball slowly fell out and rolled out in front of them and everyone stared.

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