The Aurseize

Part Three: Mud Monster

Jade woke up the next morning on Draco's bed by herself. She remembered everything last night and looked under her covers seeing that she wasn't wearing any clothes. Yep. Draco and Jade had the reunion of a lifetime after 8 years. She couldn't help but smile when they had completely forgotten about him going back to work to finish his reports. Draco set his alarm to 3 in the morning; if it weren't for the alarm, Draco would have still been right next to her or maybe encouraging another position. Jade got out of her bed and went into the bathroom. She saw a note on the counter and she picked it up, reading the short message from Draco.

'I fixed the water problem I made last night for you. I'm really glad I did and I know you are too. I'll see you soon.


Jade giggled to no one in particular and started getting ready for work. She ate her breakfast, gave Jerry a few things to eat and left the house to the Ministry.

"Hey Blaise did you see Draco?" Jade asked seeing Blaise spin in his chair.

"He went up to the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. He was in a bloody good mood today and he wouldn't tell me what happened." Blaise said seeing Jade shrug.

"Why are you smiling now?" Blaise asked.

Jade just left and went into the Aurseize Office to see Parvati and Lavender.

"Looks like you had a good night's sleep." Lavender said seeing Jade nod.

It only took Parvati and Lavender a few seconds to understand what she was smiling about and the two started jumping in their seats.

"You finally did it! Merlin, he must really like you to wait all this time for you." Parvati said.

"What are you both talking about?" Jade asked seeing Lavender nod.

"You made him wait for two months to get into your pants. Draco Malfoy is finished with a girl after two months." Lavender said.

Jade stood there, feeling her heart quavering. What did this mean with their relationship?

"So…what does this mean now?" Jade asked seeing them shaking their heads lightly.

The door burst open and everyone turned to see Pansy Parkinson walking in, wearing a ridiculous leather outfit. She had a tight leather skirt on, which was barely holding on for it looked like it would burst. With the leather skirt, Pansy wore a leather belt with silver studs. She wore a leather halter top with her breasts largely accentuated and her midriff exposed. To top things off, she wore a thigh length shiny leather 5 inch platform boots and a leather hat that glittered the word 'Aurseize'.

"So...which porn movie were you cast in? Night of the living Dominatrix or The Corpse's Bitch?" Lavender asked.

Ron came out of his office and doubled back seeing Pansy.

"Fuck me." He said turning around and going back into his office.

"And what movie did you three audition for? The Three Muske-sluts? " Pansy asked. Parvati handed Pansy a file and Pansy looked it over.

"You need to apprehend Thomas Shoot before I can give you any of the other files." Parvati explained to Pansy who started to argue.

"This isn't fair! How come Peter Pan gets to have more than one apprehension files on her hands?!" Pansy asked.

"Peter Pan? Who the fuck do you think you're calling Peter Pan?" Parvati asked. Lavender and Parvati turned to look at Jade and burst out laughing.

"I think I can see it!" Lavender said. "Cripes! Screw you all." Jade said leaving.

"Jade's just as good as any Aurseize we've ever had and you still need to work on bringing on your first case which you haven't gotten yet. So I suggest you stop wasting your time here and get your arse out looking for Thomas Shoot." Parvati said.

Pansy snatched the file from Parvati and left, knocking her shoulder into Jade's.

"What a bitch." Jade said opening the door again.

"Tell me about it. Hey woman, do you want me to come on an apprehension with you? I haven't got anything to do the whole day." Lavender said.

"Fine…but I swear if you call me Peter Pan I'll drop you from the sky and it won't look pretty." Jade said seeing Lavender swing her purse and stroll out. She wore tight black shorts and a black tank top with rhinestones embroidered on it with red pumps.

"Don't worry, if I call you Peter Pan, you can have my shoes." Lavender said.

They both exited the Aurseize Office and to the elevators for their first fugitive.

"You know, I sort of like being here." Lavender said seeing Jade smile.

"I like you being here too." Jade said. Lavender's eyes brightened and she flashed her teeth.

"I'm probably thinking of dropping my company for Escorts. Ever since I started dating Michael, I just thought that maybe this isn't the lifestyle for me you know?" Lavender said.

The elevator doors opened and Draco walked out with a couple of Aurors. Jade opened her mouth to say hello but Draco instead he attacked her with a snog,

"When are you going to be home?" he asked softly.

"As soon as I can…why, did you have plans?" Jade asked seeing him skim his lips against her jaw.

"You have no idea." He whispered. Jade shivered and Draco grinned, letting her go.

"I'll make dinner…see you tonight." He said seeing Jade nod.

"Bye." Jade said. Draco kissed her again and walked away as Jade and Lavender stared at him.

"He has the nicest backside in the entire province of England." Lavender said. Jade looked at Lavender and smirked.

"There's more to him than his backside…believe me…I've seen it all." Jade said.

"My shirt is sticking to my skin. This is disgusting. I should have worn some fucking sun block, now I'm going to get these nasty sunburns and I'll peel like a flake-tard." Lavender said when they stood in front of the school of their fugitive.

Jade felt her robe sticking to her skin as well and she shrugged it off. She looked at Lavender who fanned herself and adjusted her clothing.

"Erm…Lavender, don't you think what you're wearing is a little inappropriate for this school?" Jade asked.

"Inappropriate? It's not inappropriate unless I'm arrested for it…and no one is going to arrest me. I'm friends with all of the big boys in the Department. Hell, you're even dating one." Lavender said.

Jade nodded at the school with a goofy grin on her face. She glanced at a large and bulky man with an army crew cut wearing black all over. He was a few yards away from them, standing next to a tree with his arms crossed and his legs slightly apart.

"What are you looking at?" Lavender asked following Jade's gaze who shook her head.

"For a minute I thought that was Harry." Jade said. Lavender snorted.

"Harry has a lot of hair on his head and he's much more sexier." Lavender sighed. Jade opened the door to the building and walked in.

"Say, what do you think about Harry?" Lavender asked as they walked down the hallways.

"I think he's a great friend. He's really scary at times though but he's always been nice to me." Jade said.

"Uh…great that's nice but boring. What do you think of him that way?" Lavender asked.

Jade looked bewildered and Lavender rolled her eyes.

"Woman don't tell me you ever wondered how he would look without a shirt on!" Lavender said.

Jade thought about it, feeling the heat rush to her cheeks. She never directly fantasized about Harry without his shirt on because she was too busy thinking about Draco. Now that Lavender was bringing this out in the open for her, she didn't think Harry without a shirt was too bad to think about.

Her eye caught her fugitive. Larry Burke was standing at the end of the hallway, grinning and smiling at a little girl about 10 years old.

"That's him." Jade said to Lavender who was distracted by a gawking 7 year old.

"What are you looking at? Don't you have school stuff to do?" Lavender asked. The child was obviously taken aback by Lavender's overabundance in the chest area where there was too little shirt to cover anything.

"You look like a posi-toot." The child said with a carton of milk in his hands.

"And you look like you'll grow up to be a dumb arse to be fucked by one." Lavender snapped.

"Lav! He's only a little kid!" Jade said.

The kid turned his little black eyes to Jade.

"And you look like Peter Pan." He said.

Jade narrowed her eyes at the kid who chuckled darkly.

"You shitty little bugger!" Lavender said seeing him gasp.

"OOOH! You said the 'S' word! I'm telling!" the kid said.

"That's right; I said shit and go tell on me. What the fuck are these people going to do to me? Give me detention? I don't go to school little retard and you can take that to your mother!" Lavender said.

Jade slapped her forehead, wondering why this was happening to her. The little kid's face twisted into a horrific frown and he threw the milk carton on Lavender which spilled all over her clothes and shoes. Lavender's eyes grew wide and she curled back her lips to reveal her snaring teeth.

"These were vintage costing me 2,300 Galleons!" she growled.

"Hey Greg, what happened?" another boy asked with a group of kids behind him, carrying a bucket of wet pottery clay. Greg pointed to Lavender and Jade.

"These two told me they were going to kill me!" Greg said.

The kids turned to Jade and Lavender and the next thing Jade knew, she was being hit with wet pottery clay. Lavender ran for her life, leaving Jade but Jade was running towards her fugitive Larry Burke who started to leave.

"Larry Burke!" Jade yelled seeing Larry turn around.

"What the fuck?" he asked seeing the mud monster come after him.

"I have to escort you to the Ministry for pedophilia!" Jade said quickly before the kids gained on her. Larry stared at her open mouthed.

"Get her!" one of the kids said.

Larry took out his wand and blasted Jade into a wall, breaking into a run. Jade felt her chest ache as she scrambled up to go after him. She saw him run out of the door and she took out a wand, zapping him with a leg locking curse. Somehow, he slithered through the doors, trying to escape from Jade who wrenched the doors open and jumped on him in the grassy school grounds.

"Stop moving around! If you make my life harder, I'm going to do something you won't like!" Jade yelled.

Larry somehow broke free of Jade's grasp and swung his fist to her face. Her lip instantly split and she fell back, feeling the warm blood rush from her lower lip.

"Fuck…fuck, fuck." Jade said touching her mouth. She felt someone help her up and she looked to see the same large man with the crew cut.

"Are you okay?" he asked, looking slightly worried.

"I loth my futhithive." Jade said through her swollen lip.

The man helped her up and he pointed to Larry who was on the floor, clearly stunned and a large bruise on his cheek.

"Oh my God, what happened here? Jade you caught him!" Lavender said appearing out of nowhere. She saw Jade's lip and instantly cringed.

"Well at least you caught the motherfucker and look more like you have troll lips than Peter Pan!" Lavender said.

Jade narrowed her eyes at Lavender and glanced down at the shoes she was wearing.

"Ough fine…it's covered with milk anyways." Lavender said taking them off.

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