The Aurseize

Part Three: Shoot Shoots

Jade apparated to the Ministry with the man in the black following close behind with Larry's collar firmly in his grasp.

"So what's your name?" Lavender said looking at the man who ignored her, staying silent.

They reached the Auror's Office and Parvati stared at Jade who was covered head to toe with muck.

"Why were you rolling around in mud?" Parvati asked. Jade looked at the man in black and gestured towards to Larry who squeaked and whimpered.

"You can let him go now…thank you for helping me bring him in." Jade said seeing him give her a single nod.

He dropped Larry on the floor who scrambled to his feet, cowering away from Jade and the man in black. The man in black turned around and left the Aurseize Office and Parvati swooned.

"He looked so dreamy! Did you see all those muscles?" Parvati asked Jade who kept watching the man in black leave.

"I don't get it…I don't even know him." Jade said.

"It's a guy thing. It builds on their ego to save a damsel in distress…not that you're a damsel or anything." Lavender quickly added before Jade went berserk. "It impresses themselves and the damsels." Lavender said.

Parvati and Jade stared at Lavender who noticed that they were staring at her oddly.

"Fuck, like you've never heard something smart come out of my mouth? Do I look dumb to you?" Lavender asked.

The door opened again and Pansy walked in, still wearing her getup from this morning. She slammed the file on Parvati's desk and pointed a finger just a centimeter from her face.

"You better give me another file because Thomas Shoot is being an arsehole just like you are!" Pansy hissed. Lavender and Jade snorted.

"It's hard to believe someone would be an arsehole to you Parkinson." Lavender said.

Pansy turned around to see Lavender and looked at Jade.

"Looks like you two had fun shagging with pigs today. Aw Weasley, did you get kicked in the face with a hoof?" Pansy asked pouting.

"Do you get this irritable when a man points his gun at you and not his dick or is this just because you're a fucking joke?" Jade asked.

Pansy took the file from Parvati's desk and threw it at Jade.

"If you think you can do it better than me, you go after Shoot. I want the Dahlia case." Pansy said.

"Fuck no!" Jade yelled.

"Parkinson you can't just pick and choose your cases. The Dahlia case was assigned to Jade based on certain criteria. You won't be able to have the Dahlia's case, one, because it's Jade's case and two, because you won't be able to find Dahlia even if she crawled up and died in your arse." Parvati said hotly. Pansy narrowed her eyes.

"How come her starting case was Malfoy? His case was 50,000 Galleons and this fucker's only worth 1,000 Galleons! No, I want the Dahlia case." Pansy said. Jade sighed and picked up Thomas Shoot's file.

"You're just making excuses because you can't bring Shoot in yourself. I'm going to get him but this doesn't mean you get the Dahlia case because she's mine." Jade said leaving. Lavender followed behind excitedly.

"We're going to bring in Shoot's arse and then you'll feel like a big one!" Lavender cackled.

Jade passed by Blaise and Albert's desks seeing them stare at her curiously.

"Was there a mud wrestling competition that we didn't know about?" Albert asked seeing Jade throw a glare at him.

"By the way Jade; Draco wanted me to pass on a message to you." Blaise said.

"What?" Jade asked turning around.

"He asked me to tell you to take your shirt off and dance to something exotic." Blaise said seeing Jade roll her eyes and leave. "And not to be late for dinner!" Blaise said.

Jade and Lavender apparated to Thomas Shoots apartment and Lavender started backpedaling.

"This neighborhood doesn't look so inviting." Lavender said looking around. Jade grabbed Lavender's arm and tugged her inside of Thomas Shoot's building. They were on the floor and Jade walked up to his door, her patience finally at point zero. She pounded on the door and yelled.

"Aurseize apprehension, open up!" Jade said banging on the door. She stood back with her wand drawn and Lavender stood by with a wand out too.

They heard someone walk in front of the door and heard the cock of a gun. Jade and Lavender whipped around, looking at each other wide eyed. They split apart, running to the ends of the halls as Thomas Shoot shot through his door, making big wide holes through his door and on the wall that already had a few gaping holes.

Jade lingered on the staircases, feeling herself sweat profusely. Pansy was right; Shoot was a pain in the arse to catch. She wanted to go in and try to catch him again but she felt that this time, he would be nice enough to personally see to it that she have no head, limbs and other much needed body parts to live. Jade pulled out her phone, thinking of Harry but he was in Austrailia, gone for two weeks. She remembered when he had programmed a number in her phone in case she needed help but the thought of someone else other than Harry helping her felt uncomfortable to Jade. Then again, there was no way to bring Shoot in without help and Jade couldn't do that herself.

Jade pressed down to Harry's man, Zane's number and the call started going through. She put the phone to her ear and heard Zane pick up.

"Zane here." Zane said. Jade went to speak but heard a gun whizz by her ear and hit the railing.


"I'm going to get you today bitch!" Thomas said aiming the gun at her.

Jade felt panic starting to take over her and her brain started shutting down. She didn't know what she could or if this was a good idea to run. She was going to get shot anyways. Shoot reloaded his gun and Jade made a split second decision to run for it.

She ran wherever there was space and tried not to fall down. She heard gunshots behind her, hitting and panging into the stairs, walls and railings. Suddenly, she felt someone topple on her, sending them to crash down the stairs. Shoot turned Jade around and pointed his black gun at her.

"Any last wishes?" he asked, his eyes glowing murderously.

"Yes…please don't shoot me." Jade squeaked. Thomas chuckled darkly and pressed the gun to the dead center of her forehead.

"This is going to be clean and easy." He said.

Before Jade could close her eyes, a heavy black boot swung and kicked Thomas's face. Thomas flew backwards and a shot was fired.

Jade felt a sharp fire-like pain in her arm. Her voice and thoughts were paralyzed and as she looked down to her arm, seeing the blood seep through her arm. She looked back up to see the man in locking an unconscious Thomas Shoot's hands and turned around to see Jade with extreme worry and agitation.

"Fuck! Mr. Potter's gonna hate this! He's going to kill me! He's going to kill me!" the man in black shrieked, seeing Jade try to hold her wound. The man in black took out his phone and called in for help. They heard someone running down the stairs and saw Lavender appear.

"Holy shit! Oh my God! Fucking cow!" Lavender shrilled. "He shot her! He shot her!" Lavender screamed. She went straight to Jade's side and pulled out a few tissues, trying to hand it to Jade.

"I don't want anything…just leave me alone." Jade whispered, her eyes rolling back. She tried to get her mind off of the pain but was having a difficult time. Her arm started numbing and the blood still pumped out.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't get here fast enough. I'm really sorry." The man in black said.

A few other men in black came and all of them were wearing the same black shirts and black pants with shades, each perfectly fit and muscled to perfection. They took off their shades and examined Jade and Thomas Shoot.

"Mr. Potter's not going to like this one bit." One of them said walking over to Jade. He examined her arm and looked around her.

"I see the bullet. You haven't been shot." He said to Jade who struggled not to cry. He looked uncomfortable to see her face form into a frown and stepped away from her.

"Well she's fucking bleeding out of her arse! If she hasn't been shot then why is the fucking blood there? She's in pain." Lavender sobbed. Aurors and Healers appeared and rushed towards the scene. Ginny paled and ripped Jade's purple sweater and looked at the wound.

"Bullet graze. Thank the fucking stars!" Ginny exclaimed. Seamus Finnigan appeared and took out a box.

"She needs stitches. Hold on to me Jade, it'll be all right." Seamus said, pricking Jade's vein with an ivy cord.

Draco pushed through the crowd and saw Jade sitting there, against the wall with a pool of blood around her.

"I came as soon as I got the call." Draco said kissing Jade's forehead.

"I'm fine." Jade said in a hoarse voice.

"Could have fooled me." Draco said.

"I'm sorry about dinner." Jade said seeing him run his hand down the side of her face.

"This isn't your fault. Whosever fault it is, is going to be sorry though." Draco said darkly. Jade was lifted off and apparated to St. Mungo's for treatment.

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