The Aurseize

Part Three: Zane

Everyone was in St. Mungo's trying to pack into the hospital room but were told to wait while Jade was getting her stitches. The only people that were in the room with Jade were Draco, Ginny and the man in black who introduced himself as Zane.

"So Harry sent you to look after me while he was gone?" Jade asked seeing Zane nod.

"He trusted me to watch over you for the two weeks he was going to be gone. Listen I know I'm in a lot of trouble-"

"This isn't your fault." Jade cut in seeing Zane shake his head, looking at the floor. He looked scared for his life and in a way, Jade almost felt as if he needed a giant hug.

"Mr. Potter is going to kill me." Zane said.

"Tell me again…what exactly he is to you?" Draco asked from his seat, trying hard not to fly off of his chair to strangle Zane.

"Mr. Potter is my boss." Zane said abruptly, still not making eye contact with anyone.

"For what?" Draco asked.

"No questions." Zane said.

"Excuse me?" Draco asked getting up from his seat.

"Draco, out." Jade said pointing to the door.

Draco wanted to stay back and argue but the thought of getting into a fighting match with one of Harry's men was probably going to make Jade feel a lot worse. Draco left and Ginny finished the last of the stitches.

"There you go. Just give it a day or two. The potion will have your wound closed and gone in no time." Ginny said. Ginny looked over to Zane and waved her hand at him.

"Excuse me, big boy in the black shirt with a fancy muggle gun? May you please tell our family that Jade's ready to see them?" Ginny asked.

Zane looked up and held his blue eyes with her brown ones.

"Did you just call me Big Boy?" Zane asked.

"Maybe I could help you with that hearing; we're in a hospital after all." Ginny said.

"Gin." Jade muttered.

Zane left, closing the door behind him and Jade pushed Ginny.

"What's your problem? Why are you people so hard on him?" Jade asked seeing Ginny scoff and throw away the packets she took her equipment out of.

"It was because of him that this happened to you! Harry left him to protect you and this is what happens on his watch!" Ginny said.

"The man saved me from dying. And I told you that it was because of me for getting shot. I should have called Zane before I went in to get Shoot." Jade said.

"Which reminds me, he's in Azkaban, waiting for his court and your check was cashed in by Uncle Bilius in your account." Ginny said seeing Jade sigh. The door opened and the Weasley family bustled in.

"One of these days I'm going to have a heart attack. I don't like this job for you. It's so dangerous." Bilius said.

"I thought you out of all people knew how to have fun!" Aunt Muriel said.

"This isn't even the time and place to make jokes like that Aunt Muriel!" Molly said seeing Aunt Muriel turn to her.

"I know that! I was only joking…to try and lighten up the mood? Ough, what do you know about fun anyways Miss Stick Up Her Arse." Aunt Muriel said. Molly glared at Aunt Muriel, obviously trying not to burst herself into flames.

"I know Shoot wasn't your case but you did a brave thing going in there to apprehend him. Parkinson is such a dick up her-"

"Is there anyone else in this family except for me who can finish a sentence without using some form of vulgarity?" Molly asked.

"And to think that I was waiting Ron to finish that sentence." Aunt Muriel said shaking her head.

"Shoot's lawyers and the court tried to compensate for your injury so they've given you another check and is covering your hospital bills." Ron said seeing Jade nod. He ruffled Jade's hair and left to go home. Molly placed a large bag and took out a whole round chocolate cake seeing Jade's mouth water.

"I know how much you love cake so I baked you one. Of course I made it earlier for dinner but after hearing this, trust me, you'll need it." Molly said seeing Jade smile.

"Thank you Aunt Molly." Jade said as Molly kissed her cheek.

"I'll check up on you later sweetheart. Sweet dreams and try not to eat the whole thing in one sitting, you look like you're putting on weight." Molly said.

When Molly and the rest of the Weasley's left, Jade took in a few forkfuls of chocolate cake, unaware that Draco stood near the doorway watching her. Jade looked up, seeing Draco standing there with his hands in his pocket, watching her calmly.

"Are you just going to stand there like a creep or do you want a piece of my cake?" Jade winked. Jade saw him softly smile and shake his head.

"How in the world do you do that?" Draco asked entering the room and closing the door behind him.

"What? Manage to be so charming?" Jade asked.

"You just got shot and you're in the hospital with 32 stitches on your arm." Draco said sitting in front of her on the bed.

Jade shrugged and Draco wrapped an arm around her, kissing her lightly. Jade wrapped an arm around his waist and pressed into him, wishing that they were back at his house. She didn't mind that she was shot today but with half the Healers that knew her in St. Mungo's, Jade knew she wasn't allowed to go home until her full recovery.

"I hate hospitals but I love your nightgown. It's so easy to take off and I know that there's nothing under there." Draco said running his hand up and down her legs. His eyes twinkled mischievously and he slipped his hand under Jade's gown, trying to lose himself.

Someone at the door rapped anxiously and Draco immediately withdrew his hand and turned around to see Narcissa and Gary walk in.

"Oh my goodness, are you all right Jade?!" Narcissa asked as Draco got off of the bed.

"We came as soon as we got the owl." Gary said. Narcissa rushed by Jade's side and held her arm.

"We were so worried. To think someone would do something like this. Gary and I have spoken about this and Gary said that he will make sure that bastard stays put in Azkaban!" Narcissa said.

"It's all taken care of Jade. Do you need anything while you're here? You probably need a muggle television in this room. I don't understand why Mungo's hasn't brought in any television for their patients. They only have the Wireless but who wants to hear Celestina Warbeck every day?" Gary asked.

"I like Celestina Warbeck." Narcissa said.

"Yeah…me too." Draco said, feigning anger. Gary chuckled and hugged Narcissa.

"Oh I know you love listening to Celestina Warbeck but I was speaking for Jade. Sweetheart would you like a muggle television installed? I'll have it up in ten minutes." Gary said to Jade who shook her head.

"No I'm fine. I'll just have my cake." Jade said. Draco took the cake from her and took a large forkful of it.

"This is sinful." Draco said, seeing Jade's face grow red.

"Hey Mum, you should try this cake." Draco said seeing Narcissa shake her head.

"You give that back to the poor girl. Honestly I don't even know why you have to put up with my son. He harasses every girl he sees." Narcissa said, giving Jade her cake back.

"Well there's only one girl on my mind these days who I only want to harass." Draco said looking at Jade who stopped midway from putting the forkful of cake in her mouth.

Narcissa and Gary smiled warmly and Draco walked over to kiss her. He redirected the fork to his mouth and ate the cake.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning." He said.

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