The Aurseize

Part Three: Bullet Scar

Jade was in Draco's house the next morning, examining the light and thin scar on her arm.

"If you need anything I'm only a phone call away. There's a lot of food so unless you have some kind of monster hiding in there you're good. Do you need anything else?" Draco asked seeing her nod.

"Do you know where my broom is? You bought everything Ginny gave you." Jade said seeing him furrow his eyebrows.

"Why would you need the broom? You're going to stay in this house like a good girl." Draco said ignoring the surprise on her face.

"Wait, I have an apprehension to make-"

"No you don't." Draco said.

They both stood there staring at each other. Draco looked serious about her staying but Jade wasn't going to take any of it. She straightened her shoulders, even though she was wrapped in a towel with her hair slicked back from the water. Draco stood in front of her, half clothed with his hair still damp from their wonderful shower together. To think that they were immediately arguing after having one of the best showers in their lives, puzzled Jade.

"Well you can tell me any day now that you're not my father and you can't tell me what to do." Jade said defiantly.

"Hmm…you have a point but wait! You're staying in this house right? And whose house is this? Oh right, it's mine." Draco said. "And as long as you're here, you abide by my rules; so that means no going out to hunt other crazy idiots who can possibly shoot you again." Draco said.

Jade gritted her teeth, knowing that he had a perfectly good excuse but she wasn't going to lose and give into him.

"Well too bad because I'm going and don't worry about house rules. The only person living in this house will be you because I'm going to move out." Jade said grabbing her things.

Draco was standing there, frozen in shock. Obviously he never had the courtesy of a woman walking out on him, this was usually his job.

"Wait…you can't be serious." Draco said seeing her pick up her bag.

"I'm pretty serious. I'm moving out right now and back into my old apartment." Jade said.

Draco ran a hand over his face and through his hair with his hand resting on the top of his head and the other on his hip.

"Would it be all right for me to tell you that you're insane and the most annoying woman I've ever had to deal with in my years of living as a man?" Draco asked seeing Jade shrug.

"And that I don't want you to get hurt again?" he added.

Jade took a deep breath and sighed, crossing her arms across her chest.

"This is my job. I'm sure you get hurt all the time in your job as an Auror but do you see me complaining?" Jade asked.

"Sweetheart you're an Aurseize. You're bound to get in more trouble than an Auror but you're a woman. Shouldn't women your age do nice little things like have a normal career?" Draco asked.

"That is so sexist! Just because I'm a woman, I shouldn't have any job that I want, even if it includes a little danger? Too bad Malfoy, go find yourself a normal girl because I'm not changing my career. Piss off!" Jade said leaving.

"I want my towel back!" Draco shouted after her.

Jade rolled her eyes, got into the bathroom, changed and got out, chucking the towel at him.

"And you probably owe me a dinner." Draco said.

"Fine." Jade said.

"If we negotiate, can you move back in with me?" Draco called.

"If negotiating means everything you say won't count and everything I say will; then we have a deal." Jade said seeing him shake his head and grin.

"A relationship doesn't work when one of us has their head up their arse." Draco said.

"Well then tell me when you've got your head out of yours and I'll move back in. Bye!" Jade said apparating.

Jade was in front of her building with her belongings. She walked up the stairs and opened her door, smelling the acrid burn of her apartment. She dumped her things in a corner and looked around to see that there was no furniture and made a mental note to shop for furniture first thing in the morning. There was a soft knock on the door and Jade turned around to see Mrs. Jones standing there with an entire pie in her hands.

"I thought I saw you coming in from outside. You're coming back to stay aren't you?" she asked walking into Jade's apartment.

"Yes, I'm moving back in." Jade said.

"Oh that's just wonderful! And here's a pie for you. Thought you'd might like it since you're back with us." Mrs. Jones said.

"That's so sweet of you, thank you Mrs. Jones." Jade said giving a hug to Mrs. Jones.

When Mrs. Jones left, Jade changed into her work clothes and left to the Ministry.

"What the earth? Didn't you get shot yesterday?" Parvati asked incredulously when Jade strolled in.

"Yep. Any files for me?" Jade asked.

"You must be out of your mind! You should be resting!" Parvati said.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired but I'm fine." Jade said going through her files.

Parvati's eyes lingered on Jade's arm, trying to look for the bullet scar.

"Do you want to look at it?" Jade asked seeing Parvati's eyes widen.

"Do I!" she said. Jade lifted up her short sleeve and Parvati gaped at the wound.

"Holy mother of all things holy! How did it feel?" Parvati asked seeing Jade grimace.

"Like rolling around in a bed of roses." Jade said sarcastically.

The door burst open and Pansy Parkinson walked in, wearing the same thing she had yesterday except her top was flaming red.

"Oh no…it's the spawn of troll dung." Parvati said. Pansy stood in front of Jade and looked at her scar.

"Too bad he couldn't have aimed for your head." Parvati said. Jade's insides boiled and she clamped her mouth and walked away from Pansy but heard her follow.

"Excuse me; I have a case for you Parkinson!" Parvati yelled after her.

Jade turned around to see Pansy behind her.

"What the fuck do you want from me now?" Jade asked through her teeth. Parkinson stepped up with her hands on her hips.

"I'm on the Dahlia case with you." Pansy said.

Jade felt herself blow steam off from the top of her head like a train exhaust. Before she went to choke Pansy to death, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Is there a problem here?" Draco asked. Jade turned around to see Draco standing there, glaring at Pansy who cowered back.

"I think Parkinson here wanted to talk to you about the weather. Can you just talk to her until I at least disappear from the face of this earth?" Jade asked Draco who frowned.

"What good would it do me if you disappeared?" Draco asked. Jade nearly rolled her eyes.

"Just do it would you?" Jade asked. Draco smiled at Jade and turned back around to Pansy.

"No way! Nothing is going to distract me from this case, not even you Malfoy." Pansy said trying to push past him but Draco stood there, solid as a rock.

"That's a nice bra you've got on." Draco said seeing Pansy snap her head at him.

"Huh? Me? Oh…" Pansy said looking at her outfit.

Draco rolled his eyes to see that Jade was already gone.

"I actually made this myself and if you're interested to see what's undernea-" Pansy stopped to look up and see that no one was there.

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