The Aurseize

Part Three: Jack In The Box

Jade stopped in Dahlia's neighborhood and asked around her neighbors for any leads.

"Sure I know Dahlia Noor. She's quite an introvert but that night when she murdered her husband, bless his soul..." a woman said with a blonde baby boy on her hip.

"What happened that night?" Jade asked.

"Well all I know is that there was screaming. I looked out the window and see the lights on at their house and it was 3 in the morning mind you. Her husband Hoyt comes out naked and holding on to his sack bleeding and squirting like a fountain. I owled the Ministry and when Hoyt started to look unconscious I called the muggle police to help him and that's when she was taken to the muggle prison." The woman said.

Jade nodded and looked over to Dahlia's corner house.

"And no one goes inside, not even the kids can imagine to go inside of an abandoned house of a woman who had cut off her own husband's penis to have it sent to his mistress." The woman said.

"So you wouldn't know anything about Dahlia's relatives or anything like that?" Jade asked seeing the woman shake her head.

"I wouldn't know about Dahlia's relatives but I do know Hoyt Fisher had has family in Buckinghamshire." She said.

"Oh that's great. I'll ask them, thank you for your cooperation." Seeing the woman nod.

"Anything I can do to help." She said. Jade gave her a card with her contact.

"If you see Dahlia or see anything unusual in the house just give me an owl, or even a call." Jade said.

Jade walked away from the woman's house, looking at Dahlia's house. Jade took out her cell phone and called Draco in hopes of getting some information that she didn't have about Hoyt Fisher's parents.

"Hello?" Draco answered.

"I need you to find an address for me. It's Hoyt Fisher's parents." Jade said.

"You'll never get an address with that kind of rudeness. I need some manners from you." Draco said. Jade sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

"Please." Jade said. She heard him softly laughing and she threatened to disconnect.

"Fine…would you by any chance move back in with me if I gave you the address, since it's such a big favor and all." Draco said.

"No. Now give me the address." Jade said.

"Give me something in exchange." Draco said.

"Malfoy you're really starting to irritate me. I could have finished this conversation with Parvati three minutes ago with the address in my hand." Jade said.

"But clearly you wanted me, even knowing that there might be a great possibility that I won't give you the address because I hate what you're doing. Ok, I've got the address." Draco said ruffling his papers.

"Great, finally." Jade said.

Draco told her the address and Jade wrote it down.

"I miss you already." Draco said over the phone.

Jade softened. Usually when he would say things like that she'd melt instead of the crude suggestions he would make, which was fine under certain circumstances.

"I sort of miss you too." Jade said.

"Sleep over tonight." Draco said.

"Fine…I'm ordering my furniture tomorrow so I guess I'll come over tonight. By the way it'll take me a while. I have some things I need to clear up in my apartment before I come over. I'll see you tonight." Jade said.

"Don't be surprised if I show up to pick you up." Draco said.

With that he ended the call and Jade was on her way to Buckinghamshire.

Jade arrived in Buckinghamshire, in front of the home of Hoyt Fisher's parents. Jade went up to the door to knock but heard a small crash from inside. She tipped to the side to look inside of the window but heard a strangled yell.

She saw Hoyt Fisher's father Oryan Fisher being strangled by a tall and skinny woman who Jade had met and seen before; Dahlia.

"Merlin." Jade said. She went to the door, trying to get it to open but the door was locked. She looked back at the window, picking up a stone from the pathway and threw it at the window to stop Dahlia from killing Oryan Fisher. The stone broke the glass and Dahlia looked up, locking eyes with Jade. She instantly dropped Oryan and started heading for the backdoor. Jade bolted for the backyard and saw Dahlia burst through the back door, running for the fence.

"No!" Jade screamed, grabbing Dahlia's shirt to prevent her from jumping over the fence. Dahlia turned around with fury in her small brown eyes.

"Let me go!" Dahlia hissed.

Jade yanked her back and went to take out her wand to lock her hands but Dahlia was faster. She drew her wand and sent Jade back with boils rapidly covering her face. Jade felt the painful boils swelling on her face and starting to close her vision. The last thing she could see clearly was Dahlia escaping by jumping over the fence and a small 'pop' in the distance.

"Are you okay?" a raspy voice asked next to Jade.

"My faith…ith hurth." Jade sputtered. Jade sat there as she heard Aurors and Healers making their way and the thought of Draco seeing her like this would kill her.

"How did this happen?" a male voice asked which Jade recognized to be Seamus Finnigan.

"I was in the process of being murdered by my dead son's wife but this lovely lady came and chased the maniac out." Oryan said. Blaise nodded and watched Seamus hand Jade the Boil-Cure Potion. Jade downed it and her face started to come back to its normal place. She saw Blaise standing there, grinning at her.

"Shit, if I were to know it was you, I would have called Draco." Blaise said seeing Jade scowl and get up.

"You saved my life." Oryan said taking Jade's hands.

Jade looked over Oryan. He was a few inches shorter than her with light brown and grey hair with light blue eyes. His face had uneven splotches of red and there was a dark red line across his neck indicating that he was being strangled by Dahlia.

"It wasn't really anything-"

"I'll give you whatever you want. I owe you my life." Oryan said.

Jade looked at Blaise who for once looked serious and not in the mood to fool around.

"Can you brief us through this?" Blaise asked. Oryan nodded slightly, rubbing his neck.

"I was inside, going to water my plants until I heard someone from Hoyt's then bedroom which is now a small storage place. I went to open the door to see what it was and the next thing you know, Dahlia attacks me with a plastic cord and starts choking me. She told me that it was my fault that she had to kill Hoyt. That I encouraged him to sleep with another woman. I never liked Dahlia. She was a creepy and obsessed woman with a fascination for dead things and mutilation." Oryan said.

This got an eyebrow raise from both Blaise and Jade.

"Dead things…like…" Blaise asked as Oryan shook his head.

"Dead people and you know what she liked to mutilate?" Oryan asked.

Blaise and Jade exchanged looks and the both knew that they probably didn't want to know.

"Ding-dongs." Oryan said.

Blaise blinked at him and shook his head.

"Excuse me?" Blaise asked.

"The jackhammer!" Oryan said.

Blaise still didn't get it.

"Captain Winkie! Hello, do you not name your penis anything?" Oryan asked.

Blaise's eyes grew wide and he tipped his head back, opening his mouth.

"Oh! Er…well I don't…that's gross. Why would I have a name for my Jack in the Box?" Blaise asked. Jade rolled her eyes and Blaise turned to Jade, knocking his shoulder with hers.

"So…what do you name your girls?" Blaise asked.

"I call them This Conversation is Bizarre…Dill hole." Jade said seeing Blaise scowl. Jade turned back to Oryan who started receiving medical care from Seamus.

"So is there all you know about Dahlia? She has no family members at all?" Jade asked seeing Oryan shake his head.

"She was an orphan and started working around. She met Hoyt at a pet shop she used to work in and I don't know what Hoyt saw in her. He fell in love and married her and the next thing you know he's dead without his manhood. It's hard enough to have to bury your son…but burying him without his penis? That broke my holy heart." Oryan said. Jade awkwardly patted Oryan on the shoulder as Oryan blew into a tissue that Seamus handed him.

"Where's your wife?" Blaise asked.

"She's out of the country, visiting one of her cousins. It's a good thing she never came to see this. I should probably tell her to stay with her cousins until that nut is closed off in Azkaban." Oryan said.

"That sounds like a good idea." Blaise said.

"Thank you for the information. If there's anything else you need to tell me about Dahlia just owl me." Jade said handing Oryan her card. Oryan was grateful and took her hands again.

"You are an angel of grace. You saved my life." Oryan said.

"I really haven't done anything." Jade said seeing him shake his head. Blaise pulled on Jade's arm and bid goodbye to Oryan.

"I'll take it from here. Go home and lock yourself in a room with Draco. The happier he is, the less likely he will be from going on a rampage, looking for a female penis mutilator for hexing his woman with boils. You wouldn't want what happened to Hoyt happen to Draco would you?" Blaise asked seeing Jade vigorously shake her head.

"Then go on. I'll see you with the boys tomorrow and I'll tell them the entire story." Blaise said.

"Yeah and I'll have tell the boys that you name yours 'Jack in the Box'." Jade said seeing him point a finger at her.

"It's your word against mine Weasley! And Jack in the Box isn't as bad as Captain Twinkie. I wouldn't even need Dahlia to cut my Jack off…I'd cut it off myself if a woman called it Captain Twinkie." Blaise said. Jade grinned and pushed Blaise slightly.

"I'll see you tomorrow." She said.

With that, she apparated in front of her building. She went up the stairs and entered her apartment, missing the furniture and everything else she had. She took in the empty space and started sending owls to furniture companies. Within a half an hour of sending her owl, she was sent back a catalogue of furniture pictures. Jade ordered food from a local Wizarding place and splayed out on the carpet floor with a blanket under her. She was in the middle of eating and choosing furniture until she got a knock at the door. Jade got up and opened the door to Draco who looked at her with a confused expression and a pack of Firewhiskey's in his hand.

"What?" Jade asked.

"You have a peephole…why can't you use it?" Draco asked. Jade looked at the peephole and shrugged.

"I can sense when you're near." Jade said seeing him grin closing the space between them.

"Bull shitter." He said closing the door behind him. He placed a hand behind her head, grasping her thick hair lightly.

"Blaise told me what happened." Draco said softly kissing her earlobe.

"Shit." Jade said. Draco smiled, sliding his other hand up her back with his fingers lingering on her bra hook.

"I think I'd give up anything to see you covered in boils while in the conversation of two grown men naming their penis." Draco whispered.

"I think you're killing my libido. This isn't the type of things a woman wants to hear when she's in the middle of-OH MY GOD!" Jade gasped when Draco quickly slipped his hand in her underwear.

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