The Aurseize

Part Three: Harry's Kneazle Painting

She turned around and saw Harry staring at her and she screamed. He was squatting and stunned as Jade ran around, trying to find a place to hide. She reached her bedroom and slammed her door shut, realizing that she had no clothes in the bedroom. She opened the door again and poked her head out to the still slightly stunned Harry Potter.

"I forgot my clothes were in the living room…could you…you know…" Jade said seeing him get up.

He picked up her sweats and shirt and handed it to her, trying to fight off a smile. Jade wanted to cry at the thought of Harry catching her naked like this. She shoved her legs into her sweatpants and roughly put on her shirt and stomped into the living room where Harry sat comfortably with his shoes off. He looked up at her, his eyes laughing at her but the rest of his face controlled; somewhat.

"I'm not fazed by this." Jade said in an abnormally high pitched voice.

"Your shirts on backwards, inside out." Harry nodded to her.

Jade looked down at her shirt and felt as if she was going to tip over from the amount of blood in her head.

"Well I don't care. I like wearing shirts like this. It's very comfortable." Jade said. Harry nodded and the doorbell rang.

"Oh no…what now?" Jade asked seeing Harry get up.

He opened the door and a delivery boy handed him a box of pizza. Harry held out a note for the delivery boy and closed the door when the delivery boy's eyes got large for the bill he was paid with.

"When did you order food?" Jade asked seeing Harry smirk.

"I came in and saw you sleeping there. I decided you'd want food when I found you like this." Harry said opening the box.

Jade sat in front of him and took out a steaming slice where the cheese took forever to break.

"Couldn't you knock?" Jade asked seeing him take a big bite.

"It's all about the element of surprise." He said.

"Some surprise. But can you please knock next time unless I pass out naked again?" Jade asked seeing Harry shake his head.

"All the more reason to drop in on you this way." He said.

Jade broke out into a sweat every time Harry flirted with her and gave her mental pictures that she would rather not be dealing with, especially after that horrendous fight with Draco. Jade saw Harry working into his third slice of pizza and she pointed her wand to the kitchen, summoning cold Firewhiskeys that Draco brought over today that neither of them could drink to.

"I thought you didn't eat this kind of food…what happened?" Jade asked seeing him open a Firewhiskey. He handed it to her and opened one for himself.

"I'm a man love…not a freak of nature." He said, guzzling the Firewhiskey down as if it were water. Jade smiled and took a swig from her bottle.

"How was your business in Australia?" Jade asked seeing him focus his eyes on her.

"I abandoned it for a while. Right after I heard you were shot at." He said clipping off his utility belt. He set everything aside and lightly stretched, hunching over with his knees drawn up and a Firewhiskey in his hand.

"I asked you to be careful." He said softly looking up at her.

Jade froze with the Firewhiskey in her mouth.

"Careful? Of course I was careful. I was-"

"You know I have a gun sitting right next to me?" he asked.

Jade poked the bottle in her mouth and chugged the entire bottle down. He was most likely joking but he didn't look like it. It was hard to tell when the gun was lying right there.

"It just happened so fast. I was only making an apprehension and Shoot shot me. I called Zane, I swear I did but Shoot caught me by surprise and when Zane came in, Shoot fired the gun and it just barely missed me." Jade said showing him the light thin scar.

Harry leaned over and touched it softly with his fingertips sending all kinds of chills throughout her body.

"I'm really never asking for much when I ask you to be careful…and that means taking Zane with you before an apprehension occurs. That's all I wanted but you're lucky I came across Zane before I came to you." he said seeing her eyes grow wide.

"But it wasn't his fault!" Jade said seeing Harry slide his finger down her arm, curling it around her finger.

"When I ask one of my men to do their job, I expect them to fulfill it beyond my expectations and he failed to do that." He said.

"W-what happened to…him?" Jade asked, her voice dropping low. Harry looked up to meet her eyes and looked back at her scar again.

"He's alive…I think." He said. He stood up, looking back down to her.

"Hard to believe that you'll stay in without furniture for the night…but you look like you're having your own fun." Harry said.

Jade looked around and realized he was right but she wasn't going to Draco's house for the life of her.

"Yeah…I guess I'll stay with my parents until my furniture arrives." Jade said.

"What happened with staying at Malfoy's?" Harry asked seeing her clean up.

"Things sort of got complicated and we're…I don't know." Jade said throwing the garbage out. She came back to see Harry clipping on his utility belt.

"I'll drop you home." He said.

Jade nodded and took her bag of clothes. She left her apartment with Harry and saw him take out his broom. Harry took Jade's things, minimized it and tucked it into his pocket as Jade got on. They had a silent ride to Bilius's house and Harry stopped when they reached in their destination.

"Thanks for the ride…and the food." Jade said seeing Harry lightly brush his thumb on her shoulder.

"There's more you would have been thanking me for if you didn't look so miserable." He said.

"Errrrr…" Jade said.

Harry grinned and they both turned around to hear the front door being opened. Aunt Muriel stuck out her head and Jade felt Harry prepare to leave.

"It's Harry! Good! You're with Harry again! Tell him to wait; I have a painting I made for him. You're going to love it." Aunt Muriel said disappearing into the house.

Jade quickly turned around to Harry and grabbed his shoulders.

"Leave! Leave now if you want to save your eyes and your soul!" Jade said.

Harry's eyes traveled off of Jade's face and behind her, seeing Aunt Muriel carry a painting of a hideous Kneazle with a thunderbolt scar on its head. The Kneazle was perfectly naked, except this one was a male body with 6 pack abs and a leaf covering his privates.

"If she forces me to take that painting home, I'll shoot her." Harry said seriously to Jade who panicked.

"You hunky mysterious man, I saved the best for you." Aunt Muriel said going to hand him the painting.

Harry inched to his holster but Jade grabbed his hand.

"You're joking right? You can't be serious? She's my Great Aunt! She's your best friend's Great Aunt." Jade said.

"Too late for that babe, it's coming closer." Harry said taking something out of his pocket.

"What? What are you both talking about?" Aunt Muriel asked.

Jade grabbed Harry and crashed her lips against his, feeling him unresponsive for a beat. She wasn't sure what this was going to do but it was probably delaying the bullet in Aunt Muriel's head. Harry suddenly responded back aggressively, wrapping his arm around her waist. Jade circled her arms around his neck, feeling herself completely lost and scattered with Harry. He brought out completely different feelings in Jade that she didn't know existed. Harry broke the kiss and pulled back, smiling at Jade.

"That was fun." He said.

"Holy cow…I'm getting a hot flash." Aunt Muriel said.

Jade scratched her head, feeling her feet still not touch the ground.

"I…uh…" Jade said seeing Harry grin and show her his wallet.

"I was actually going to thank Aunt Muriel and buy the piece off of her." Harry said.

Jade was floored. Harry winked at her and nearly sent Aunt Muriel sky high by taking the painting and tucking it under his arm.

"Goodnight." Harry said to Aunt Muriel who clapped her hands together and hopped away. Harry turned to Jade and hooked a finger around her belt loop.

"You shouldn't have done that to me…now you're in real trouble." He said. Jade stared at him, open mouthed and Harry slid his hands up her chest and to the back of her neck, pulling her face level to him.

"You have no idea what you just put yourself into." He said in a calm controlled voice.

"Stupid me." Jade said seeing Harry grin and kick off into the air. Jade saw him vanish and she stood outside, wondering what she had gotten herself into. She was going to drive herself crazy going to think about Harry the entire night.

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