The Aurseize

Part Three: Dahlia's Gift

"Home sweet home." Jade sighed unlocking her door. She looked through her mail and looked at a white gift wrapped package with red ribbons laced and tied into a bow. Jade took the package and made a face. Draco was trying to bribe her and make nice. Her cell phone started to ring and Jade smirked at the phone, seeing Draco's I.D. pop up.

"Stop sending gifts by mail, it never impresses me." Jade said going into her apartment with the gift and her mail in her hands.

"Gift? I never send gifts to anyone so it wasn't me. Probably Potter doing his Secret Admirer things, we know how much he fancies romantic things like that." He said.

"Of course you out of all people would know. Why did you call me anyways? To give me grief because it's working." Jade said.

"For your information sweetheart the only reason why I needed to call you was because we found Oryan Fisher dead in his home and guess which favorite body part is missing?" Draco asked.

"Oh my God…you have got to be kidding me." Jade whispered placing a hand on her face.

Draco was silent for a couple of seconds.

"Are you all right?" Draco asked, his tone getting softer.

"I…I'm fine." Jade said, unable to think of how Dahlia would have the nerve to come back and finish off Oryan. Draco sighed into the other line, listening to the other Aurors.

"She came back for him and got away again." Draco said.

"I know…she's so close by and-"

Jade stopped when she untied the ribbon and took off the lid. Something was rotting and she was afraid what she would find in there.

"I chopped his dick off and had it gift wrapped and delivered to the bitch he was fucking."

"What?" Draco asked.

Jade removed the tissue wrap and saw a gruesome, saggy and bloody rotting penis in the box.

"AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHHH!" Jade screamed, flipping the box and her phone in the air and toppling over her chair. She ran into her bedroom and locked it shut, still screaming and jumping as if she were contaminated.

She heard a pop in the hallway and opened her bedroom door to see Draco break in. He ran in and almost tripped over the penis.

"What the fuck is that? Jade please tell me that's a sausage." Draco said looking at one side while he pointed to the bloody penis on the floor.

"She sent Oryan's fucking penis to me! She's sick! This is disgusting!" Jade said.

Draco called for the rest of the Aurors and looked at his shoe.

"I have penis on my shoes." He said, kicking them off and setting it aside.

Jade's eyes closed and she silently cried, burying herself in a corner. She heard Draco talk to a couple of Aurors and crime technicians as they worked their way around the 'gift.' Jade felt a pair of hands turn her around and bring her close to a warm and strong chest.

"This is absolutely bizarre. I've never seen something like this in the eight years I've worked as an Auror." Draco said feeling Jade sob in his chest.

"Oryan was killed because of me." Jade squeaked, feeling Draco rub her back.

"Want to step out and grab lunch? I'll treat." Draco said.

Jade never passed up breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks in between.

"Mmhmm." Jade nodded. Draco pulled her away and turned to the other Aurors.

"Mike, can you lock up after everyone's done?" Draco asked seeing Michael nod.

"Hope you feel better Jade. I wouldn't have done well if someone gift wrapped a dead wanker tool to me." Michael said.

Draco took Jade out of the apartment and to the parking lot where he apparated with her to Madame Rosmerta's. Jade wiped her eyes and even through the busy crowd, Madame Rosmerta found them and led them to a cozy table near the walls.

"Two butterbeers." Draco said.

"And three Firewhiskeys." Jade said.

Draco and Madame Rosmerta blinked at her.

"You're gone after a Firewhiskey." Draco said seeing Jade narrow her eyes.

"Do you mind? I just found a dead man's penis in my apartment. I'm going to have a couple of drinks and I'm not gone after a bottle." Jade said as Madame Rosmerta set their drinks down and handed them their menus. Draco grinned mischievously.

"Maybe I'll get lucky after getting you a couple of drinks." He said.

Jade shook her head at him and took the Firewhiskey to her mouth.

Jade woke up in the crack of dawn, tangled up in a warm body feeling then breathing on her neck. She moved her head slightly to see Draco sleeping soundly without his shirt on and Jade checked to see if she still had all her clothes on. She still had her underwear and a different shirt on, but that could mean a lot of things. She looked up from the bed and saw her shoes, pants and shirt neatly folded and placed on a chair nearby. Knowing Draco Malfoy and their situations from the past, Draco had been the perfect gentleman…again.

The sudden ring of Draco's cell phone unsettled the quiet calm of the early morning and Draco's sleep. Draco opened his eyes and squinted, looking around for the cell phone, his hair sticking up in odd directions.

"Fuck…I hear it ringing but I don't know where it's coming from." Draco mumbled.

Jade looked at his desk nearby and pushed the covers aside, slipping off the bed. She recovered his cell phone and handed it to him, seeing him take his phone and flip it open.

"What?" he snapped. He paused for a couple of seconds and gave a rough sigh.

"I'll be there in ten minutes." He said. He snapped the phone off and got out of the bed.

"Granger wants a meeting for a case we're all working on and I have to go. Do you feel all right?" Draco asked hugging Jade close.

"I kind of feel like I had a really good sleep last night." Jade said, feeling him kiss her forehead.

"How would you like it if we both jumped into the shower together and-"

"Not going to happen, I'm still mad at you for leaving me." Jade said seeing Draco shrug.

"It was worth a try. I'll be back." He said. He squeezed her lightly in his arms and let go, striding towards the bathroom. Jade found her hair band on the nightstand and tied up her hair and went downstairs to make some coffee and some toast. She made her way to Jerry's tank and tapped on the glass lightly, seeing Jerry huddled in his artificial rock cave. Jade heard Draco make his way down the stairs and help himself to coffee.

"I can't remember anything from last night." Jade said seeing Draco smile and hand her, her cup. Jade wrapped her hands around the warm cup and took a sip of her coffee, feeling the warmth wash over her, down to her toes.

"You never remember anything from the night before when you've had one too many drinks." Draco said. Jade smiled and saw him set his cup down.

"Listen if you need anything, the house is yours. I know how you feel about living space and…well you're free to stay here as long as you'd like, whenever you like." He said. Jade nodded slightly and he slowly absorbed whatever he saw in her.

"Bye." He said. With that, he walked towards the door and left.

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