The Aurseize

Part One: Aurseizing Makes Life Shorter

The next morning Jade woke up to find Aunt Muriel snooping around her room, going through Jade's bags.

"What are you doing?" Jade asked Aunt Muriel who shook from her stance. She turned around and smiled at Jade, walking towards her.

"I was just checking up on you to see if you became a vampire or not. Since you were in Romania for 7 good years." Aunt Muriel said. Jade squinted at Aunt Muriel, wondering if she was making any sense.

"Jeez Aunt Muriel, if I were a vampire wouldn't I be in a coffin?" Jade asked seeing Aunt Muriel wave her hand dismissively.

"Get with the program kid, it's the 21st century and coffins are so overrated anyways." Aunt Muriel said. Jade jumped up from her bed and shuffled through her bags to find her toothbrush. When Jade was done taking a shower and brushing her teeth, she dressed up and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Toast and eggs! I know you like your orange juice with extra pulp." Bilius said. Jade nearly cried. She loved home cooked meals from her Dad. She loved it when other people made food for her and that to her was pure and simple love.

"So you're going to see Ron about the Malfoy case aren't you?" Bilius asked seeing Jade nod.

"Yesterday Molly and Ron were talking about training and-"

"You're basically a fugitive apprehension agent. Ron hires you to bring back fugitives on private cases and he pays you when you bring them back. It's as simple as that." Bilius said.

"But…shouldn't I be an Auror for that?" Jade asked seeing Bilius shake his head.

"Whenever the Ministry gets desperate, they send out their Aurseize to catch their man; you. The Aurors can do that but their job requires to be stationed at specific parts of England and regulate the people. You know those muggle movies we watched with Arthur? James Bond?" Bilius asked seeing Jade nod intensely.

"Your job isn't as glamorous and the Ministry can't pay for damages or other cool things." He said. Jades shoulders slumped and she looked at her watch.

"Damn I'm getting late. I'll see you when I come back." Jade said getting up. She went to say goodbye to Aunt Muriel but realized that she wasn't in the kitchen.

"Where's Aunt Muriel?" Jade asked. Bilius and Jade walked out of the kitchen and to the living room where Aunt Muriel started painting the walls orange.

"What are you doing Aunt Muriel?!" Bilius screeched. Aunt Muriel turned around with her paintbrush in her hands.

"This house needs a little life. Orange brings out positive energy and…" Aunt Muriel trailed off, babbling about spiritual energy.

"I need a drink…that always brings out the positive energy in me." Bilius said rubbing his eyes.

Jade walked into Ron's office in the Aurseize Office and met with Ron's very familiar secretary.

"Jade! Long time no see! What are you doing here after all these years?" Parvati Patil asked from her seat.

"Hey Parvati. I didn't know you worked for Ron." Jade said seeing Parvati nod.

"He's a really nice boss, even though the work's boring. Write checks and hand out fugitives for an Aurseize to catch." Parvati explained. The office near Parvati's opened and Ron walked out, seeing Jade.

"I was hoping you'd change your mind." He said seeing Jade smile hard at him.

"Not a chance dear cousin of mine. 50,000 Galleons is too hard to walk by." Jade said hearing Parvati gasp.

"You're going to be the Aurseize to bring Malfoy in? Sweet fucking jumping jacks, this is huge! It's because you want to get back at him for the bathroom thing eh?" Parvati asked, standing up and placing a hand on her hip.

"Quit it. Get into my office Jade." Ron said leaving. Jade followed him into the office and Parvati waved at Jade.

"Don't worry Jade. I've got your back!" Parvati said. The door closed shut behind Jade and Ron took a seat on his leather chair.

"Because of Mum, I decided to hand over Malfoy's file over to you." Ron said seeing Jade jump and pump her fist in the air. "Hey, Hey, Hey, don't get too excited just yet. You just can't be an Aurseize just like that. Fortune cookie writing isn't a quality that an Aurseize holds." Ron said.

"It doesn't hurt to tell people their day is going to go great once in a while." Jade said.

"How come every fortune cookie I open tells me that there's always going to be a better day?" Ron asked seeing Jade shrug.

"Maybe because you have bad karma…maybe you should let Aunt Muriel color your house orange." Jade shrugged.

"Shut up! I am not letting that woman go near my house with even a paintbrush. Now…before I give Malfoy's folder over to you, I need you to convince me that you have the ability to catch a criminal. I'm going to give you a small case. Just a little one, not even that big, worth around 200 Galleons." Ron said.

"What the fuck am I going to do with 200 Galleons?" Jade asked.

"Maybe get laid…you look like you need one of those." Ron commented. Jade rolled her eyes and Ron went along.

"Anyways, you need to go under training. Which means you need a few basic tools and always go in prepared. Being a fugitive apprehender doesn't mean you can break and enter…that is always illegal. Number two, under any kind of circumstances, do not perform spells in front of muggles." Ron said.

"Cripes, they taught us that in home school." Jade said.

"Whatever. There are a bunch of other rules, like you can't unnecessarily brutalize your fugitive and what not-" Ron stopped, hearing the soft rap on his door. "He's here!" Ron said getting up.

Jade turned around to see Ron open the door to a tall and lean man with sleek frameless glasses and emerald green eyes, wearing black from head to toe.

"It's good to see you mate. I heard you caught our little fugitive in Iceland." Ron said seeing the man give him a nod.

"I heard you needed me for Malfoy." He said in a low voice. Jade squinted at him, seeing the lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

"Sweet Merlin's beard! Harry Potter!" Jade exclaimed.

"Actually…" Ron said. He inclined his head towards Jade who stood up. "Jade's going to be catching Malfoy. You remember Jade, my cousin?" Ron asked. Jade shook hands with Harry who grinned.

"The bathroom girl; of course I remember you." he said. Jade felt the blush on her cheeks. It seemed as if no one forgot after all these years.

"Wow, you really disappeared after graduation." Jade said.

"Voldemort." Harry said.

"Oh." Jade said, feeling a rush of fear when she heard that name.

"Harry's going to help you train to be a fugitive apprehension agent." Ron said. Harry looked at Jade with a smile forming the corners of his lips.

"Is this why you want to become an Aurseize? To get back at Malfoy for the bathroom act?" Harry asked.

"It was actually Mum's idea. So you two are on your own now. Ask Parvati for the folder and when you drop your man to the Ministry, you can go after the big fish." Ron said, pushing Jade out of his office.

"But-" Jade went to say but Ron shut the door on her.

"I'll show you the ropes with this job with your first apprehension." Harry said from Jade's side.

"Oh…that would be nice…thank you." Jade said seeing him give her a nod. "Why didn't you just become an Auror?" Jade asked.

"Life's too short to become an Auror and being an Aurseize makes it shorter. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon at the Three Broomsticks." He said.

With that, he left. Jade stood there, blankly watching the door where Harry left. A hand waved in front of her face and she looked at Parvati who squealed from smiling.

"He's so hot isn't he? Ough a man like that makes me want to drop my skirt." Parvati said. Jade shook her head and started for the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Jade said leaving.

When Jade got home, she found Aunt Muriel running around, planting tiny circular mirrors around her entire room.

"What are you doing now?" Jade asked seeing Aunt Muriel look up.

"Just in case no vampires followed you here from Romania. I don't do well with vampires." Aunt Muriel said. Jade threw her hands up from her sides and called for Bilius.

"Dad I can't live like this. I need to have an apartment of my own." Jade said to Bilius who looked grim.

"I'd do that too if I were you." Bilius said. Aunt Muriel scooped Jerry up from his water tank and stroked him lovingly.

"No Aunt Muriel! He bites!" Jade said seeing Aunt Muriel shake her head.

"Jerry never bites Aunt Muriel. As a living being, you choose your battles and Jerry knows well enough not to pick a fight with me…do you?" Aunt Muriel asked.

Jade looked relieved, seeing her pet turtle look happy in Aunt Muriel's hands. In anyone else's hands, Jerry clamps his super strong mouth of his and could almost break a finger off.

In the evening, Jade paid a visit to the Burrow to tell her Aunt Molly that Ron had given Jade the job.

"So you're starting tomorrow for the Malfoy case? Here have some cookies." Molly said, giving Jade a plate full of cookies. Jade sat down at the kitchen table and took a bite of the soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies where the chocolate melted in her mouth.

"Ohmagaw" Jade said through a mouthful of cookies. Molly set down a glass of milk for Jade to wash down the cookies with. "These are sinful." Jade said seeing Molly giggle.

"I'll bake you cookies every week." Molly said.

"Ron's starting me off small though. He said I needed to make my first apprehension to see if I'm willing to go through with the Malfoy case. And Harry's helping me." Jade said seeing Molly raise her eyebrows.

"Harry? I haven't seen Harry in ages!" Molly said. Ginny walked through the kitchen and dropped her bag.

"Cookies!" she said, taking a cookie from the plate. She took a seat at the kitchen table, joining in their conversation. "So what happened about today at Ron's?" Ginny asked.

Jade and Molly filled Ginny in on what happened today and Jade saw the smirk on Ginny's face when she heard about Harry.

"He never comes when invited. Well he came for Ron's wedding and the rest of them but that's when he shows up. Ever since he became an Aurseize, he's nowhere to be found and I usually go up to see Ron and Hermione I would see him from time to time. Did you get to see his arse?" Ginny asked seeing Jade look revolted.

"What kind of talk is that for a lady?" Molly asked.

"Take a chill pill Ma." Ginny said.

"Why would I want to do that?" Jade asked seeing Ginny wave her hand at her.

"Parvati understands me. Sometimes I feel like a little school girl, checking out my childhood crush…only he's more than a crush…he's…" Ginny hissed, making hand movements in the air. Jade shook her head, not wanting to hear any more about Ginny's obsession with Harry.

"Anyways, I'm looking for somewhere to stay. I need to move out of my Dad's house; Aunt Muriel is driving me nuts." Jade said seeing Molly nod.

"I would do that if I were you." Molly said. Jade laughed and took another cookie to cram it in her mouth.

"That's the same thing Dad told me." Jade said.

"Wait, you want to move out? I'm actually moving out of my flat this week. I could give it to you!" Ginny said.

"Really?" Jade asked seeing Ginny nod.

"Only if you want it. I can show it to you. I'm pretty sure you'll like it. It's near Hogsmeade and has a great view of the village." Ginny said.

Jade fell in love with Ginny's flat. It was spacious and warm but so different from her flat in Romania. The neighbors were nice people and they were in a good neighborhood.

"Do you like it?" Ginny asked as Jade looked into the bedroom and bathroom.

"I love it Gin. It's perfect for me and Jerry. So much space and the price is much less from what I paid in Romania. It's so affordable for all this room…I'll take it." Jade said seeing Ginny nod.

"We'll talk to the landlord today then." Ginny said seeing Jade smile.

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