The Aurseize

Part Three: Charles Parker's Love Potion

Draco apparated an exhausted Jade Weasley to the Ministry the next morning and let her go into the Aurseize Office.

"What did you do last night?" Ron asked when Jade flopped down on her couch.

"Mmtired." Jade mumbled, closing her eyes.

"Mione told me what happened last night about the Black Fox and I have a copy of the list." Ron said. Jade opened her eyes and saw a thick stack of papers.

"That's insane! How are you going to sort through all of that?" Jade asked. Ron looked back at the papers and selected a few pages.

"Because we have the record of the entire world with Black Foxes. Here's the country of England. See if anything rings a bell." Ron said.

Jade took the papers from him and scanned them, trying to find someone who can click into the puzzle. Jade's eyes stopped on a name and she placed her finger on it.

"I can't believe this." She said.

"What? What cant you believe?" Ron asked. He looked over her shoulder and stared at the same name Jade had her finger on.

The door opened and Draco sauntered in with the small vein bulging on the side of his head. He located Jade sitting on the sofa with Ron right next to her, both gaping at the name on the list.

"When I'll find her, I'll kill her." He said. Ron got up.

"Calm down Malfoy. She was after Jade, not you." Ron said seeing Draco cut his eyes at Ron.

"That is exactly my point. I couldn't give a fuck if she took out my privates but she was there to hurt Jade. This happened in my house on my watch to my girlfriend." Draco yelled.

Parvati sighed into her chair with her hands over her heart, looking at Jade who felt her heart stammer repeatedly. Ron looked at Malfoy and then back at Jade and slightly twisted his face. Draco turned to Jade.

"You're getting off the case." Draco said.

"What? Why?" Jade asked getting up.

"Because I'm in charge of taking her in. We're going to have to lock you up somewhere safe and-"

"The hell you're going to lock me up anywhere and you don't have the authority to declare yourself to take her in…I do because I signed on her apprehension papers." Jade said.

"Too bad then. I guess Weasley here is just going to have to cancel the apprehension order and move this to the Auror department." Draco said looking at Ron who crossed his arms.

"Why would I want to do that for you?" he asked. Draco leveled up to him and crossed his arms as well.

"Dahlia's going to kill your cousin if she's not stopped. On top of that, she's been dismembering men and Jade hasn't been able to bring her in. If anything happens to Jade, I'm going to dismember you." Draco warned. Ron reddened and looked back at Jade.

"Sorry Jade, you're off the case." Ron said.

"What?!" Jade barked.

"He has a point…your life is in danger." Ron said looking at Jade apologetically. Jade felt the rage burning from inside, spewing from her pores.

"I've been in worse danger! I've had a man plant a bomb in my broom! My apartment's been on fire! A man locked me in a cage that spontaneously combusts with two giants! I've been shot at with a muggle gun! A dismembering chick is the least of my problems." Jade said seeing Draco walk up to her, trying to get a hold of her.

"No! You let go of me! You're completely invading my work and I hate that. I never stick my nose into your work life, why can't you do the same?" Jade asked. Draco looked grim and knew that Jade was right. He had no right to interfere in her work life.

"Things are different now Jade and I can't sit back and watch this happening to you. I'm not even going to take chances on your life this way, not unless if I can do something about it. You're probably going to hate me but that's better than having me to pick up parts of you on the floor." He said gently.

"How are you going to say that to me when I get a gift wrapped box on my doorstep with your penis in it?! Do you think that's going to make me feel any better about you?" Jade asked furiously seeing Draco crack a smile.

"I'll try to see what I can do…I know that's your favorite part about me." Draco said as Ron gagged.

Draco kissed Jade and turned to Ron who pointed to Parvati. Jade grabbed her purse and started walking away until Draco stopped her again.

"Cough up the apprehension papers and the file Potter gave you." Draco said.

Jade wanted to refuse but she knew Draco better and she wasn't going to have herself embarrassed in front of Ron and Parvati when Draco dangled her upside down for the papers. She took the papers from her bag and shoved it towards Draco.

"Aren't you an angel?" Draco asked. He looped an arm around her neck and brought her close. He kissed her forehead and left through the doors.

"I hate men." Jade said shaking her head. Parvati scoffed.

"You're lucky you have someone who actually gives a shit. I need a date." Parvati said as Ron started leaving.

"Women are so fucking weird." He said.

Parvati handed Jade a file.

"You still haven't brought in Cathy." Parvati said seeing Jade grimace.

"One of these days." Jade said taking the file.

She left the Ministry building and took out her broom to take a trip to her own apartment. She walked into her own apartment and her jaw dropped at what she saw. There was a patio set in her living room and a bright red sofa that was shaped into a pair of lips. The patio set, which was a small round wooden table with a large red umbrella perched on top of it. Four tables sat around the table. Jade smacked her head and dreaded to go into the bedroom.

"No! No! No! My life is ruined! I'll never get laid like this!" Jade said looking at the large broom in her bedroom.

The broom was her bed. It was shaped into a Firebolt with a golden pointed footboard. She looked at her dressing table and nearly ripped out her own hair. It was shaped into a large golden snitch, complimenting the bed. There was a knock on the door and Jade peeked out of her bedroom to see Rita standing there with a tray in her hands. Her eyes were traveling around Jade's new furniture and she looked mind boggled.

"You have interesting taste in furniture." Rita said seeing Jade grumble.

"It's something about the luck I have in my life." Jade said still looking around red faced.

"What are you doing here?" Jade asked Rita who stuck out her tray.

"I made you a Cherry Torte…and I got fired." Rita said sadly, her nose turning red.

"Oh crap…I'm sorry." Jade said setting the tray of Cherry Torte down and hugging Rita who sniffled.

"It's all right. I'm fine now." She said.

"What happened? You were working there for such a long time." Jade said seeing Rita nod.

"For 5 years…but the owner of the shop told me that none of the purple toads were selling so she was going to kill them and I…I fought with her." Rita said. Jade raised her eyebrows and Rita nodded semi-confidently.

"I gave her a piece of my mind! I don't usually fight with people but these toads were worth fighting for." Rita said pointing to her purse.

Jade heard a small croak and her stomach lurched.

"You don't have a toad in there do you?" Jade asked seeing Rita nod.

"I do in fact. Hundreds of them! I took them away from being incinerated by that horrible, horrible woman!" Rita said.

"Did you punch her?" Jade asked seeing Rita shake her head.

"Oh I'd never do that! I can't hurt even a fly, no I verbally shook her down! She knows not to meddle with Rita Blair!" Rita said.

"Great well…it's nice you spoke up. But what are you going to do now?" Jade asked. Rita sighed and shrugged.

"I don't know. I was hoping I could look for new openings and a new beginning. I don't know." Rita said. She looked at Jade and gasped softly. "Were you going somewhere? Did I disturb something?" Rita asked seeing Jade take her file out.

"I'm actually on my way to make an apprehension." Jade said. Rita eyed the papers and pointed to them.

"Do you think I can come along and watch? I swear I won't be a bother. I'll just stand there and you won't even notice that I'm there." Rita said seeing Jade fight her inner battle by chewing on her lip.

"Fine…but as long as you don't say or do anything." Jade said seeing Rita nod.

Jade and Rita apparated in front of the home of Charles Parker.

"So how do you do this? Do you use violence?" Rita said seeing Jade shake her head.

"I'm not a violent person and I try to be as smooth as I can." Jade said walking up to the house. Yeah right, she wished she could be smooth. She knocked on the door and waited for it to open.

"Yes?" a bald middle aged man asked when he saw Rita and Jade. Jade went to open her mouth but Rita started first.

"Hello sir! Good day to you! How are you today?" she asked pleasantly.

Jade swiveled around, staring at Rita who had a large smile pasted on her face. Jade's own cheeks ached for Rita's. Charles Parker scratched his nearly bald head and nodded.

"I'm…fine I guess. How are you girls?" he asked. Jade went to explain why they were here but Rita cut in again.

"Oh we are lovely, thank you for asking. Isn't he such a nice sweet man?" Rita asked Jade who didn't know whether to smile or look horrified. Charles smiled widely and opened the door wide.

"Well come on in! I'll make you both some tea." He said turning back into the house. Rita went to go inside but Jade grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

"Actually, we're not here for tea. I'm Jade Weasley and I'm from-"

'Ding' a timer rang.

"My cookies are done! Would you girls like a fresh hot batch of chocolate chip cookies?" he asked turning towards Jade and Rita.

Jade's mouth hung open and a little drool dribbled out.

"Well…I'd love to come in!" Jade said rushing into the house. Jade sat down in a white flowery sofa. She looked around the house which was filled with antiques older than Aunt Muriel.

"This apprehension is going so well! I could see myself doing this for a living." Rita said looking around.

Jade fixed her eyes on Rita and wondered if Rita ever even saw blood.

"It's not what you think it is and we haven't told this man that we're here for his apprehension." Jade said seeing Rita nod.

"I'm sure he'll come with us if we ask." Rita said. Charles came into the living room with a tray full of cookies and tea.

"Here you girls are. My homemade cookies…don't choke now dear." Charles said to Jade who shoved two cookies in her mouth like a Neanderthal without food for days.

"Oh I don't eat anything with animal products." Rita said to Charles who looked puzzled.

"Well I didn't make it with chicken or beef in them." Charles said.

"I'm a Vegan." Rita explained. Charles looked at Jade who was caught stuffing cookies in her bag.

"Is this Vegan thing a new religion or something?" Charles asked seeing Jade shrug and grunt.

"I don't eat food that is particularly made from animal produces…like eggs, honey, cheese, milk and others." Rita said.

"I feel bad for you child." Charles said.

"I know…right?" Jade asked with her mouth full.

"So what brings you girls to my home?" Charles asked sitting in front of them.

"I'm actually from the Ministry and I'm ordered to bring you back for a court hearing for slipping love potions into your…oh no." Jade said looking at Charles who stood tightly in his spot, his hands clamped together.

Jade's heart started pounding and she felt a blush sweep over her as she looked at Charles. She felt a strange mix of desires dig deep into her heart and create an unyielding thirst in her. She stood up from her seat and slightly trembled at the unquenchable thirst. She needed to touch Charles, she needed to kiss him.

"Oh love." She said placing her hands on her chest. Charles slowly smiled; still looking nervous and Jade ran to him, slamming lips into his. She ran her hands through his smooth and bumpy bald head and felt the slight prickle of his unshaven face.

"I love you so much." Jade said seeing Charles let out a nasally laugh.

"She loves me!" he said, turning red.

Jade felt a shudder of dark passion and lust as he laughed and turned into a horrible shade of beet red.

"Oh Charles…you're so…red and…" Jade licked her lips running her hand down his large pot belly.

Rita, who was sitting there completely aghast the whole time sprang up like a Kneazle when Jade started undoing Charles's pants.

"Oh my goodness! Jade! Snap out of it please! Charles you horrible man! How could you do this to a respectable and innocent woman?" Rita asked. She didn't get a response from neither of them since they ran off into the bedroom and locked themselves in.

"Oh no! This is very bad!" Rita squeaked. She knocked on the door.

"I demand you both to open this door right this instant or else I will be very angry!" Rita said, hearing activity from inside.

"I love you Charles…what's your last name?" Jade asked.

"Parker." Charles said quickly.

"I love you Charles Parker!" Jade yelled.

Rita ran away from the door and took Jade's bag. She shuffled through it until she found a phone. She looked through the contacts and quickly pressed on Draco's number.

"What can I do for you sweet thing?" Draco answered.

"Draco you need to come quickly! Jade's been slipped a love potion!" Rita said.

"What?! Is this a fucking joke?" Draco asked angrily.

"She's inside his bedroom with him and they…well you're not 5 years old to understand what they're doing!" Rita said.

"Give me the address now." Draco said.

Jade stripped off all her clothes and her heart pounded faster as Charles hurriedly took off his pants. His wanker hung, nearly dead and he tried to revive it.

"It happens at this age. I don't know what happened…I just can't get it up anymore." He said as Jade pushed him down.

"I'll make sure it works and even if it doesn't I don't care. I want you…all of you." Jade said kissing him again.

The door crashed down and Jade was so startled, she fell off the bed with Charles and saw Draco standing there, rigid with anger with Ryker right behind him. Ryker's eyes popped out of his skull as he saw Jade fully naked in front of him, with her hands clutching tightly to Charles. Charles moved away from Jade and tried to run away but Draco walked up to him in a few swift strides and punched him hard in the face. Charles fell to the floor, clutching his nose and Jade screamed.

"DON'T TOUCH HIM! I LOVE HIM! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THE MAN I LOVE?!" Jade screeched. She went to run towards Charles but Draco grabbed her and pulled her back.

"Stop it. Stop!" Draco demanded but Jade slapped him.

"I hate you! You ruined my entire life! Your father nearly killed my baby cousin and you screwed me in our 7th year! I could have been a caretaker there!" Jade screamed in his face.

"Jade…" Draco tried to say, trying to control his anger.

"No! You're going to separate me from Charles! That's what you want but this isn't going to happen. I'm moving out of your house and into Charles. If you harm one hair on that man's head I will…run around the streets naked." Jade said.

Draco looked at Ryker and Rita who stood side by side, their expressions priceless.

"If you don't take her away, I'll kill the fucker, I'll kill her and then I'll kill myself." Draco threatened.

"You bastard! How dare you!" Jade barked.

Ryker held up his hands.

"She's naked. This is probably going to go under sexual harassment if I take her outside of the house by force." Ryker said.

Draco clenched his jaw and looked at Jade who glared at him.

"Then you take him out. I'm taking Jade back home." Draco said.

Jade broke free from the room and ran out of the house, screaming from the top of her lungs.

"Charles is being murdered! Malfoy's trying to kill him! Help! Help! HELP!" Jade shrilled.

A couple of people rushed out of their houses and gasped. Two little boys playing ball stopped and the ball in mid air, knocked the boy down. In a matter of seconds, Aurors came in and stared at Jade who ran up to them.

"Draco's killing my Charles! Please do something about it!" Jade said to Ron who rolled his eyes back and fainted.

Blaise and Albert stared with fascination.

"Oh I'll do something about it all right…but it would probably help me." Albert said.

"Jade! Why in the name of Merlin are you naked?" Hermione asked appearing. She walked over Ron and took off her cloak and draped it around Jade.

"Herm you've got to-"

"That son of a bitch gave Jade a love potion." Draco said, pushing Charles roughly to Blaise and Albert who were reluctant to disapparate right away.

"Charles!" Jade said, trying to reach for him but Charles retracted, afraid that if Jade touched him, Draco would kill him.

"Cripes, how long is this going to go on?" Draco asked Hermione.

"We need to take her to Mungo's for a potion." Hermione said seeing Draco nod.

They went to turn around to take her to St. Mungo's but Jade was nowhere to be found.

"That was wrong of Malfoy to do. How dare he take away Charles from me? I'm just so devastated!" Jade said as they walked into Jade's building.

"Jade, you don't understand. Charles gave you a love potion through the cookies. Draco loves you and you love him but-"

"But I don't understand why no one understands that I love Charles!" Jade said. She opened the door to her apartment and walked in.

"I'm going to get changed and after that, we'll steal Charles away and I'll go off to an island and marry him!" Jade said.

She ran into her bedroom and put on some clothes. She checked her hair and makeup and walked back into the living room only to find that her heart stopped working. Dahlia Noor stood there with a black gun pressed to Rita's head.

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