The Aurseize

Part Three: Rita's Purple Toads

"So we meet again." Dahlia said smoothly. She stood there, her eyes darker and her face paler. Her hair was wavy with flimsy strands and matted to her skin. She wore a leather skirt, black tights and boots along with a black sweater, supporting her small frame.

"It's nice to know that you were a witch…I never knew I was in a muggle prison cell with one of my own." Dahlia said smiling sickly at Jade.

"Why are you doing this to everyone?" Jade asked seeing Dahlia push the gun further in Rita's temple.

"Let me get to straight to the point love. I want you to stop coming after me. Because of you my life's been extremely complicated." Dahlia sneered.

"I get that a lot." Jade said, seeing Dahlia's gun click and Rita squeak, her face pale.

"Now I need to know that you'll stop coming after me or else next time, I won't bring in my courtesy." She said.

Jade held up her hands.

"I'm not working on your case Dahlia. Malfoy and Parkinson are working on your case. Go after them, I have nothing here for you." Jade said seeing Dahlia grin evilly.

"Yes…Draco Malfoy. I remember the way I felt the rush in me when I dug my dagger in his knee." She said. Jade gulped and Rita whimpered.

"Could you do that to him again? He's taken away my Charles away from me. I'd be really thankful if you neutered him." Jade said seriously, seeing Dahlia narrow her eyes.

"This isn't a joke." Dahlia said.

"No, I know. But I love Charles and Malfoy took him away from me. I really need Charles back. He's my one and only…you wouldn't know him would you? I can't stop thinking about him!" Jade said.

"For fuck's sake stop talking! You're giving me a migraine!" Dahlia growled.

"Okay…but will you-"

Dahlia pointed to Rita's bag on the patio table and squeezed off a shot to silence Jade. Suddenly, purple toads wiggled out of the gaping hole and started filling up Jade's entire apartment.

"Where the hell did they come from?!" Dahlia roared, stepping away.

"Oh heavens! My purple toads!" Rita said standing up. A toad hopped on Dahlia's foot and she tried to shake it off.

"Get the hell off of me you idiot!" Dahlia said.

Jade ran over to Rita and grabbed her hand, yanking her out of the apartment. They both started running away when they heard another shot go off. Rita stopped and turned around, her eyes narrowing into tiny slits.

"She shot my toad." Rita hissed.

"Be thankful it's not your head." Jade said trying to pull her away.

Rita instead pulled back and ran off into the apartment. Jade stood in the hallway, wondering if it would be smart to go after Rita and try to save her? She wasn't a miracle worker and certainly was no Harry Potter. But she was a dumb fool and a friend first. Jade ran into the apartment and saw blood on the floor. Rita was unconscious on the floor and a large amount of blood trailed off into the bedroom, out of the window where Dahlia took off.

Jade took out her cell phone and immediately called for Draco.

"Where the fuck did you run off to?" he asked.

"I have an incident to report." Jade said hearing him sigh and moan.

"I hate it when our conversations start like this."

"This is one of the worst days of my life." Draco said as the Aurors scoured Jade's apartment.

"I didn't know Draco liked to do it on a broom…get it?" Blaise asked, nudging Albert who gave him a look.

"I don't actually." Albert said.

Blaise shook his head and walked off, inspecting the window.

"What did you do to Charles?" Jade asked Draco who placed a hand over his face.

"I think I'm developing ulcers." Draco said, his eyes still shut.

"Listen Malfoy. I know we've been on and off but I'm being very serious with you. I'm in love with Charles and I can't be with you anymore." Jade said. Draco opened his eyes and placed his hands on his hips.

"You're breaking up with me for a bald middle aged man with a belly that probably has another ocean living in there?" he asked. Jade narrowed her eyes.

"He is very attractive! Much more attractive than you'll ever be. He's beautiful inside and out…oh how I love it when he turns red. It's the most adorable thing I've ever seen." Jade said, daydreaming about Charles Parker. Draco placed a hand behind Jade's head and brought her close to him.

"If only I could get you to be crazy about me like this." He said. Jade pushed him off.

"I need to know that my Charles is all right!" Jade said. Draco rolled his eyes and walked away from Jade.

"I have other things to do than to have you talk about another man in my presence." Draco said.

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