The Aurseize

Part Three: Don't Finish That Whiskey

The next morning, Jade woke up in the guest bedroom of Draco's house. After taking a shower and brushing her teeth, she went downstairs to see Draco sleeping on the sofa. She felt a mix of emotions stirring inside of her, but she knew there was one outstanding emotion and that belonged to Charles Parker.

Jade sneaked out of the house and apparated to the Ministry. Ron who was discussing details with Parvati over a file, looked up to see Jade walking in.

"Sorry about the nakedness yesterday." Jade said.

Ron took his file from Parvati's hand and went into his office, slamming the door behind him.

"I heard what happened yesterday. Did you get the antidote to the love potion?" Parvati asked.

"He did not give me a love potion! Everyone's saying that because I love him and they don't want to see us be happy." Jade said.

Parvati winced and Jade turned around to see Harry standing in front of her.

"Oh Harry! It's so good to see you again!" Jade said seeing Harry stand silently.

"Um…when did you get back?" Jade asked.

"We need to talk." He said.

Jade felt herself fall into a rut. She didn't want to refuse Harry Potter but she didn't want to be away from Charles Parker any longer.

"I just need to go see Charles and see if he's doing all right. He's probably scared that poor thing." Jade said.

Harry's eyebrow rose a fraction of an inch. Jade gave a nod and went to leave but Harry caught her from the back.

"Perhaps you didn't know but here's a little fact; no one walks away from me and gets away with it." Harry said turning Jade around.

"Uh…" Jade said. Harry grabbed her hand and walked her out of the Ministry building.

"Where are we going?" Jade asked.

"To St. Mungos. If I hear you talking about Parker any longer I'm going to regret shooting you." Harry said.

They apparated to St. Mungo's and Harry took her straight to Ginny's private office. They walked in through the open door, seeing Ginny writing on her desk. She looked up at both Harry and Jade.

"Who got shot?" Ginny asked. Harry closed the door behind him and pushed Jade forward.

"She's worse than Ron in our 6th year with Romilda Vane." Harry said seeing Jade frown.

"You all are cornering me. I love him, is that a crime?" Jade asked.

"Should be." Ginny said getting up. She poked her head out and called down a nurse.

"I need you to send me the Anti-dote Love Potion, bottle 22." Ginny said seeing the nurse nod. Harry looked at Jade who sat on Ginny's chair, doodling hearts on a notepad with her initials and Charles Parker's. Ginny turned Jade around and handed Jade a small measured cup with hot pink liquid inside.

"You have to drink it Jade. It's the only way to get over this." Ginny said seeing Jade shake her head.

"But I-"

"Maybe if I feed her the potion." Harry said, looking as if he were losing his patience. His hand traveled over his holster and Jade grabbed the cup from Ginny's hand. She gulped it down and in a few moments, she sat still, starting to feel the obsessive and vulgar thoughts disappearing from her.

"How do you feel now?" Ginny asked.

"Maybe I need some food." Jade said, rubbing her temple. Harry walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Let's get you something to eat. Thank you Ginny." Harry said seeing Ginny nod, her cheeks burning red. Jade stood up and hugged Ginny.

"You should be going back to liking that ferret again." Ginny said as Harry and Jade left.

"Sadly there's no antidote for that." Harry said low enough for Jade to hear.

He apparated in front of Bilius Weasley's home and Jade started to shake her head.

"Oh no, not here. I'm going to get all sorts of complaints and lectures about running around naked." Jade said.

Harry didn't even crack a smile. He went inside and knocked on the door. Jade stood silently, feeling the hostile vibes radiating off of Harry. He wasn't too happy with her and Jade expected that and was grateful that he didn't kill her for it.

"Harry? Jade? Young lady have I got a bone to pick with you!" Bilius yelled, wagging a finger at Jade.

"I came to drop her off. She took her antidote and she should be fine with something in her stomach." Harry said. He firmly pushed her into the house and stepped back.

"Wont you have lunch? I made roast beef sandwiches!" Bilius said.

"Sounds delicious but no thanks Mr. Weasley; I have work." Harry said seeing Bilius nod. Harry turned to Jade and nodded.

"I'll come back soon. Don't even think to leave this house; I mean it this time." He said. Jade nodded and Harry took out his broom and vanished.

"What on earth were you thinking? I had the entire Wizarding world owling me about my daughter running around in circles, in love with a man my age!" Bilius said.

Jade felt physically sick and covered her face.

"Please don't talk about this. It's been bad enough that I've been slipped a love potion." Jade said. Bilius handed Jade a bowl and vegetables for a salad.

"Give me his name and I'll gladly send my foot up his gonads." Bilius said, cutting the roast beef sandwiches into halves.

"Draco wasn't too happy about it and Harry…well he doesn't look too happy about it either." Jade said. She washed the romaine lettuce and took out the parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing out.

"Who are you dating anyways? Every day it switches from the Malfoy boy to Harry." Bilius said.

"I don't switch…Aunt Muriel switches. Speaking of the devil, where is she? Ever since I came in, there hasn't been a single peep." Jade said seeing Bilius smile widely.

"She's with her kitty party meeting. Thank the gods above; this has been the best few hours of my life." Bilius said with a relieved sigh. Jade mixed up the Caesar salad and took it into the dining room. The doorbell rang and Jade left to open it.

"Why it's my fun loving niece! Your taste in men went to the toilets!" Aunt Muriel said with a group of old women behind her. They were wearing flower printed dresses and large fancy hats.

"Heard you were in love with Charles Parker the conniving pervert." One of them asked.

"Hey Dad!" Jade called seeing Bilius appear from the kitchen. "Do you have whiskey? I feel like I need a drink." Jade said seeing Bilius narrow his eyes at the old women behind Jade.

"Good call…I'm going to need it too." Bilius said.

After a horrific lunch with Aunt Muriel and her friends, who were the biggest source of gossip and news, Jade stretched out on her father's sofa.

"We'll be going for a girl's night out…you know, stake out for some lookers." Aunt Muriel said to Jade and Bilius. Bilius grunted and left upstairs to nap and Aunt Muriel turned to Jade.

"Now don't finish all the whiskey yourself. Save some for me, in case I bring back someone." Aunt Muriel winked. Jade's eyes popped open.

"Aunt Muriel! You're over a hundred years old!" Jade said seeing Aunt Muriel shrug.

"So what? Age was never a barrier for me because I was never too young or too old to do anything. In my world, I'm free and I can fly as high as I want and I want you to learn that as well sweetie." Aunt Muriel said kissing Jade's head.

Aunt Muriel left and Jade went back to staring at the ceiling, wondering about her own life. Was she going to be an Aurseize for the rest of her life? Was there anything else out there for her to pursue? Jade felt her eyes slowly close and herself drift off to sleep.

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