The Aurseize

Part Four: MIA

Jade took the Portkey back to the Ministry with Draco and went straight to Parvati's desk where Lavender sat too.

"Jade!" they both said jumping up.

"You don't work here anymore." Parvati said.

"I know but I heard about Harry." Parvati nodded and took out a file for Jade.

"He's been wanted of murdering Snape and 5 other men. There was a witness who said he was there at the time of the murder and escaped from Harry." Parvati said.

"And the surveillance?" Jade asked, flipping through the papers.

"Surveillance only shows Harry walking into the building. Apparently it was a highly dangerous case…which the Ministry never issued because they didn't know about." Parvati said.

"Then whose case was it?" Jade asked seeing Parvati and Lavender shrug.

"No idea. This is Harry Potter we're talking about. Who the fuck knows what that man does every day? We don't even know if he's romantically interested in anything." Lavender said. Jade blushed and looked away.

"So…does this case go to an Aurseize." Jade asked Parvati who sighed.

"The only Aurseize's we have left are Parkinson and Harry. Obviously Harry is our fugitive and Parkinson has been the first one here since the news broke out. The Ministry is giving this case to anyone who would bring Harry in. And it doesn't look good for Harry either because he's hated Snape for as long as anyone could remember." Parvati said.

"Wait a minute! You didn't tell Jade about my new career!" Lavender said standing up. Jade turned to Lavender, furrowing her eyebrows.

"You have a new career?" Jade asked seeing Lavender nod.

"Oh yes, how could I forget?" Parvati asked seeing Lavender grin.

"Jade Weasley, you are looking at the ex-Head of the Elite Escort Business and the newly hired Aurseize for the Ministry of Magic!" Lavender said.

Jade's mouth dropped and she stared at Lavender, bug eyed.

"HUH?!" Jade asked. Lavender nodded and waved her files at Jade.

"Parkinson's been a real pain in the arse and Harry never touches a file under 10,000 Galleons so who does this go to? Moi'" Lavender said. Jade recovered from that bit of news and nodded.

"Well there you go! A new Aurseize. How was your first apprehension?" Jade asked seeing Lavender scowl.

"That fucking cow threw corn salad at me! I put in extensions that day and she ruined my beautiful hair. Fat piece of lard…do you know when she talks, her chin has the ripple effect?" Lavender asked.

Jade knew exactly who Lavender was talking about; Cathy Strudel, the one who pushed garlic into Jade's eyes.

"It's been months, how come no one brought her in yet?" Jade asked.

"Because Parkinson can't do anything to save her life. She hasn't brought in a single fugitive and these cases are piling up. Why can't you come back with us? It was so much fun to have you around and you were so good at it!" Parvati said seeing Jade shake her head.

"I didn't want to repeat another Dahlia episode and Draco hates it anyways." Jade said. Parvati and Lavender both crossed their arms and pursed their lips.

"What?" Jade asked.

"We know you love him…but he's not the boss of you. You are your own woman and if you let a man walk all over you like that then you're of no worth! I bet you hate that job in the Three Broomsticks." Lavender said seeing Jade shrug.

"It's all right I guess. I'm happy it's summer though, those Hogwarts boys are pigs." Jade said seeing Parvati and Lavender scoff.

"So I'll be going. I just wanted to know about Harry's case and what not." Jade said seeing them nod. Jade went to leave but Ron walked in, spotting Jade.

"Please tell me you want to work for me again." Ron begged.

"For the umpteenth time, no." Jade said going to leave. Ron held on to Jade's arms.

"You need to listen to me. Get into my office." Ron said.

"Ron, I'm in a rush." Jade said seeing Ron narrow his eyes at her.

"You took 3 days off from work for Narcissa and Gary's wedding but you came in with Draco and the rest of us for Harry. I know you have nothing to do." Ron said.

"What if I had secret children with Draco and I needed to attend to them quickly?" Jade asked. "If you had secret children with Draco it wouldn't be a secret because they'll be scavenging around for lonely innocent girls with low self esteem and seduce the pants out of them in a bathroom. And if they end up like you, the least bad thing it could do is come out at night and eat gnomes or something. You have a lot of issues do you know that?" Ron asked as they entered his office.

"You're just another issue in my life." Jade said with her nose in the air. Ron locked the door and sat in front of Jade.

"We both know Harry's innocent because we know he wouldn't do something like this but the Ministry doesn't believe that…not unless we have Harry in front of them to plead his case." Ron said.

"The Ministry is a piece of shit. Fudge and Percy are pieces of shit. They've kissed Harry's arse when he was proven innocent and the first ones to jump up and blame him when things went wrong. I don't blame Harry to stay hidden, that's exactly what I would have done if I had twiddle dee and twiddle dum running the Wizarding world." Jade said seeing Ron nod.

"Exactly. Now here's the thing. I don't know where Harry is. Neither does Hermione. Harry only gave us a note, telling us we was sorry for whatever happened and didn't think it was necessary to tell us he was innocent and that he was going to stay hidden from us until he sorted this out for himself. He doesn't want to put Hermione and me in a position where it could threaten our jobs so he's cut off contact from us." Ron said seeing Jade nod.

"I know he's helped you in a few apprehensions, but were you both close?" Ron asked.

Jade looked at Ron for a bit, trying to understand what exactly he was going to get out of her answer.

"Why are you asking me this?" Jade asked.

"Just if you see him around…try to bring him in…for his own good." Ron said seeing Jade nod.

"I understand but I can't help you Ron. I don't work in this Ministry anymore and I'm not at all close to Harry. I don't know him; I don't even know who he likes." Jade said, her voice running high.

Ron gave her a strange look.

"Now that I think about it, it's true. He hasn't been in a relationship since our 5th year. Holy crap…could my best friend be gay?" Ron asked widening his eyes. Jade let out a frustrated sigh and started to leave.

"All I'm saying is that I'm living with Draco now and Harry won't be dumb enough to contact me even if we were close. Draco would turn him in, in a heartbeat." Jade said seeing Ron nod.

"That's true. Oh well, I was just letting you know for precaution but don't go around telling Lavender and Parvati. They're like BBC worldwide." Ron said seeing Jade nod.

"Yes sir!" Jade said and left.

Jade apparated back home and sat in front of Jerry's tank, watching him lazily swim around.

"I don't think I can go after Harry…and I certainly can't bring him in." Jade said seeing Jerry clamp his mouth on a small struggling fish.

"He's my mentor and friend…how could I turn him in?" Jade asked. Jerry retreated back into his cave and Jade sighed.

"He'll kill me anyways." Jade said getting up and going into the kitchen. She took out a pan and started to work on dinner.

Draco apparated a few hours later and walked into the kitchen and looked over Jade's shoulder.

"I thought we were ordering in tonight." He asked kissing Jade's cheek.

"I thought it'd be nice to have a home cooked meal for once and we've both had a long day." Jade said seeing Draco nod.

"I know you probably don't like that this is happening to Potter…but he's a murderer." Draco said seeing Jade sharply turn around.

"Harry is not a murderer and you know that." Jade said seeing Draco shake his head and walk away.

"You're being unreasonable because you've known him and he's a family friend." Draco said.

"And because I know he didn't do it." Jade said.

"Potter hated Snape." Draco said seeing Jade throw her hands in the air.

"Everyone except you hated Snape! Even I hated Snape, does that mean I killed him too?" Jade asked.

"You can say all you want but it's not going to change the fact that Potter was there and killed 6 men including Snape. If you hadn't heard, there was a witness and muggle surveillance to prove Potter's crime." He said. Jade felt a flash of anger, listening to Draco and his persistence to make Harry look guilty. Draco sighed and smoothed her hair out, hugging her close.

"Sometimes you just have to trust us." He said. Jade stood coldly in his arms.

"You're wrong Draco. How could I trust the Ministry when they sent everyone out a year ago, looking for you for a crime that you never committed? I didn't know you that well at the time and hated you as much as you hated Harry but I never drew you out to be a murderer." Jade said. She pulled away from him and stood there, seeing him trying not to burst in flames.

Jade's cell phone rang and she moved out of the kitchen to attend to it.

"Hello?" Jade asked.

"Jade! How is your pretty face doing today?" Lavender asked.

"I'm good…what about you?" Jade asked looking at Draco who took off his shoes, still looking glum over their argument.

"I'm doing fantastic. Hey, what are you doing right now? Maybe you could come to see me." Lavender said.

Jade looked at the phone strangely, wondering why Lavender chose nine in the evening to see her.

"Are you in trouble?" Jade asked hearing Lavender scoff.

"Me? In trouble? Do you think I'm incompetent? Do you think I can't do my job right?" Lavender asked.

"No, I didn't say that at all." Jade said.

"Good because I am not incompetent. I couldn't be even if I wanted to be incompetent…since I'm a little restricted and all." Lavender said.

"What happened to you?" Jade asked.

"It wasn't my fault…I'm kind of tied to a tree." She said.

Jade slapped her hand on her head and Lavender begged Jade to help her out.

"I'll be there in a minute." Jade said. She snapped the phone off and passed by Draco.

"Lavender needs some help. It won't be too long but if I'm late, eat without me." Jade said. Draco didn't answer and Jade awkwardly left the house to attend to Lavender.

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