The Aurseize

Part One: Suburban Vampire

The next day, Jade woke up, smelling a rancid pungent of garlic.

"Holy shit, who crapped and got away with it?" Jade asked holding her nose. She looked around her bed and saw moldy looking garlic pulverized all around her bed. Jade left the room and opened the door and took a trip to Aunt Muriel's room.

"Did you put garlic all around my bed Aunt Muriel?" Jade asked.

"Who me?" Aunt Muriel asked.

Jade took a shower, trying to get the garlic smell off her. After she convinced herself that the smell was gone, Jade pulled on some clothes and left to meet with Harry at the Three Broomsticks.

"Hey." Jade said seeing Harry in the dark corner of the restaurant, with a mug of Butterbeer.

"You smell ready to eat." Harry said seeing Jade freeze.

"The smell's still there?!" Jade asked, sniffing herself. Harry looked amused, his green eyes twinkling under his glasses.

"Did you bathe in garlic this morning?" Harry asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"Aunt Muriel is warding vampires out of my room. She thought I was a vampire two days ago." Jade explained as Madame Rosmerta set a mug of Butterbeer on the table. Harry was still amused but this time, slightly surprised.

"That's interesting. Especially that your first fugitive is a vampire himself." Harry said, sliding the folder towards Jade who gave him a questioned look and picked up the folder. She opened it and looked at the fugitive's photograph and his criminal report.

"Desmonde Mare, wanted for biting a muggle? Is he crazy?!" Jade asked, shaking the folder.

"Trust me. You haven't seen crazy yet." Harry said.

Jade felt nervousness start to creep around her body. Usually when nervousness did that to her, she would find a simple and easy way to relieve her problems. Jade signaled Madame Rosmerta who came by.

"I want two breakfast sandwiches, toasted English muffins with eggs, cheese, sausage and crispy bacon topped with and extra slab of butter, don't skimp on the butter. On the side I'll have a batch of pancakes with maple syrup and some breakfast fries and an orange juice." Jade said. Madame Rosmerta blinked twice, gave a nod and left in a daze. Jade turned around to see Harry staring at her, with his mouth slightly open.

"You know you'll probably suffer a massive heart attack by the time we leave this place?" Harry asked.

"Let's hope so. I'd rather die from a massive heart attack than confront a thirsty vampire." Jade said.

They left the Three Broomsticks and apparated to Spinner's End. "This is where he lives." Harry said pointing to a few houses down.

"So he's wanted for biting a muggle and we have to turn him in? What if he bites us?" Jade asked.

"We bite back." Harry said simply. He started walking ahead and Jade followed, wondering why they weren't acting cool and stealthy. They were supposed to act like James Bond; or something like it.

"One of the rules as an Aurseize; don't get caught by muggles and act as normal and unsuspicious as you can." Harry said.

Jade nodded and they both stopped in front of Desmonde's house. It was a pale gray house with white windowpanes and ironically, a dark cloud over it, apart from the other houses which were bathed in the afternoon sunshine.

"You knock on the door and when he answers, make sure it's him. You tell him your name, who you work for, his charges and that you're going to bring him in and want his full cooperation." Harry said, standing back.

Jade nodded, feeling nervous all of a sudden. This Desmonde looked scary to her and in one swift action, he could be sucking her dry of all the blood she had in her frail body. Jade softly knocked on the door and Harry made a sound that meant for Jade to wear some panties and knock on the door like a man. Jade pounded on the door and the door opened a crack, revealing a dark red eye and absolute pale skin.

"Desmonde…Mare…sir?" Jade asked seeing him gather his eyebrows. "I…er…I'm a um. I'm Jade Weasley and…well I work for Ron, he's my cousin and he works-"

"I don't care." Desmonde said tightly, shutting the door.

Jade let out a deep breath and turned around to see Harry shaking in silent laughter.

"Hey if you can do it better, you show me." Jade said. Harry moved her aside and stepped up, firmly knocking on the door again.

"I told you I don't care!" Desmonde said, opening the door larger, exposing his fangs. Jade yelped and jumped behind Harry who didn't even flinch.

"My name is Harry Potter and I work in the Aurseize Office of the Ministry of Magic. I've been sent to escort you to the Ministry because of your recent attack on a muggle on March 29th." Harry said.

Jade knew she could have done that…if only it wasn't a bloody vampire she would have to say it to.

"I'm not going anywhere and if you don't leave me alone, I won't spare your lives." Desmonde said venomously. He slammed the door shut and the clicks of the locks were heard. Jade turned around and started to leave.

"Oh well, guess that means the Ministry deals with him and we can go back home and-" Jade stopped by Harry catching the back of her shirt and pulling her towards him.

"We have to bring him in, not the Ministry." Harry said. Jade gave Harry an incredulous look.

"But you heard the man! He's going to kill you if you don't leave him alone! I say we forget about this fucker and look for another case." Jade said seeing Harry smirk.

"Sweetheart, this twat is like baking cookies compared to Voldemort." Harry said.

"Well not all of us aren't you. To me, that bloke is a fucking loony vampire and I would rather not deal with him." Jade said holding her hands up.

"It amazes me to know that you were accepted into Gryffindor. Godric Gryffindor would throw his shoe at you for such cowardice." Harry said. Jade folded her arms and glared at the door. She wasn't a goddamn coward.

"How are we going to catch him then? He's holed up in this shitty house." Jade said. Harry gave her a smile and nodded towards the door.

"You break in." he said.

"But breaking and entering-"

"Only if no one's home. We know Mare is inside and as Aurseizes, we have the right to break in and take our man." Harry said.

"Oh…I see. Do we break the door open?" Jade asked seeing Harry nod. Jade prepped herself up, jumping up and down lightly and raised her foot to kick the door down but Harry stopped her.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked. Jade looked at Harry as if he had just lost his mind.

"I'm going to kick his door down?" Jade said slowly.

"Trust me you don't want to do that." He said.

"Why?" Jade asked.

"You can seriously hurt yourself. Break a foot at least. It might look cool but it's not a smart thing to do." Harry said. He pushed her aside and casted the 'alohamora' spell on it and the door flew open. Jade hit herself on the head. Of course, why couldn't she think of that? Desmonde appeared in front of Harry, baring his fangs and hissing at him.

"I asked you nicely." Harry said to Desmonde who at this point couldn't give a crap about Harry asking nicely.

"I'm going to suck your blood dry!" Desmonde screeched.

"It's not me who wants you, it's her." Harry said, stepping aside and walking away, pointing at Jade who widened her eyes at the sudden spotlight.

"Get her. She's all yours." Harry said, walking out of the house.

"HARRY DON'T LEAVE ME!" Jade screamed. Desmonde fixed his eyes on Jade and smiled evilly.

"I have you all to myself." He whispered, moving towards her.

"ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHH!" Jade screamed, running for the door. She was grabbed by the collar and yanked back. She collided against Desmonde who went to open his mouth to bite her but froze. Jade whimpered, feeling Desmonde let go of her shirt and leap back.

"You smell like garlic!" he hollered. Jade pursed her lips and sniffed herself.

"It's not too bad." Jade said, seeing Desmonde's back against the wall.

"Stay away! I beg you to stay away!" Desmonde yelled. Jade felt a little more confident, now that she knew he wasn't going to bite her. Desmonde started dashing away and Jade made a run for it, catching him by the legs. They both stumbled down the stairs and Jade landed on top of him, seeing him start to sob.

"I'll do anything you want but just GET OFF OF ME!" he yelled.

"Turn around and let me lock your arms." Jade yelled back. She rolled a sobbing Desmonde on to his stomach and whispered a spell to lock his wrists together.

"Up and out." Jade said, pushing him through the door where Harry stood outside, smiling.

"Nice job." Harry said.

Jade dropped off her first fugitive at the Ministry of Magic and went up to the Aurseize Office to meet Ron.

"I've got my first man!" Jade said waving her receipt around at Ron who was dumbfounded.

"How did you get him so fast?" Ron asked, seeing Jade give her receipt to Parvati who wrote out a check out for Jade.

"Harry helped me get through it…and I smell like garlic." Jade said seeing Ron take a sniff at her and recoil back.

"No kidding. Was he crying?" Ron asked seeing Jade nod.

"Damn I should have been there. I never got to see a vampire cry." Ron said leaving.

"Hey Ron, what happens with the Malfoy case?" Jade asked seeing him waved his arm.

"He's all yours." Ron said. Jade smiled, turning around to Parvati who held out the folder to Jade.

"Good luck Jade. I hope you catch that dick." She said.

That night, Jade sat on her bed, looking over Malfoy's folder. She read his recent history, not an ounce of violence reported in his history. His record was clean and suddenly this man was accused of murder? Jade frowned, her eyes traveling to the picture of Draco Malfoy looking coldly at the camera. Her skin tingled from remembering that short moment with him in the bathroom. Whatever she felt that short amount of time, she couldn't understand that this man could have murdered someone.

"Jade! Dinner!" Bilius called. Jade shut Malfoy's folder and left her room to have dinner with her father and Aunt Muriel.

"Beef wellingtons!" Jade said seeing Bilius serve her a plate. Jade immediately dived into her food, cramming as much as she can in her mouth.

"So how was your first day like at your new job?" Bilius asked, cutting up his wellington neatly.

"I actually caught my first fugitive." Jade said seeing Bilius and Aunt Muriel drop their knives.

"Malfoy?! You caught Malfoy?!" Aunt Muriel asked.

"No! I didn't catch Malfoy. It was another fugitive…he was a vampire." Jade said. Aunt Muriel gasped audibly and looked at Bilius.

"Well kiss my arse and call me a monkey's sister, didn't I tell you Bilius? Vampires are after my niece!" Aunt Muriel said. Bilius turned towards Jade who started to shake her head but Bilius held up a hand.

"Vampires? Does Ron even know how dangerous they are?" Bilius asked.

"Jeez Dad that's my job now. I have to catch dangerous offenders of the Wizarding world." Jade said.

"I only thought you were doing it for the money and Malfoy. No one told us anything about vampires!" Bilius said, his voice rising another octave.

"I think your job is wicked. My niece as an arse kicker…how sweet can life get?" Aunt Muriel asked, looking pleased.

"Thanks Aunt Muriel. By the way, I spoke to Ginny yesterday and she offered to give me her flat since she was moving closer to St. Mungo's." Jade said. Bilius looked somber at the news, but he knew this was coming; Aunt Muriel was driving everyone insane.

"Oh! Can I decorate your new flat?" Aunt Muriel asked seeing Jade shaker her head vigorously.

"No thanks Aunt Muriel…I'm an uninteresting being. No need for orange walls and mirrors everywhere I go." Jade said.

"So when will you be clearing out by?" Bilius asked.

"Tomorrow." Jade said.

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