The Aurseize

Part Four: Fenrir Greyback

Jade burst through her door to see Harry lying on her hot lips sofa without his shirt on with his laptop perched on his waist. He looked up at Jade who felt a scary rush run through her that made her think about running away. He lifted up his finger and gestured for her to come to him.

"Zane told me what happened today. I wish I was there to see it." He said brushing his fingertips down her spine.

"I need to tell you about my entire day, then you would have wished you were there to see it."

Harry got up and Jade told him everything about throwing the Hogwarts boys out, being locked up in Numergard, the encounter with Crabbe and Scarlett and her conversation with Crabbe.

"Polyjuice potion." Harry said, looking at his computer, bringing up a file. He pointed to a picture of a man in a black shirt and black pants, changing the camera.

"Looks like one of your men." Jade said and Harry nodded.

"Can you ask Malfoy, politely, why Cilla's under Auror watch." Harry asked, handing her his cell phone. Jade flipped it open and dialed Draco's number.

"What?" Draco asked.

"Thank you for bailing me out today." Jade said hearing him pause for a beat.

"You didn't deserve it." He said.

"Well fuck you too!" Jade said feeling Harry nudge her.

"Is this why you called me? To start an argument and tell me all over again-"

"I just had a question. I didn't call you to argue." Jade said.

"What do you want?" he asked rudely. Jade looked at Harry who leaned back at his seat, smirking at her.

"You said Cilla was a witness to a murder?" Jade asked hearing Draco grunt. "What did she see?" Jade asked.

"Some werewolf attack. We're not even sure who it is and until we don't catch him she's in danger." Draco said.

"Oh…werewolf attack?" Jade said as Harry called Zane.

"Yeah. Why, is this confirmation that I wasn't bullshitting the whole time?" Draco asked.

"I'll call you later." Jade said. She closed the phone and looked at Harry who was already on a phonecall.

"Get here with my Porsche. Make sure no one's tailing you." Harry said. He snapped the phone closed and got up.

"Come on, we're going for a little ride." He said. Jade got up and Harry pulled on a long sleeved olive green shirt. There was a knock at the door and Harry opened to see Zane.

"Babe can you get me my gun from the bedroom?" Harry asked seeing Jade nod.

Jade left as Harry started explaining everything to Zane. She looked at the gun lying on her Snitch dressing table and gulped, picking it up by its nozzle. She left the bedroom and stuck it out to Harry who looked amused at the way she held the gun. Zane suppressed a smile but the upper corners of his lips twitched.

"Thanks but that's not how you hold a gun." Harry said taking it from her and tucking it on his waistband behind him.

"Be thankful I didn't hold it from the trigger. I would have killed someone." Jade said as Harry wrapped an arm around her.

They walked out of the apartment and Harry made sure that there was no way that even Dark Magic could penetrate through the doors. They walked into the parking lot and Zane opened the door for Jade who slid into the back. He got into the passenger's seat as Harry started the car. They zoomed off and the entire car was silent, with no one saying a word. Jade twiddled her thumbs, getting anxious from the silence. She started humming a tune to her favorite songs that her father would sing to her all throughout her childhood.

"Down at an English fair one evening I was there when I heard a showman shouting underneath the flair…" Jade sang in a low voice.

She saw Harry's eyes flick towards the rearview mirror and meet her eyes. She sighed and stood quiet, looking out the window and wondering where they were going.

"Where are we going?" Jade asked seeing Harry's eyes on the road.

"Patience." Harry said.

"Why?" Jade asked.

Zane shifted uncomfortably in his seat and Jade saw Harry almost smile. Jade waited for a while and Harry pulled into a parking space in front of a building and killed the engine. He got out with Zane and so did Jade. They all walked into the building and Jade punched the button to the elevator but Harry took her hand.

"It's only the second floor." Harry said seeing Jade point to the elevator.

"Yes, I'll let you press the button with the shiny 2 on it." Jade said.

Harry pulled her along and made her walk up the stairs to the second floor. Jade panted and heaved and Zane looked pained to see her that way.

"Should I take her to the hospital Mr. Potter?" Zane asked seeing Harry look at Jade.

"What she needs is a personal trainer. I'm being serious now Jade, stay behind me and don't make yourself an open target for Goyle or else I'll really be wanted for murder." He said seeing Jade nod.

"Stay behind you. Gotcha." Jade said. Harry stood close to the door and gave it a few short raps.

"Who is it?" a deep voice asked.

Harry stepped back and with a swift kick, the door banged open and Goyle, who was twice as big and wide as Harry was grabbed by the collar and thrown across the room like a rag doll. Harry walked in and took out his gun, pointing it at Goyle's head.

"What did you do with Knox?" Harry asked yanking Goyle up who stared at the barrel of the gun.

"Shoot me, but you'll never get an answer from me." Goyle said.

Harry looked up at Zane who reached into his belt and took out a heavy metal flashlight. He tossed it to Harry who grabbed it with ease and swung it hard at Goyle's knee. Jade heard the crack and immediately gasped, covering her mouth and watching with horror. Goyle yelled in pain and Harry tapped Goyle's other knee.

"What did you do with Knox?" Harry asked as each tap got heavier on his knee. Jade almost felt bad for Goyle who started crying from the pain.

"He's in the bedroom, locked in a trunk." Goyle whimpered. Zane went straight to it and Jade stood there, watching Harry extract the information out of Goyle.

"On whose order did you take to kidnap one of my men and spy on me by taking a Polyjuice potion?" Harry asked. Goyle shook his head vigorously and Harry got the flashlight ready again.

"You can hit me wherever you want but I've been sworn not to tell. He'll kill me." Goyle said.

"You won't be able to die if I don't do it first." Harry said. Goyle shook his head and Harry looked up at Jade.

"Step into the other room and close the door." Harry said.

Jade scurried off; feeling like her stomach was turning and the blood run out from her head. She closed the door behind her and saw Zane trying to pull out an unconscious Knox. Jade rushed over and helped Zane pull 230 pounds of muscle out of the trunk. Jade heard shrieking and yelling and she looked at the wall, not able to imagine what Harry was doing.

"Poor bastard." Zane sighed. The door soon opened and Harry walked in.

"I want Goyle locked in the same trunk and this place immaculate. Call in Ryker and Slade to take Knox away." Harry said seeing Zane give him a nod. Harry looked at Jade and nodded out the door. She looked at Knox and looked back at Zane who gave her a nod.

"He'll be all right." Zane said. Jade nodded and walked away, feeling Harry wrap his arm around her.

"Are you okay?" he asked touching her face.

"I'm fine…just a little shocked that's all." Jade said.

"I'm sorry you had to see that." He said walking out of the door. He pushed the door to the elevator and Jade looked at him, seeing him smile.

"I won't make you use the stairs after seeing that…I'm not that cruel." He said. They walked out of the building and into the car.

"Is Goyle dead?" Jade asked as Harry started driving away.

"No." Harry said without breaking his eyes from the road.

"Did he say who was behind this?" Jade asked.

"Fenrir Greyback." Harry said. "What on earth?! Why?" Jade asked. Harry's grip on the steering wheel was tight and he checked the rearview mirror from time to time.

"Fenrir is who we're looking for and it ties into Scarlett's case. She's being protected from the Ministry from him, but she was the one who asked Crabbe to testify against me. Why she was participating in the beginning and what happened between Fenrir and her, only they know. But for now, Fenrir is still attempting to make human Horcruxes and none of us know where he is." Harry said.

"How can he be stopped?" Jade asked.

"A single silver bullet to his head." Harry answered. He pulled into a parking space in Jade's parking lot and walked back to the apartment, holding her hand. He opened the door and he locked the door magically for safety.

"I'm going to stay up for the majority of the night so you can go to sleep." He said as she dug herself into his chest.

"I can stay up, I don't have work tomorrow." Jade said, feeling him walk her back to her bedroom.

"You had a really long and stressful day. You should take a break and go to sleep. I need you to be focused and ready at all times because I can't risk losing you to a werewolf." Harry said kissing her.

Jade kicked off her shoes and changed in the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She saw Harry waiting for her on the bed and she slipped inside, feeling him wrap himself around her. Jade watched her windows, feeling Harry's steady breathing on her neck and his heartbeat in a calm pace. These two rhythms lulled her into a deep sleep and the last thing Jade could remember was Harry's kiss on her shoulder.

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