The Aurseize

Part Four: Love All Over Again

Jade woke up in the morning to Harry slipping into bed next to her.

"Bloody hell Harry it's six in the morning." Jade said turning around to see him disappear under the covers.

"It's not early enough for me." He said from under the covers. Jade was still groggy from sleep but when she felt Harry's lips around her navel, everything in her body felt alert and ready.

"What…are you doing?" Jade asked, feeling her underwear slide off.

"I'm going to make you a very happy woman." He said, hooking her legs over his shoulders.

"Oh nooo…yes! Yes! YES!" Jade screamed.

Jade was lying on her stomach, exhausted to her inner core. Harry had jumped into the shower and Jade looked up at the clock, reading that it was two in the afternoon. She crashed back on her pillow again, cursing Harry for giving her such a good morning. A small owl tapped her window and Jade groaned, getting up from her bed. Every part of her body ached but Jade could swear that her Firebolt headboard took it worse than her since Harry broke it for her during their explicit act. Jade opened the window, recognizing her father's owl and the Howler he had sent her.

Jade Weasley! How dare you get arrested and not tell me anything about it? I am your father! I've been so worried and it's not like you come and visit to see how your old man is once in a while. I'd like to feel appreciated once in a while, do you understand? And maybe if you really cared and loved me, you'd take your Great Aunt Muriel to live with you for a few months so I can have a good night's sleep. Well write me a letter or drop by to say hello, it's the least you can do as an offspring of mine!

The letter burst into flames and Jade threw her head back, rubbing it in small circles. She took out a piece of parchment and quill, placing it on her Snitch dressing table but her eye caught Harry's muggle gun. She slowly set her parchment and quill down and ran a finger down the cool barrel.

'No Jade.' The voice in her head said.

So Jade picked up the gun.

She knew how to hold it, she had seen Harry and Lavender holding it before and she aimed it at a wall. She felt like a threat to anything around her and it felt good and terrifying at the same time.

"Maybe if I squeezed the trigger a little?" Jade asked herself.

'Not a good idea. Harry might kill you.' the voice said.

"That's true…" Jade said, her eyes trailing off to the window where the parking lot was. Jade hesitantly walked over to the window, opened it and pointed it out. Half of her body demanded to shoot and the other persisted she didn't.

'Are you a chicken?' the voice asked.

Jade closed one eye, pointed to the ground near Harry's Porsche and squeezed off a round.


The bullet hit the front windshield of Harry's Porsche. Jade stumbled back, her ears ringing and gaped at the large round crack on his windshield. She heard Harry open the bathroom door and run into the bedroom.

"What the hell was that?" he asked, with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He saw the gun in her hands and the windshield of the Porsche.

"You're going to kill me aren't you? I don't want to die, please don't kill me! I'm so sorry. I went to aim for the ground I…why are you smiling?" Jade asked seeing Harry grin widely.

"Babe…you hurt my car." Harry said. Jade frowned and Harry kissed her neck. "And you look really good with a gun in your hand." He whispered.

"I'm sorry about your car." Jade said seeing him take the gun from her and place it on the dressing table.

"I don't think you really mean it. You're going to have to prove it to me in the shower and help me pick up where I left off." He said dragging her off to the bathroom.

The next day, Jade got ready for work and saw Harry start getting ready with her.

"Where are you going?" Jade asked, seeing him snap on his utility belt.

"I hate being holed up in here by myself. I need to find Fenrir." Harry said.

Jade bit her lip and Harry shrugged his jacket on.

"What?" he asked. Jade shook her head and went back to tying her hair.

"Nothing." Jade said. She felt Harry's hand on her back and he turned her around, forcing her to sit on the dressing table.

"What?" he asked, resting his hands on the table where she sat. Jade looked down feeling embarrassed about having to share her concerns or feelings with Harry.

"It's just…whatever happened to Bill, I don't want it to happen to you. Fenrir attacked a lot of people we both know and to know that you're a target for him scares me to death." Jade said.

Harry pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead and trailed his lips down to hers.

"I can't let Fenrir keep doing this to people. If I don't go out and sit here by myself to let Fenrir track me down, I'll be a target. Unless I start going out, looking for him, he'll be the target and that's exactly how I want it to be. And if anything happens to me, I'll always know that you cared." He said.

Jade shoved his shoulder and he grinned, barely affected by her push. He kissed her and placed a black ball cap on his head.

"After you." he said as Jade hopped off the dressing table.

"I'll bring food from the Three Broomsticks over. I can't eat any one of your turkey sandwiches or vegetables and fruits." Jade said seeing him lock the door.

"What's wrong with my vegetables and fruits? It's because it's not slathered or fried in butter isn't it?" he asked.

Jade smiled and Harry took her hand, walking down the corridor.

"That's exactly how they should be eaten." Jade said.

"Weasley's." Harry said as they walked out.

They walked towards a new muggle car that Zane drove in last night. Harry opened the door and pulled Jade in for a quick snog.

"Be careful." Harry said seeing Jade nod. He got into the car and drove off and Jade apparated to work.

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