The Aurseize

Part Four: Bitten

"How's everything?" Jade asked Rita who zoomed past her with an empty serving tray.

"Busy as a honey bee! Busy, busy, busy! Buzz!" she said receiving a strange look from Jade.

"It's a new theme to our restaurant. Our cook made a special today. Busy Bee Honey sandwiches and guess who makes Busy Bee Honey drinks? You do!" Rita said happily.

Jade saw Madame Rosmerta who carried a yellow and black bumblebee costume.

"I don't know anyone who can wear this costume. My business is suffering because of that Pansy out there, showing everyone how she can breathe fire out of her nipples. I can't imagine what the Ministry would be thinking to hire that horrid woman as an Aurseize." Madame Rosmerta said. Jade looked out of the window to see Pansy Parkinson in her ridiculous get up, showing kids everywhere how to look like a professional whore and scoop people's brains out.

"Hmm, too bad you can't get anyone to wear that suit for you." Jade said seeing Madame Rosmerta frown.


"Nope." Jade said.

"You don't even know what I was going to ask you!" Madame Rosmerta said.

"You didn't need to tell me. I knew." Jade said seeing Madame Rosmerta beg.

"No one else can wear it because they're so busy. If I know anyone that can do it, I know you can." Madame Rosmerta said.

"But who'll operate the bar?" Jade asked.

"I'll do it! I can do it! I need you to go out there and make Parkinson look like an amateur." Madame Rosmerta said, shoving the bumblebee suit in Jade's hands.

"If I needed to make Pansy look like an amateur I would have had all my clothes off, performing cartwheels in mounds of marshmallow and chocolate sauce." Jade said leaving to change.

Jade walked outside feeling like she was ready to cry from humiliation. She was wearing an extremely big black and yellow suit that was wide around the lower part of her body. Her hat was snapped on her head with large black bouncy antennas that kept hitting her face.

"Shit." Jade said swiping the antennas from her face.

"Mummy the bee said shit." A child said to their mother who glared at Jade.

"Is this what you teach your kids?" she asked.

"Hey lady, I don't have kids, I have a turtle that I love very much but I don't encourage cursing in front of him or any of the kids near me." Jade said.

The mother looked at Jade if she were just another creature from a bizarre world. She took off with her child and Pansy came up to Jade.

"I knew it was too good to be true for you to be an Aurseize. From a worthless human being to a worthless ugly bee, life hasn't been so generous to you has it?" Pansy asked seeing Jade give her a vicious look.

"Parkinson, if my stinger were real, I would have sat right on your heart with it." Jade said seeing Pansy grin evilly at her.

"And if I had gum, I'd put it down your shirt-oops, look like I just did." Pansy said spitting bubble gum down Jade's costume. Jade pulled back her face and went to hit Pansy but tipped over instead, bringing Pansy down.

"Get the hell off of me you big dumb animal!" she said hitting Jade.

"Ow! That hurts you fucker!" Jade said hitting Pansy back.

"Mummy the bee and the ugly woman in black are fighting!" a child said.

"What?! Did you just call me ugly, you little piece of shit?" Pansy asked. The child gasped and the mother gasped as well.

"What did you say to my Jamie?" she asked.

"Your kid called me ugly. In fact, your kid is the ugliest thing I ever got to see." Pansy said.

Jade started to get up, knowing that there was going to be an ugly fight and she didn't want to be a part of it. She rolled over and saw Pansy getting clocked by the mother. Pansy fell on Jade and the mother jumped on them, punching and screaming at Pansy.

"I am an Aurseize and what you are doing to me is against the law!" Pansy screeched.

"Just get off of me! I didn't do anything!" Jade yelled.

She heard someone call for an Auror and a few minutes, she felt people lifting the mother off and a tore up and beaten Pansy Parkinson. Jade opened her eyes to see Blaise trying to pick her up but was laughing at her so hard, he was on the ground too.

"Shut up! Shut up!" Jade said, hitting Blaise who kept roaring in laughter. Albert picked Jade up, laughing at her as well and she brushed herself off.

"I need to rebuild my life in another world." Jade said going back into the Three Broomsticks.

After a few humiliating hours in the bee suit and buzzing for children and adults alike, Jade started cleaning up the bar.

"Can you buzz for me again?" a kid asked. He asked her for the millionth time today and his father grinned. Jade sighed, putting down her rag and lifted her arms.

"BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ!" Jade said, running around in circles. The kid nearly died laughing and the father chuckled.

"You're good with children. Do you have children?" he asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"I have a turtle. I'm a single mother." Jade said.

"That's great, I'm a single father but I raise an actual child. Do you want to head out after this so we can get a drink at my place?" the father asked.

"Oh…" Jade said seeing him look at her nervously.

"Is that bad?" he asked.

"Well…I mean, I'm actually-"

"Bye Jade, I'll see you the day after!" Rita said leaving.

"Bye Rita." Jade said seeing Rita leave.

"Well?" the father asked.

"I like women. I'm a lesbian." Jade said seeing the father look highly awkward.

Draco slipped into the pub and spotted her standing at the bar with the man.

"You're a lesbian? You sure don't look like one though but what would I know about how lesbians look? My ex-wife was a lesbian. Wow…I'm attracted to lesbians!" he said.

Draco sat on a stool raising his eyebrow at the man and his child and at Jade.

"You're a really big bee." Draco said seeing Jade roll her eyes and walk away.

"Have you ever tried to hit on her?" the man asked Draco who looked at Jade again.

"Yeah…and then she broke my heart." Draco said. Jade handed Draco a Firewhiskey and pointed the father at the door.

"I'm closing. Goodbye." Jade said.

"She's a lesbian." The man whispered with his child running towards Jade. Draco smirked.

"Explains a lot." He said. He took a sip of his Firewhiskey and the child pointed at Jade.

"Buzz again!" he said.

"No! Go home! It's way past your bedtime and your father bought you into a pub to hit on women." Jade said.

"Overstuffed lesbian bees." Draco corrected.

"Git." Jade said.

Draco shrugged, not caring and Jade showed the father out of the door. She closed it and went back to the bar to make sure everything was neat and ready for tomorrow's use.

"I'm going to the bathroom. Hurry up, I'm missing my game." He said.

"Shouldn't have told me that. Now I'm really going to take my sweet time getting out of this costume." Jade said seeing him send her an annoyed expression. He muttered something under his breath and disappeared to the other room for the bathroom as Jade went to unzip the costume.

The pub opened and someone walked in, their face hooded.

"The pub's closed." Jade said, seeing him standing still.

"I'll order the death of Jade Weasley." He rasped.

Jade stood rooted to her spot and the hooded figure slid his hood back. Fenrir Greyback himself was standing there, looking like he was ready to tear her up into bits and pieces.

"I can almost see the heat in your blood." He said licking his dirty sore filled lips. He bared his yellow pointed teeth at Jade who nearly doubled over and died.

"The first thing I will do to you is rip your heart out and ravish it in front of Harry Potter. I know it will kill him to see what I do to one of his loved ones." Fenrir said grabbing Jade's arm.

"But for now, I will give him something to worry about and seize his attempts from my goal." Fenrir said.

He sank his teeth into Jade's arm and Jade let out a strangled cry of help, falling on to the ground in pain. Fenrir licked the blood from the wound and his eyes grew wild as he scraped his tongue against the bite marks.

"Now I know how your blood tastes in my mouth, it gives me a deranged pleasure of having you roll around in my tongue. The next time I see you, you'll be begging for Harry Potter to save you." Fenrir said.

They both heard Draco getting out of the bathroom and Fenrir leapt away from Jade, running out of the pub. Draco walked out of the bathroom and back into the pub, seeing Jade on the floor, her face stark white and her forearm bleeding from Fenrir's bite. Draco swore out loud and trampled towards Jade, picking her up in his arms.

"H-He came…and bit me." Jade whispered. Draco didn't want to leave her here by herself but he knew Fenrir couldn't have gone far away. Draco wanted to kill Fenrir badly. Draco looked back at Jade who started to look as if she were losing her consciousness.

"Don't worry; I'm taking you to Ginny's." Draco said, holding the back of Jade's head before Jade blacked out.

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