The Aurseize

Part One: Malfoy Manor

The morning after, Jade shipped all of her belongings to the flat that she purchased from Ginny and looked around.

"You're only going to deal with me for another day and after that this entire space is all yours." Ginny said.

"Thank you so much Gin. I really didn't think I'd have lived for another day at Dad's place." Jade said seeing Ginny nod.

"I would have had a hemorrhage if I stood in the same room with Aunt Muriel for an hour. I don't even know how you do it." Ginny said. Jade dropped a couple of small fishes in Jerry's tank, seeing him happily swim around and stalk his prey.

"How's the Malfoy case going?" Ginny asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"I actually haven't even started looking. I'm trying to think where I can start." Jade said.

"Well…you can always start with family and friends. Ask around to see where he was and what not." Ginny said. Jade hit her head again with her hand.

"Why do I always forget the obvious?" Jade asked. They walked towards the doors and Jade shut and locked it.

"Malfoy's father passed away ages ago, thank Merlin for that. All I know before Malfoy disappeared was that he was only close to his Mum, Narcissa Malfoy and a couple of friends like Blaise Zabini, Crabbe, Goyle, the usual entourage." Ginny said.

"Does he have any…girlfriends?" Jade asked, scratching the back of her head uncomfortably. It was all right to be curious, what was the big deal? She needed to know everything she could to understand this case and catch Malfoy as soon as possible.

"Malfoy's always been the womanizing idiot he's been known for. I honestly don't see the appeal in Malfoy. These bunch of legally retarded whores-oh…sorry Jade. I forgot you slept with him in our 7th year." Ginny said. Jade rubbed her face, feeling like she needed to go home and take a long nap and a few drinks.

"It's okay. We were talking about Malfoy having a girlfriend part." Jade said seeing Ginny nod.

"Right; so Malfoy occasionally dates around, I really don't know for sure because he's not the most interesting or favorite person to focus on, but he never has a steady, steady girlfriend." Ginny said.

"Well can you at least give me the name of one girl who can actually help me?" Jade asked.

"Hmm…oh there's a girl but I don't think you know her. I don't even know her. Her name is Scarlett Cilla. She had been dating Malfoy for a record breaking 3 months, but I'm sure they still see each other to fill some needs in her super expensive private Villa in Hampstead, London." Ginny said seeing Jade nod.

"That's pretty far away." Jade said.

"Hey, by any chance. Can you tell me exactly how charming you found Malfoy's package to be, because if a Weasley-"

"This conversation is finished! Goodbye Ginny!" Jade said getting lost into the street.

"Goodbye darling!" Ginny called back.

Jade first and foremost went to make a stop in the Malfoy Manor where Narcissa and her fiancé Gary Camden resided. She absorbed the wonderfully established Manor and its surroundings. The freshly cut grass and the enormous fountain pouring out tanks of water. Jade thought it was a great place for Jerry to swim in and she promised herself and Jerry that if she was rich enough, she could buy a fountain just for him.

"Excuse me, are you here to see someone?" a voice called. Jade turned around to see a tall and rather old looking butler standing right in front of her.

"I'm Jade Weasley and I'm from the Aurseize Office…I'm here to speak to Narcissa Malfoy about her son Draco Malfoy." Jade said. The butler shook his head furiously and pointed towards the gates.

"You need to leave. Mrs. Malfoy will not be seeing any more of you Aurors. She is already stressed as it is." He said, pushing her away.

"Hey! I'm not leaving until I get to talk to Mrs. Malfoy!" Jade said, trying to resist his pushes and shoves. She stopped and put up her hands to surrender.

"All right, all right! I'll leave in peace." Jade said, seeing him look at her with distrust. Jade turned around and started to walk towards the gates slowly. It was just like the muggle movies she saw. She would completely catch the butler off guard and run as fast as she could and get to Mrs. Malfoy. Jade turned around quickly and made a run for it, but the butler was sadly faster than her and stuck out his foot. Jade flew into the grass, feeling her ribs ache from the sudden fall.

"15 years knowing smart arses like you and I still have my game on. Get up you bloody loser and don't ever come back again!" he said dragging her by the collar and tossing her out. He closed the high security gates, turned around and walked away. Jade looked down at her wet and grass stained T-shirt and looked back up at the security gate again.

She contemplated on whether or not she should just go home peacefully and write a letter to Mrs. Malfoy about arranging a meeting or climbing over the gate and getting to her now. What would James Bond have done? Jade looked around her to see that no one was watching and stepped on the nearby stone ledges, grabbing hold of the gate.

"What is your objective?" the gate suddenly asked. Jade let out a small scream and almost let go of her grasp on the gate.

"You metal piece of shit!" Jade screamed. She kept climbing up the gate, feeling her arms start to wear out. So much for the exercise on her part.

"What is your objective?" the gate asked again. Jade let out a rough sigh, feeling the glare of the sun start to weigh her down with her sweat. She finally made it over the gate, now it was only to jump down. Jade looked at the ground below her and she started feeling her stomach and head spin simultaneously.

"Oh no…" Jade said, closing her eyes. When she finally regained her control she took a deep breath and made a weak jump. The loop of her belt holder in her jeans got caught with the bars of the gate, sending her falling down, ripping her jeans from the back in the process. The rest of the jeans tore off and Jade went flying down, face first into the gravel.

"OW!" Jade howled, getting up and rubbing her face. She heard a few people ask what the sound was and she grabbed the ripped part of her jeans from the bars of the gates and quickly took off before she was caught again. She knew there was a gigantic hole in the back of her jeans because she had felt the cool breeze and mist of the fountain while she passed it, into the Manor. She couldn't go back now, especially after staining her shirt and ripping the back of her jeans, she needed to finish talking to Narcissa and then go home with what was left of her dignity.

"Hey you! How in the Devil's name did you get in again?" the same butler asked from the entrance.

"Oh shit." Jade said, turning around and starting to run. She saw Narcissa Malfoy at the top of the staircase, walking down with a man with dark brown hair and large blue eyes.

"Stop!" the butler cried.

"Mrs. Malfoy!" Jade gasped. She breathed hard and bent over, trying to catch her breath.

"I'm telling you-"

"Back off old man and let me do my job!" Jade said through her teeth.

"What in the world is going on here and who are you…and why do you look like that?" Narcissa asked, seeing Jade pick at her jeans.

"I um…I'm Jade from the Aurseize Office and I came here to ask about your son Draco." Jade said seeing Narcissa shake her head.

"Please Ma'am I need to know if you know where I can find him-"

"I wouldn't tell you." Narcissa said, turning her nose up at Jade who sighed.

"Well I wouldn't have to explain twice when I tell you that aiding a fugitive of the law is considered a serious offense and you can possibly go to Azkaban for it?" Jade asked.

"Excuse me; my fiancée does not need to speak to you without the presence of a Ministry official." The man next to Narcissa said.

"Who am I talking to?" Jade asked him.

"Gary Camden, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot." He said, handing a card to Jade who looked at it.

"Great! We have a Wizarding official among us. Now...Mrs. Malfoy I need you to tell me-"

"No! He's been falsely accused of a crime he never committed and I am not having him turned in to be sentenced for it. And for Merlin's sake I will not have him brought in by you, a Weasley no less. Even worse; a Weasley woman." Narcissa growled.

"I resent that!" Jade said seeing Narcissa turn around and leave.

"The hell you do!" she said disappearing. Gary Camden softly sighed and placed his hands into his pocket.

"She has been going through a lot. Her only son is being accused for taking a man's life…especially as an Auror. I don't believe Draco to do such a crime; he's a good man who has been wrongly accused." Gary told Jade.

"The evidence was there. Malfoy was caught standing over the man's body with his wand in his hand. They retraced the wands spell and concluded that it was the same wand that killed the man." Jade said seeing Gary nod.

"There was a witness, Pervnas Henley. Though we don't know where he is either, he can be the only one that can save Draco now." Gary said.

"Henley was mentioned in the file." Jade said seeing Gary nod again.

"If you can bring Henley in, it can set Draco free." Gary said.

"True…but I also need to bring Draco in, innocent or not. There's a 50,000 Galleon reward looming over his head that needs to be caught." Jade said. Gary chuckled and held out his hand for Jade to shake.

"It was nice to speak to you Miss Weasley. Please owl me if you get the details on the case and I'll return the same favor." Gary said.

"If you know anything about Malfoy's whereabouts, you know who to owl." Jade said shaking his hand.

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