The Aurseize

Part Four: The Dark Forest Chase

Jade opened her eyes to complete darkness and the soft wet dirt ground. Her head seared in intense throbbing pain and she moved her hands to seize her head but found herself dragging along heavy chains.

"What…" Jade asked in a hoarse voice. She heard a dark chuckle and looked around, feeling the blood trickle down the side of her head.

"This night is perfect don't you think? The moon will be out…and I'll soon have you all to myself." Fenrir said, appearing in front of Jade suddenly.

Jade screamed and tried to scurry back but the chains held her back. Fenrir boomed in laughter and crouched down to Jade, grabbing her hair.

"I won't have you all to myself just yet…I like to play with my food." He breathed.

"Fuck you and your dog breath." Jade barked, Jade said covering her nose. Fenrir grinned and licked the side of her head. Jade shrieked in disgust and tried to lean away from him but Fenrir had a good grip on her.

"I could just rip your head off and eat you alive but that would ruin the game I've planned." He said, unsnapping the chains from the walls of the cabin.

"What are you going to do to me?" Jade asked. Fenrir stood up and drew a curtain back, only to reveal the dark trees outside and the black sky with small bright pricks of the stars.

"I will kill you…but I like to see the fear in my prey first. I've set up a chase for you sweetheart." He growled. Jade stood silent and Fenrir took out a silver muggle gun.

"My people have been killed with these weapons right to the head…but tonight I'll show Potter that it won't be me who'll die first…it'll be you." Fenrir said, trailing the mouth of the gun up Jade's arm.

"There are three bullets in this muggle gun and I've hid another one in this forest for you to find…just to be fair, but these three will need to slow you down just a little bit." He said aiming at her shoulder. "Do not worry…they won't kill you…because I've promised you I will." He said seeing Jade pale.

"The moon will appear in approximately 20 minutes…and before I become my werewolf form, you have the chance to save your friends before I finish them off myself." He hissed.

He walked over through the room and threw open the door.

"But be warned…if I get bored from trying to find you, I'll forget about the game…" he said. He handed Jade a lit wand and set her free.

"You have a ten minute head start…after that I will go after you and when the moon shows, the game will be over. Good luck ginger, though it won't do you any good." he said. He pushed Jade out of the cabin, in the mouth of a dark and eerie looking forest.

"Ten minutes." He said.

Jade didn't think twice before running into the forest, away from Fenrir Greyback. As soon as Jade entered the forest, a shot rang out and a bullet lodged into Jade's shoulder, sending her to the ground, screaming from the pain.

"Not fast enough. If the bullet finds you, it'll make things faster for me." She heard Fenrir say from the cabin.

Jade clutched her shoulder, squeezing her eyes. She leaned against a tree, rolling around in pain and heard Fenrir again.

"You're not running…I think I'm losing my excitement." Fenrir said loudly.

"Go fuck yourself!" Jade screamed from the top of her lungs. She heard Fenrir laughing wildly to himself and another shot rang out, this time, hitting the tree.

"I hope I didn't kill you. It would hurt me terribly." Fenrir hissed.

He heard her silence from the forest, the chirps of crickets and a hoot of an owl. Fenrir entered the forest, walking through the thick shrubs and found a small pool of blood near the tree with a silver bullet deeply lodged into the bark. He gave a shout of laughter and looked around the forest.

"You terrible, terrible woman! How evil of you to jest with a creature like me." He growled.

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